Gundam Battle Assault 2


I just really wanted to get the overheat against Rose at the time, and I wasn’t sure if Master’s cr.HP would get me the overheat. Rose is such an annoying char, that I have to make panic moves like that at times. My thought is, unless you play Rose, you should only use 1 super per life bar, which I stuck to. I’m somewhat hesitant to post my Rose stuff, cause it is just too damn unfair for pretty much every char in the game that isn’t Epyon.

Good find on that stuff. Seems like people are actually interested in this game.


Combos never hurt anything. ;o I have a friend who wants to break the ga… errr… play Rose and I don’t know anything really other than chain into kick & saber and then super lol. I’ve been playing this game for a long time, but I mostly stuck to only a few characters, and I’m trying to get more people into it but it sucks when I don’t know much about who they are going with. That’s mostly why I’ve been branching out lately.



Part one for Bolt Gundam. I almost forgot t add the air normals lol. Oddly enough I found a weird little combo where you can combo into his unblockable. Pointless? Maybe… Interesting?.. … … Maybe…

the cool thing about his unblockable is that it’s fast enough to be used like Altron’s hcbfHP where you interrupt combos with it to trip people up. You can even combo into his mega special from it, which is nice.

Be careful about what you answer with your shoulder tackle though. As you saw, Bolt ate that whole tallgeese beam.

Edit: FUUUCK I forgot his jdHK foot stomp. UUUGH.


I was gonna say! Heavy Press is awesome! Also, there is a difference between HK and twd.HK (Dash Shot Kick). He takes 2 steps with HK and 4 steps with the command version. The command version is probably more or less useless though lol…


it is awesome, isn’ it… Mother fuck. I’ll talk about it in part 2.


I was just remembering my GBA1 days, maining Qubeley. Then I got to listening to the soundtrack and I forgot how many good tracks they took out when they made 2.


That’s sooooo classy!


Now that you mention that. I was supposed to look into how to use the cheats so we could use the locked away GBA1 chars in GBA2.
I believe it was a really convoluted thing to do on a PC emulator.


I’m fine either way. Qubeley was not at all strong lol… Same with Zeta.


Sorry for a bit of absence, life got me by the throat.

Been working on Quinn Mantha a bit, I’ll try to get a write-up done in the next few days. Suffice to say, it’s less strong than I thought.


Whenever I play her, it quickly devolves into lots of Hugo splashes and QCB+P. It’s not a pretty sight! She just needs something with hyper armor really badly.



There’s a cool moment 7 minutes in where Bolt’s shoulder tackle collided with Epyon’s Torpedo Rush, and broke through for the win.

Edit: Wow, not much activity for a while. I guess everyone’s either in the lab or pre-occupied. I’ve finished recording for Dragon Gundam. I REALLY wish he had a normal that does knock-up on the ground instead of his slow jHK. It’d give one extra excuse to use the flags, or any of the other specials, really. Also I wish his air unblockable didn’t have such an incredibly slow start up.


Been dead for a while, huh? Let’s see if I can’t fix that with a new Gundam character guide


Btw, please just ignore example two. The second unblockable doesn’t come early enough to be useful.

Are their any uses for the flying kick? I mean, can’t people just block the second part? If you could cancel out of it that’d be cool.


Looks pretty good so far. Yeah it’s Evo wekend and also bonus exp event weekend on SD Gundam Capsule Fighter (lol) so you know… we busy haha! I have some pretty solid sets recorded I want to upload but it’s either really good quality and take forever to upload or super shitty quality and upload quickly. =/ I’m trying to find a good way to go somewhere in between. I’ll figure out what I want to do soon. I think you’ll like these matches a lot. :slight_smile:

Flying Kick seems to me to be only really for very early anti-air. I don’t think I’d ever really use it though if I played Dragon, but I imagine it’s not all bad really. Also, you can combo into Dragon’s super from any s.HK. So LP, LK, s.HK xx Super works. I didn’t see that in the video anywhere and I think it’s pretty important.

EDIT: Here’s a lot of our warm-up matches as we test streaming the game alongside netplay. Also, you can hear both of us chatting in this one, whereas when I record with fraps, you won’t hear anything from me. Some of this player commentary you may find somewhat funny. Enjoy!!

MOAR EDIT: Djpizzaboi is fairly new to this game, but picking it up quite fast. Please keep in mind that this is netplay, and casuals, so we do some pretty silly or impractical things at times. Also, I usually opt to play this game on a pad, but I switched to arcade stick, so my execution is still a little lackluster at times. Anyways, hope you enjoy!

GBA2 - Djpizzaboi (Al) vs. Newtype Andy (Bu)

GBA2 - Djpizzaboi (Al) vs. Newtype Andy (Ma)

GBA2 - Djpizzaboi (Al) vs. Newtype Andy (Nu)

PS - I think level 3 is perfect.
PPS - Revised combos section for Nu Gundam guide, added a combo as well.


EVO weekend is over and work has calmed down for me. I get to finally start playing fighting games again, hooray!

Sorry about the quinn mantha write up being late, I really think Quinn is going to be a low-mid tier suit, even with funnels and a ton of health.



I got a message from someone asking me to be louder, so I’ve been experimenting with mics. This mic is louder, but the pops are a little annoying. I’m going to instead try to hold a pop guard over my face to see if that works. I tried just using the mic stand with the guard attached in an earlier video, but that made it even more quiet. This volume thing is a bit annoying.

PS: I’m already hard at work on Burning Gundam’s guide. I’ve actually got quite a few nifty combos. Both the basics, the necessaries, and a few fancy pantsy ones you may not have known about. considering how much I ragged on burning in the past for braindeadness, I’m surprised how long the combo part of the video will likely be.

Update: video’s halfway done. I’ve never put this much effort into any of the other guides. I’m calling this an epic basic guide.



I know Burning Gundam’s been covered quite a bit on this forum already, so I tried to add on to as much as possible and add a little bit of flair to this one. Don’t expect cutscenes like that to happen often. I got lucky bandai will let me upload G gundam clips so long as I put adverts for them.


Both are good, and it’s funny you mention Burning getting a lot of attention because he was going to be my next guide too, whenever I got around to it haha!


GBA2 - Newtype Andy (Ma) vs. Death Mizark (Bu)

We usually go fairly even, but he was boozed up more than me and getting pretty reckless. :stuck_out_tongue: Also, while I think Burning is stronger overall, I feel like Master has the advantage in this match-up.


Master has a somewhat slight advantage in that matchup. The thing Master lacks is better air normals, because of such, he does most if not all his fighting on the ground. Stuff like sliding backdash really compliment his ability to control space.
Also great to see your opponent utilizing the invincibility frames of Burning’s command dash. Puts most any MS in a bad situation.


I’m glad you liked it. You should see him when he’s on point it’s pretty tough haha! Also, did you catch that vulcans confirm to super at 14:24? I personally didn’t think about that until like a week ago. Anyways, he would do better if he didn’t cling to his supers so much.

I did find that Master’s s.HK is active for so long it will beat Burning’s command dash from medium range basically every time. So if he’s being that predictable, toss that normal out and super if it’s worth it. It’s just scary though, because it’s basically a guess, and if you guess wrong you can eat a super.