Gundam Battle Assault 2


Judge I could really use some of that Maxter magic of yours. How come you removed that gdlk video of him doing the altered infinite? It was so american it made George Washington impressed with how american it was.


I kinda wanted to do another video with audio and all that. I just have terrible work ethic.


I may save maxter for last. He’s got some very tough to execute combos. I will tell you right now that the only way I seem to be able to combo into his super is through things, then stLK, and then his command dash IMMEDIATELY cancelled into the super. it’s a pretty fast motion, and doing that after an infinite variant will take some practice.


Well, since I’m here in training mode. Might as well record me attempting some combos. Now my success rate with these combos are really low now because I’m not using my normal trusted controller, but they are something.


That was an enjoyable video. There’s a whole lotta “Ching! Ching! Ching! Ching! Ching!” haha! If this is the format you’d like to use to show us stuff because it’s easier or whatever, I’d just go with that. Seems fine.

I forgot to put this in the Nu Gundam guide, but it’s pretty important…
-s.HK, cr.HK, and j.HK all deflect projectiles and have no hittable box on the fin funnels


I just have no idea how to properly edit video. lol. I repeat, I have terrible work ethic
Also, when I’m doing the little wiggle thing, that is me testing the threshold of my controller’s diagonals. Since GBA2 only interprets 4 directions, I need to know how hard I gotta perform motions to do Maxter Combos.


I’ve decided to put off Maxter and do rose first. His combos weren’t exactly easy to figure out either. I really hate how active funnels lock your mega special. But yeah he has several near full bar combos that are relatively easy to do. the fact that he can continue off his unblockable rather successfully is pretty cheap, specially how fast it is.

I did some experimenting with his fly mode as well. You can probably get a full bar out of it if you use his super right when he lands but between execution and just how situational it seemed I decided not to bother trying, let alone recording myself trying.


Can’t wait to see what ya got, I really don’t know anything.



the only really useful combo in there imo is the second one. sorry.


Can’t wait for part 2!

I have some new sets!
Hope you like them. :slight_smile:


Once again, nice to see actual matches (I’m an advocate of match vids rather than combo concepts and such, hence why I haven’t made a combo vid).
Fyi, you really shouldn’t be running away with Heavy Arms in that matchup against Zaku II S, you gotta apply a lot of passive pressure.


Awesome match vids guys, really digging them. Sorry I’ve been absent, I’ve been getting scheduled a ton at work so I’ve been either their or asleep.



Yup, that is all. Gonna try posting some more combos, maybe get my hands dirty w/ editing and making a combo/tech video.


Haha yeah, see, I’m not at all comfortable playing HA. I wouldn’t really know how to do that. =/ Zoning and running mostly worked out okay. I was mostly trying to stay out of the corner. Did you ever catch the first few videos I did against his Altron? They weren’t necessarily that great, but you might like some of it. I was playing Master, Burning, and Nu (albeit a Nu with some real shitty execution).

MMMM damn the cracker grenades in the corner haha!

I still really want to get Mizark’s GP02A sometime, and sober Burning that uses supers… I don’t get to play with him enough though.


When I played heavyarms for the video guides, I found a big source of damage to be running in and throwing some kicks before doing missiles and guns.


Anyway here’s part 2.


I think I just suck with rose, but I really feel like his low damage is a much bigger detriment than most people think. couple that with the fact that you really REALLY have to learn the timing and remember his limitations when it comes to his bits.

I’m working a lot this weekend but I’m about to get a big break from my work schedule because I’m doing a Shakespeare production in a local theatre. Subsequently, I’m going to get a lot of free time to do all the video work I’ve wanted to get done. Hopefully I’ll have a big chunk of the cast done in the next two months.


Rose is different then Epyon and Deathscythe in that its not one or two super broken traits that make him good. He is all around beast thats why he is so solid. His char design is just damn good. He like one of the twins in SF4 AE. Just awesome char design. Great normals, good pressure, great super, great specials, best dive kick, and the list goes on. If you shut down one aspect of his game it doesnt matter. He can do other stuff.

Rose needs to be weak cuz he scores more consistent damage then anyone in the game and he takes REAL skill.

Where is the finesse with Epyon or Hydra I mean seriously? Hit buttons, do damage. With Epyon if you mess up just use an armor move to plow through stuff. With Hydra just block all day cuz you block everything. They have qualities that are just OP while Rose is just a really really well made character who always has a back up plan.


Epyon has a similar problem to Rose in that he has trouble really racking up big damage without learning how to combo his air kicks off a command dash, which takes some skill. As for Hydra… yeah I hate that character too. These guys have shown that he’s not as good as I thought he was (I thought he was bannable top tier when I first started playing) but I’ve found some stuff with him that’s almost as disgusting as his shield.

Deathscythe has solid normals as well btw, and it takes a lot of practice to get his unblockable air loop just right. Once you do though… oh… ohhohohohhh is it satisfying.

But yeah Rose is a different kind of hard. With Epyon and Deathscythe it takes muscle memory, timing, and proper awareness of when to do what. But with Rose, you have to be constantly alert since a lot what makes him truly scary also leaves him vulnerable. He has a lot of half circle moves that he has to pull out constantly, (activating rose bits, saber kick, saber rondo, etc…) and those can be pretty finicky in this game. Because he doesn’t do a lot of damage, you have to work that much harder and pick apart your opponent’s defense that much more.

Honestly I see Hydra and Wing Zero being potentially even/slightly bad matchups for Rose. Hydra blocks his mega, his funnels, his unblockables and his vulcans, and that’s like one entire half of Rose’s strategy completely down the drain. For Wing Zero, it’s the properties of Buster Rifle that could spell trouble for Rose. Normally, keep away games can be dealt with by spamming the rose shield, but Buster Rifle’s lower beam goes under the shield and hits Rose. Wing Zero can actually successfully play keep away with Rose, and that’s pretty important considering Rose is one of those characters you WANT to stay the hell away from you. If you time it right the air version may block buster rifle, but then you’re in the air, and like I’ve said before, you’re more vulnerable in the air than you are on the ground.

I do like rose as a character in terms of his design, especially the way he uses those bits, but imho he’s at the tail end of the top three. He’s still the top three though. The jab, the unblockable, the dive kick, the bits, the Mega, he’s got a lot of options. Rose is definitely a good character to learn if you want to dominate. But he’s a tough character to master.


I’ve fought several different Rose players in my time with the game, and as an RX-78 player, Rose has always been difficult to deal with, even if the player wasn’t that great or was fairly new. Rose controls space so well, and it’s primarily the space RX-78 needs to be successful. RX-78 has no reversals to get him off, and no low attacks that can function well in the face of Rose’s s.jab. I’m often reduced to chicken blocking, which is susceptible to being grabbed, especially with Rose’s thrusted running, and trying to stay directly above Rose and getting a lucky Trample or shooting at him. It’s really this match-up I’m so thankful RX-78 can shoot almost directly below him. If I’m fighting Deathscythe or Epyon, I can frequently Gundam Hammer them on reaction when I see Atomic Slash or 8-way hyper armor. That’s a full stick of health no matter what damage level you’re playing at. It’s a much bigger challenge trying to do something like that to Rose. Sometimes, on a good day, I can option select a super from s.HP, and that’s about 1.9 bars of damage (lvl3) if I go nuts, which is usually a smart idea. Ultimately, that’s getting really lucky though. If they are smart and always block the Trample, I’ll be really hard pressed to open them up.

On a quick side-note, I think Burning might have a favorable match-up against Rose.


A friend of mine played Rose and Tallgeese back when I was solely a Sandrock player and I would usually win. He didn’t really use the unblockable that much though, and didn’t use the rose bits at all. Mostly approached with the foot dive.

So I’m back to practicing with Maxter… I just realized I can combo stLP into itself by putting a very fast command dash inbetween. This is the silliest shit I’ve ever seen in a fighting game. It’s just so godlike. Bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing. I feel like I’m playing as Maxter’s supermode since he’s always shining gold when I do this.


Yeah, that’s one way to grind your thumb off as a pad player!

I have a lot of new sets to upload, with some characters you might like. GP02A, Dragon, Quin Mantha, Maxter, more Zaku II-S, more Burning, more Altron, Ball… This is gonna take awhile… :slight_smile: