Gundam Battle Assault 2


Don’t get too reliant on Master’s st.HK, Burning can easily rip through it without so much as eating a trade.
Vulcan to super is a simple hitconfirm, Burning players should definitely keep that up their sleeve.

A lot you two could have done to maximize your chars, but a good set nonetheless. One of the better (if not best) on youtube atm.


Yeah, I’m still only on week 3 or so of Master, I think I’ve just been playing him more lately because he is more comfortable while adapting to playing this game on arcade stick. RX-78 feels clunkier on a stick, and I still have this habit of doing half circles for motions that only require quarter circles, which obviously doesn’t fly in this game. Master doesn’t run into that much though unless I want Master Cloak and get unblockable or something.

Youtube just doesn’t have much of anything yet. I want to get more match-ups on it! He’s actually been playing more GP02A than anything. Definitely kinda lower tier, but he’s committed lol…


Very great matches! I was partly done with part two, but after seeing that video I feel like I need to start over and look more into the invincibility frames of his command dash.

He really oughta use his supers more, yeah. I’d like to see more GP02A gameplay, definitely.

Its funny because in the recording I did for Burning Gundam I did manage to combo vulcans into his mega, and I didn’t know you could do that either, lol.

Anyway, after Burning I’m gonna start working on the last three G Gundam suits. Any combo write ups you guys happen to have laying around for Master, Maxter and Rose?


I think he was trying to win without supers for the most part. I’ll try to get his GP02A sometime in the near future. I only had combos jotted down for Burning really haha!

Master doesn’t seem to have too much. I don’t know if I know everything practical about him, but I’ve been using
-s.LP, s.LK xx super (cr.LP works too, probably better oftentimes, but I haven’t been doing that much, yet)
-cr.LP x 2 or 3, cr.LK, cr.HP (Altron can punish on hit with cr.HP lol…)
-Continuous Knee Kick (j.HK x 4)
-Tenkyoken, super (proper spacing required, kudos to the_judge)
-s.LK xx super (option select)
-s.HK/cr.HK xx super
-super links into itself
s.LP, s.HK xx super works sometimes too but requires forward momentum, solar eclipse, snake eyes dice roll… it’s too finicky to really use for such a small gain in damage over s.LK. I don’t think I’d even put it into a guide.
The run s.LP infinite is there of course and I’m pretty sure I’ve done it mid-screen a couple reps, but is mostly beyond my executional capabilities so far.

I don’t know much with Rose really but when I randomly dabble I just do cr.LP, s.LP, twd.HP xx Kick & Saber (HCF+P), super. You can combo from his dive kick if you hit them low enough. He can fire vulcans while rose bits are out since bits are on a kick button, so you can do combos with that, or I’m sure there are other extensions you can get with rose bits. He has pretty good un-combos into unblockable. You might play with flight mode too, taking a note from the tool-assisted video, there might be a practical way to use it.

I got nothing for Maxter. :frowning:


Sorry for my absence, I’ve had some computer troubles. Are we going to try to get some netplay matches in sometime soon? I know I’d be down.


Anytime you see me on skype feel free to hit me up, though sometimes I’m not at my keyboard. We still haven’t tried our connectivety.


I’m converting Part 2 now for Burning Gundam. (Poco if you haven’t seen part 1 scroll up for it. If you like G Gundam there’s some cool effects I did)

While I was doing the footage for the video though I found out something interesting about Heat End. It’s not used very often by you guys it seems, but if you land Heat End when your opponent’s green or yellow bar is low and it causes overheating, it won’t do hard knockdown like an overheat usually does. So if you combo heat end into Sekiha Tenkyoken, you can do a LOT of damage to the next bar of health, which is normally impossible to do, and after Sekiha, your opponent will be standing as opposed to being knocked down. I’ll display this several times in the video, and also in several recordings I’ve managed to do BF>HE>SK. Since burning finger is relatively safe on block there’s no real reason not to learn the timing for this. There ‘may’ be a couple characters immune to it though. I haven’t tested it on everyone.



1:27 for the heat end extra bar damage I was talking about

4:57 for BF>HE>ST hype.


I gotta run to class but I’ll be sure to watch that afterwards, but I wanted to say that that’s very interesting about heat end. It has strange properties, it causes a hard knockdown, but it’s delayed (very strange property), and you can always get a non-knockdown heat end into super if you execute the super quickly, but through over heat is something new. I’ll have to look at it some more.


Very nice videos! Heat End is fairly difficult to land, so I wouldn’t call it a BnB, but the fact you can ultra off of it without causing an overheat is very interesting indeed. Do any other suits have moves that do not cause a hard knockdown after life bar removal? This game has been surprising me over the past few days, and I really think we are just scratching the surface on the tech.


I mean, maybe if the situation came up where the Heat End would exhaust their bar I might try it, but otherwise I’ll stick to the easier stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh we are barely scratching it. Just wait till I finally figure out how to master hitting people on wakeup.


Yeah I noticed it’s possible to pick people up with supers as they wake-up if they don’t thrust tech, and the combo counter keeps ticking as if they couldn’t block, but I haven’t gotten around to testing it. It happened in one of my videos. Might have to thrust tech almost everything eventually, meaning you better have at least 2 bars when you get knocked down haha!


There was one time I otg’d Sandrock’s unblockable in the corner at just the right time where they’d get up and still get hit and still get knocked down. The combo counter kept going up and up and up. I thought it was an infinite at first, but I never explored it any further because I thought it was just a counter glitch and escapable.



This video talks about dodge jumping, which is a cool tool in this game.


I assume the glitch has to do with the fact that the char is vulnerable to OTG’s, but somehow, that vulnerability is carried into your wakeup animation when a super occurs.
I’ve made attempts into seeing if it is possible to do so with Normals or Special attacks, but I found nothing (except maybe 1 I’m still investigating).
When implemented correctly, it hits both normal wakeup, and boost wakeup.

The issue with the glitch is that the char retains their previous combo state. Meaning if it was somehow possible for me to combo after the super with normals normally, you cannot as the char is still in knockdown state, and the char will drop the ground again.



It’s a little short. I’m really not very good with this character.


Haha I dunno why I never considered chaining to cr.HK. Guess I just assumed it was too slow to combo. One thing though is that Master Cloak does still receive chip damage, but normals don’t cause chip. Also, you can stun grab Master out of Master Cloak.



“Also you can stun grab master out of master cloak”

YEAH ZOMG I actually just noticed when I was recording, and I was like WTF. I think I’m going to put that as an annotation, cuz that’s kind of a big Achilles heel for that move. If you become predictable with that move you can potentially say goodbye to a whole bar of health.


I like the video, but hey, I love Master’s j.HK!