Gun Wielding Vagina

I’m sure we all remember when Oprah’s vagina reached its breaking point:

Well it appears other vaginas are following suit. No one is safe.

Gary!! No, mate! Ye canna leave me!! Back the fuck up, ye bloody buggers!!

A loaded gun in her cunt? Bitch is bold.

So bold that it was the handle that was sticking out…so the gun was in there barrel first.

When I saw the title of this thread I thought it was about a Japanese movie.

Wouldn’t be surprising if such a movie exists.

Killer cunt: The womb of doom. Coming soon in a women’s prison not near you.


I need to start utilizing my vaginal more efficiently.

So it’s technically gun holstering.

I’m actually a little embarrassed I knew about this clip:

  1. Kegel exercises

  2. Increase muscle control

  3. ???

  4. Profit

What is number 3?

We are only a few more steps away from the crotch mounted pistol in From Dusk til Dawn becomes a reality, these are exiting times.

obviously shoving the gun in there fully loaded barrel first.


I don’t get it.

This is pretty scary, I mean, when I’m eating meth out of a hooker’s ass the last thing I want to worry about is getting shot in the face.

I can help with that

Meth is too classy for black folks

[quote=“SoVi3t, post:18, topic:159192”]

I dont see whats classy about sucking another mans dick for your next fix.(if you are not into that that is)

Every person I have ever known who was into meth was a white party girl.

Black people always seem to be more into cocaine, when it comes to non marijuana drugs.