Gundam Battle Assault 2



I’ve been playing this game a lot recently (had it on the ps1 back then), but I’ve been having some problems with my video plugins. I’m running an i7 4790k and a r9 290, and people have told me to not use the opengl plugin… i tried the dx6 d3d plugin and while it has good graphics, it has random black boxes that appear for a lot of moves that is super distracting, while P.E. Ops soft driver is just really crappy graphics all around. Any suggestions?


If I may ask, why did people want to steer you away from the opengl? It works really well, with my hardware and OS anyway.


hm, you’re right. i finally got around to trying it, and it works fine. people were telling me that opengl would work poorly with ati cards. sorry about that.

on another note, does anyone have any tips to hitting altron’s horizontal unblockable (hcb f p), it seems that it comes out as a dp 95% of the time for me. not sure what the issue is.


I’m not sure, I haven’t had a problem with that really, just keep in mind there aren’t any shortcuts, and the DP motion in this game is literally forward, down, forward, unlike the conventional street fighter version. So if you aren’t going all the way to back with your hcb, you’ll probably get the dp then.


wow, that was it. i’m too used to lazy inputs from sf, thanks. i’ve played things like kof so i know dp motions need to be more precise, but i’ve never done a hcb into f in my life lol.


Cool, glad that worked out for you. Also, not sure how much of this thread you read through, but somewhere on page 2 or 3, I think, I wrote an Altron guide you may find useful. And BerserkChip made a couple of guide videos for all the characters. :wink:


yeah, i’ve read most of them (for some other characters too) and they’re great, thanks.
one thing i’m a bit curious about are the lack of moves with invincibility frames/reversals. for example, i was just trying out dragon and i saw that you could combo into a sweep, and then have a flag setup into unblockable if you see them in block stun. i didn’t see characters like altron have any invincibility frames on anything (?) so are they just screwed and have to eat the unblockable flags on every wakeup? same thing for deathscythe (though i didn’t really try him out nearly as much)… are a lot of characters just forced to stay in blockstun for the 5 hit spin scythe into an incoming mixup? how do you stop people from doing meaty moves on wakeup?

another thing i was curious about was f hp stun. does anyone actually use this? i never see it in clips of people playing.

lastly, the biggest question i have is how hits work for characters being juggled/on the ground. sometimes i’m allowed to score extra hits on people that are literally lying on the ground. other times they are bouncing after falling from the air onto the ground, and i’m able to land a super. finally, sometimes moves don’t even combo midair (dragon’s dp). so far, all i can tell is that most people can always follow up super on sweeps. also, all characters will drop out of combos if they overheat. however, they can be combo’d during the time that they are on the ground (?) also, supers never have opponents drop out while they have their health bar changing? finally, if you manage to make them overheat, do you just do a quick string of normals on them on the ground? is this all right?

sorry for the long stream of questions.


Well, there are ways out using the game mechanics, for Altron. If Dragon sweeps you and throws out flags, you will be able to quick rise for sure. Dragon has to choose whether to cover you on normal wake-up, or cover your quick rise (thruster button when knocked down). He can’t really cover both and has to guess/read. Flags are too slow to cover quick rise, even when cancelled right after his slide. So basically, if you’re more worried about being pinned by unblockable flag setups, that’s the time you’ll want to quick rise. You should also be able to dodge on wake-up as well, I think. Press up during the dodge for the dodge jump though to get you out of it. Other than that, you’re right, Altron has no real reversals. The same more or less applies to any meaty situation. Quick rise is not a universal choice though. There are frames where you can be hit during the quick rise and you’re not yet able to block. It’s vulnerable if you are too predictable, so just keep that in mind.

In this game, you’re rarely truly forced to remain in blockstun. Something worth knowing and never forgetting is that you can always cancel your blockstun into dodge if you have the boost meter ready. And it really pays to know when dodge jump (press up during dodge) is especially useful. If Deathscythe is laying down Atomic Slashes to setup unblockable swings, that’s really something you wanna make sure you dodge during his follow-up swing, or dodge jump earlier to get above it and counter if your character can make good use of that.

The stun grab is certainly harder to land than grabs in street fighter, but yeah, hell yeah I use it! I try to grab Mark’s GP02 fairly often, for example. In my videos you’ll see some of that. Grab is also really good against the characters that don’t have dodge, but have i-field barrier instead. I found that to be one of Quin Mantha’s weaknesses when I was playing her a lot. It’s also worth noting that the grab can catch airborne opponents. Chicken blocking (holding up-back) is really good in this game, but one of the things you can do about someone trying to abuse chicken blocking is grab them. Also, there is psuedo-throw teching in that both players get stunned, and the effect is really just similar to a throw tech in any fighting game. Kind of a weird thing to me that worked out right. But yes, I’d insist that grabs are good. You can get them to work more easily in some match-ups than others though. I pretty much don’t try to grab Rose ever, but most characters can be grabbed after a well-placed dodge, I’ve found. Grabs are also still good of course when you’ve really conditioned your opponent to block. Still working on tick-throwing, though. It exists in this game, but it’s not the same animal that a street fighter player would know it as, I think.

Juggling… Ummm, basically, with any knock down, over-heat or otherwise, you can’t juggle normally. Only supers can juggle or OTG. You can continue to hit opponents who are knocked down though with regular or special attacks once their bouncing state has ended and they are fully knocked down. They’ll just remain in that state though until they wake-up or quick rise. I think that answers a few of those questions?

As for what you should do after an over-heat, well, that’s a whole new can of worms. Sometimes the best thing is to treat it like any other knock down. They may quick rise, so have anti-quick rise tech. You could just get some extra damage in with normals or a special move, yes. Sometimes with RX-78, for example, I like to run up closer to them and spam vulcans on them for a few extra hits, and force them to block if they didn’t quick rise. Depending on the character you’re playing, and how many hits are on the combo counter when you scored the overheat, you may still want to juggle with a super. Another RX-78 example; if I land a s.HP xx super (instant overheat lol), that’s only 2 hits on the combo, and following up with another super will take a big chunk out of the next bar already. If the combo was long before the overheat though, I wouldn’t do that. Another of my favorite things to do on any knock down or overheat is meaty unblockable. Works pretty well with basically any character.

Random interesting tidbit, if you cause an overheat with Burning’s Heat End, then cancel into super, the opponent will remain in a standing state, despite being over-heated. This causes a lot of post-overheat damage

Special moves like Dragon’s dp or Heavyarms slide and gun just don’t combo correctly. Poorly designed moves at the end of the day. =/


awesome, thanks for all the help.


Is Acguy really that bad?

I get that his ranged game is lacking, but that speed and his knee drop are sick.

Boosting over heads getting free 50/50s all day.


His knee drop is fancy, and he is rather quick. If he had knock down on his uppercut, or on anything that recovers quicker than his sweep, he might even have a minor use for his super. Very low damage output and very low health combined with the lack of knock down or a worthwhile super really hold him back. It’s certainly not impossible to win some fights with him, but nearly any other character is an improvement. :confused: Unless the Acguy player gets really consistent with the jabfinite, that player is gonna have a relatively hard life in GBA2.


Wow, I’m glad that this game isn’t dead and has an active community. I’m very conflicted when it comes to mains because it’s either Heavyarms (sorry about that ¯_(ツ)_/¯), and Wing Zero. And Gundam Wing was by far my favorite of the anime, but this game is one game that really hasn’t worn off and still holds a strong place to me when it comes to gaming. Now if only we could get an awesome mech in Smash Bros.


Hi, yeah, we’re definitely less active these days, for now. We still lurk around now and then though. No need to apologize for playing Heavyarms, though Wing Zero is overall a stronger character choice. :wink:


I really want to see more discussion here, now I got into this game mostly from just the internet, browsing through it–all that glorious exploration, but this game is really one hidden gem and too bad it came too late in the dark age of fighting games so as a result was long forgotten. This is a great fighting game that could have a strong changing meta and if it’s even possible to start organizing some tournaments and gathering footage or starting twitch streams then this game would absolutely get more recognition and this is the type of fighting game that really could use some increasing popularity. Unfortunately this game was released back in 2000 and 2! On the Playstation 1! I really want to take a stronger interest into this game, but it doesn’t feel like there’s a whole lot of resources to look at and really just no scene for it in existence, heck even just one scene with a pretty size-able dedicated community would make for an ever-developing meta and preserve the game in a tournament fashion. I really want to know how this community has been in your [in reference to possibly multiple] peoples’ experience(s).

Also I wonder, what characters are the most technical?


I’m with this guy. It’s one of the few fighting games I didn’t mind beating. And I beat the BREAKS off of this game. All suits, all modes, and all unlisted moves unlocked. I can play any suit, but for tournament/comepetitive it’s RX78, Heavy Arms C. (oh excuse me; Endless Waltz), V/U, Wing Zero, Zeong, Hydra, and Burning.


Just submitted a bundle of combos to a guy making a big combo video via Facebook. I’ll post the link once it’s up. Hopefully it’ll give the game more exposure.


This game is legendary if not having a remake is great!


My kids are playing this these days. I was tasked with unlocking everything for them.


For anyone interested, I’ve created a moveset and cancel route guide for all of the characters in the original Battle Assault. I’m also in the process of making a damage comparison table. I’d love to help spread interest in this old, but solid fighter in anyway I can.


Anyone want to play some games?
I’ve started doing netplay with some guys on this again, and it has been a lot of fun.
I’ve got a Kaillera server set up (NYC based) and it seems to be lag free.
Hit me up on discord if you want to play Kaoculus#5277