Gundam Battle Assault 2


So I had some sort of shindig at my place a couple of days ago, and had a few people in the same room who play this game. I didn’t record everything, but I got some good stuff. Also, my mic was on the whole time, and I didn’t realize it. Actually, I wish it would have been closer so you could hear our banter more. Lotta GP02A lol. Mizark has a very good understanding of his normals and such by now. Makes a low tier suit seem decent anyways.






7:22 OMG hahaha! And 23:07! I really like this QM set, it gets me hype! I win a lot in this video, but he was beating me up a lot before this (read description lol…)

I haven’t practiced the infinite enough on arcade stick, so you’ll see a lotta soap on the floor, but there’s some good stuff in here!


Do my eyes deceive me!? Gundam Battle Assault is a known game that people actually play? Here I am thinking that I’m some kind of alien. It’s just my imagination. That sort of empty concentration. While I . . .

What’s that? This isn’t Case Closed? Oh. Right!

This post doubles as my first on SRK! Okay, I need to relax.

Ahem. So, seeing as how I not only grew up with this game but beat the hell out of it, I reckon I’m on-board the community bandwagon. A nice change-of-pace from the UMvC3 and SSF4. Never thought a PS1 title would get any sort of recognition. Too bad I live in the middle of nowhere. I foresee many a good game with GBA2.

More detailed introduction later, but keep doing what you’re doing, folks. This game needs its time in the spotlight!


Ah! someone else who plays Nu Gundam! Welcome aboard, glad you found this thread!


Thanks for the welcome, man. Great to be aboard. Never expected a PS1 game to prairie-dog its way into semi-circuit!

By the way, Andy, you might wanna file-send me your PS1 emu stuff so we can get some casuals goin’. I have no patience to finish with my PSX emu programme.


Oh man, I’m way too lazy to do that haha! I can send you my memory card though! :stuck_out_tongue: I’m down to try some matches sometime, just don’t expect too much from netplay.

Also, Poco, I haven’t tried any with you yet either, we should see if it’s any good.


All that “bios” stuff is a foreign language to me. I’ll see what I can do. Andy, you got an instant messenger? We should set a game up. I’m using the ePSXe emulator with a GBA2 bios. Hopefully you’re using the same, or something similar enough that would allow netplay.

The Nuclear Prototype is not low-tier. That is all.


Yeah, it was a bit foreign to me as well, you just gotta google everything and it all pops right up. You can message me on Skype sometime. I’m probably not going to play tonight though.


Same here. I’m spending so much time setting this emulator up, that by the time I’m done, I’ll be sleeping. I don’t have your Skype, mate. What is it?


I’m not sure If it works, but I put my working emu into a .zip It should have all of the Plugins in the correct places
Hope that helps!


sorry about the massive delay for the Maxter video. I’ve been having trouble with those infinites. More prevalent is that I’ve just been really unmotivated to do much of anything to the point where I have multiple days off but I just shut down and do nothing. Probably my depression rearing it’s ugly head. It’s tough to keep your head above water sometimes.


This is my new favorite thread on SRK. The news that theres a GBA2 tourney at SJ is making me want to dig out my copy of GBA2


That’s great news! I hope people will bother to learn the game some beforehand, and I hope they stream it. :slight_smile: Jdome GBA2 tourney was fun to watch, but no one knew the game haha!

And Berserkchip, I feel ya. I’m kinda in the same boat right now. Just gotta be patient for those brighter days sometimes.


Good shit, mate. Thanks!

I looked up the Summer Jam tournament and saw that GBA2 was listed as a “secondary game” or some shit like that. It appears the rumour is more than just that. Too bad I won’t be able to make it. : (


So how was the tournament at Summer Jam for those who were there?

I could’ve been there, but my ride had to bail out last minute because of work issues. :frowning:


I couldn’t find any confirmation that the game was there, or I would have tried to make it out. Front page article didn’t have it listed. Went through the main thread and didn’t see it. :frowning:


There it is, Andy. Scroll until you see “Side Games”. There it is in all its metal-clashing glory!


Huh, darn, I woulda loved that. Dunno why front page article didn’t have it listed. They should have played it on PS3, but it doesn’t matter much.




I read about this on gamefaqs but I’ve never seen it and I wasn’t able to do it when I tried, but I didn’t try all that hard honestly (not nearly as much time as I’ve been putting into fucking Maxter, UUUGH)

Infinites aren’t always the be all end of of a character being top tier. What’s debilitating about this one is that it’s corner only. However, Heavyarm’s longranged capabilities and constant pressure options can help push into the corner. And then there’s the fact that it can be done off of his mid ranged unblockable, which is particularly nice. Still, I feel as though it’s overall set up is too predictable. between dodging, dashing, blocking, etc… most competent players would see it coming and take precautions dodge the initial set up. Perhaps even counter if it starts with the unblockable since I’ve always felt his unblockable was a bit slow and possibly punishable.


Exactly. Heavyarms is still middle tier I think. This really doesn’t change too much.

I dunno if you read the description, but this actually does work mid-screen. It’s just that mid-screen it becomes drastically more difficult, so it becomes largely impractical. To do it mid-screen, you have to be soooo precise. Using s.LK instead of cr.LK made it slightly easier when I was trying to do it, but I was nowhere near consistent, failing after a couple reps. I’m no execution aficionado either though. s.LK has much shorter range, but slightly quicker start-up and about 1 extra frame of hit stun, so the missiles combo more easily. I also seemed to be running an extra frame or two when using that, because I would lose more running frames doing cr.LK. So long story short, use s.LK xx Homing Missiles if you try to practice this mid-screen. At any rate, if anyone can really do it mid-screen all the time, more power to them? In the corner, it’s rather easy to do.

It’s still rather hard to initiate though, like you said. Spark Missiles was just an example (my favorite one). There are ways to attempt to set up Spark Missiles though (even classic wake-up pressure unblockable)! You can start the infinite several ways, but at the end of the day, while Heavyarms has no real problem pressuring many opponents into a corner, he has very little in the way of getting in to start this. So really, you’re depending on getting lucky with a hit with Homing Missiles or Spark Missiles, or heck, cr.LK to initiate. To be fair though, you do land these things in a match decently often. Homing Missiles go under a lot of other things and hit people occupied by their own attacks, for example. They don’t need to be exactly in the corner either though. I’m pretty sure I can use this in a match from about the middle of the stage and get them to the corner before I fail. It’s just… interesting.

Oh yeah so I’ve been kinda learning more Heavyarms lol…