Gundam Battle Assault 2


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I apologize for my severe delay in guide videos. I’d like to say life has gotten in the way, and in some ways it has, but in reality, Maxter has defeated me. I cannot play this frigging character. No matter how hard I try, I can’t pull off anything flashy with his dash cancels, and beyond that, he really doesn’t have many combos, so the combo section is going to be short. I’m editing now, since Hurricane Sandy’s got us stuck at home. I’ll also be making a flashier intro.



Tried to put as much effort as possible into this to make up for the lack of combos.


Here are some player vs player matches I did with a friend years ago.




Thanks for posting!

I think sometime we should attempt netplay again. One thing I’ve noticed while doing it with locals is that it’s just randomly hit-or-miss, regardless of geographical distance.

BerserkChip, the video is fine really. It’s hard to define any real practical combos for Maxter when he has such a practical infinite. Maybe something simple to combo into super, but what else is there? Also, I personally still think Maxter is pretty bad, so if you’re having a lot of trouble with him, that is probably a big contributing factor. You have to really maximize what tools he does have, because there aren’t many tools to work with.

When I was dabbling with him, I used things like b+HP a lot, it goes under some attacks too. I recently noticed you can special cancel this attack as well. It’s tough timing, but you can get a command dash and LP in and lead it into the infinite. You can do a similar feint-type attack with LK command dash cancelled into HP Burning Punch. Cyclone Punch is fast and great for chip, I should have used it more. Guns on the ground are good to use when it’s safe to, even if they don’t dish out much damage. Abuse Burning Punches whenever you don’t think they’ll interrupt your start-up (use LP version when possible). You can easily convert Burning Punch into infinite when they are cornered. cr.HK is punishable on block, but usually good to throw out here and there because it puts you in a knock down state, so many opponents can’t punish for big damage anyways. You might only take a hit or two.


I’m trying to get the Gameshark characters to work on my ePSXe using pec which runs similar to Gameshark. I haven’t gotten the any of the 4 suits to work (I haven’t even gotten them to appear yet) but I’ve had some strange and cool glitches happen. In the attempts of replacing Ball and Big Zam with Quebeley and Zeta, I pick them in 2P battle and what happened is Big Zam/Ball froze in place while player 2 was free to move. P2 could damage P1, and deplete a bar of health, and P1, still frozen, would overheat. once overheated, P1 can only be damaged by a mega special. everything else goes right through him. Once the timer runs out, the game freezes since it can’t call a victory until P1 falls to the ground, which it can’t because it’s frozen.

Like I said, weird glitch, but I know pec works with GBA2 so all I have to do is get the right code.


So now that game sharking is coming up again, which characters are we replacing? Obviously Psycho and Dark, but with the other two I wonder what everyone thinks. I think everyone would agree the best options are Big Zam, Neue Ziel, Ball, Zaku II (Demin’s). I like the idea of keeping Neue Ziel around, and glad to replace Zaku II if we can find the code for that, since it is more or less a redundant character. Between Ball and Big Zam though, that’s a toughie for me. They’re both ass, but both kind of fun sometimes.

I might try to get some matches recorded with Qubeley soon after sorting things out.


WOW, I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to get these freaking characters to work on epsxe. Idk maybe if I get a PS1 gameshark and run it that way it’ll be more stable. I’ll have to buy a working gameshark… and probably a PS1.

Anyway, I was able to play as Zeta, the O, and after a few crashes Quebeley. (Big Zam is not a fan of being replaced by Disc locked characters)

I don’t want to give too much away, but basically unless I can get them to work on a PS1 with game shark and have them be stable, I don’t know if I can suggest they replace anyone because they’re crash prone.


Yeah I’m trying Master Zed’s codes from here:
I have yet to successfully play as any of them yet. I did manage to remove character slots though lol…


I had no idea that the game was this deep… fuck.


I used the codes seiichi omori posted on gamefaqs. At first, Zega Gundam and The O worked, and then the game crashed, and then none of them worked and I had to retype all the codes, then I had to just try to only activate one at a time instead of all 4, and it still froze, sometimes even crashed, but I just kept switching things around and it eventually got Quebely to work too. I haven’t gotten Hamma Hamma yet.


Yeah haha! I was playing this alongside CvS2 back about 10 years ago, and I always thought this game was very solid. A lot of people get turned off by the speed, and some of the mechanics are pretty unique, but once you settle into the game, you wouldn’t have it much of any other way imo.

That makes the whole thing seem even more intimidating lol. I tried several angles of attack and haven’t had any success yet.




Now that is a pleasant surprise! Love the authentic Zeta music as well. I’m not sure if you have GBA1 or not, but if not, I can give you the move lists from the manual, with all their poorly written authentic names and such. I don’t know much about Zeta, haven’t played it in a long time hahaha, but I think qcb+kick is invincible start-up? I think the dash move was completely vulnerable if I remember right.

The only thing you missed was an aerial command normal: up + HP while airborne

EDIT: Oh and maybe try delaying your super after s.HK and maybe it will just combo correctly by skipping the initial hit? It doesn’t look like it’d be fast enough, but maybe worth a shot.


I would just rename the files replacing the bosses with the unused characters.
I used to have some notes written somewhere to help here, but I can’t find them. It had where in the ram is the health, super, and ammo. And more importantly what file is what on the iso.

One thing I found is that the XA format is encrypted that no exporter has solved yet, I am aware of.

Edit 2:
Can’t find it. I’ll just find the values again.

Edit 3: Some of these things I wonder why they put them in. My guess is a scrapped round system.

Time (got this cause i forgot to turn it to no limit and didn’t feel like backing out)

Player 1
Life on current bar

Max Life Per Bar


Max amount of meter

Ammo (2 bytes)

Current Life Bar

Max Life Bars

Player 2
Life on current bar

Max Life per bar


Max amount of meter

Ammo (2 bytes)

Current Life Bar

Max Life Bars


I greatly appreciate any effort you’re putting towards this, but at the risk of seeming very dull, I’m not sure what it is I’m reading here (mostly referring to the values and such).


Where the data is located in the ram of the playstation.


If anyone in the thread is still working on getting the gameshark characters to work on an emulator, I have a theory that seems to have worked for me.

The hard part is getting each character to work once. I would say just activate one code at a time, and if it doesn’t work, (IE freezes, crashes, etc…) keep trying, mix and match stages and opponents. eventually it will work and you’ll get the character. When you do, save state. When you exit out and come back later, and activate that save, the character will still be there even if the cheats aren’t activated. Do this four times, (this will use up four of your five states) and you’ll have easy access to all 4 gameshark characters.

Now, what I REALLY REALLY want is access to those characters in Time attack mode A to make making part twos a lot easier.

anyway, just a few notes on what I’ve picked up from the 4 characters just from toying with them.

Zeta: pretty straightforward, not many combo links which is disappointing. There’s strategy in knowing when to use his super, but beyond that, his gun has a slight delay so you can’t combo into it, nor any of his special moves. Basically going to do his damage from single strikes essentially. And like I said, he’s pretty straight forward. Possibly the least impressive of the 4. Edit: I also forgot to mention in the video, besides j.upHP, that his jHK will move up and forward if you press up and forward while doing the move. the up version almost acts as a little double jump, and it doesn’t cancel your air action, so you can do it continuously, effectively staying up in the air.

Quebeley: Didn’t spend quite as much time with Haman. She’s got funnels, and funnels are ALWAYS good. She also has an interesting funnel super. it has a HUGE delay though, possibly because they didn’t add in the freeze during the start up animation, so it can be interrupted, and much more easily blocked. Shame too because you can combo from it. Still has funnels at least. I can’t remember what her specials were like.

Hamma Hamma: This guy I think is pretty interesting. bomb dropping special kind of feels like a gimped cracker grenade, but it has the bonus of being able to be dropped from the air, which is cool. His scatter beam is pretty decent, a weak version of Sazabi’s basically. has a command overhead similar to Sazabi’s too. Oh and also his super is unblockable, a projectile and can be comboed from for almost a bar. It can be dodged, probably dodge jumped, but I think it might be tricky. Also it can be done in the air.

The O: THIS GUY, LEMME TELL YOU ABOUT THIS GUY. This guy eats full bar combos for breakfast. This guy puts Death scythe, Epyon, Rose, and Tallgeese III’s fast unblockables to SHAME. He has the fastest and much longer reaching unblockable ever. Like, think Hakumen’s sword, only unblockable. And faster. and can be comboed into. And his super is probably the most interesting super I’ve seen in this game. Instead of a straight forward attack, all your normals get turned into beam saber slashes. kind of decent speed, each doing relatively half a bar. (I think the aerial version is faster) You get five slashes before the super wears off and you have to activate it again. So that’s 15 unblockable slashes. The downside is you can only do those slashes while in this mega special state. Also he has more links than the other three characters. The O is fucking GOOD. I’m kind of sad they took him and Hamma Hamma out. I mean I’m sad they took all of them out, but from a fighting game stand point I’d love to see some legit DeathScythe vs The O matches. Might even give Rose a run for his money.

I really wish i could find a way to make these guys more stable to run on an emulator. I wonder if they even have programmed AI.


Okay finally made the character list again. So if you tear apart the iso you’ll know which character is which (expect the story mode characters).


00 Zaku II
01 Hygogg
02 Zeong
03 Sazabi
04 Quin Mantha 
05 Big Zam
06 ???
07 Neue Ziel
08 Nu Gundam
09 Psyco
0A RX-78
0B GP-02A
0C Gundam Double Zeta
0D ???
0E Acguy
0F ???
10 ???
11 Hydra
12 Ball
13 Zaku II S
14 Burning
15 Maxter
16 Rose
17 Bolt
18 Dragon
19 Wing
1A Death Scythe
1B Heavy Arms
1C Sand Rock
1D Altron
1E Dark
1F Master
20 Tall Geese III
21 Epyon


I have problems with sound when I load save states for some reason, unfortunately. :frowning:

I remember The-O’s attack where he advances forward and attacks physically with his gun (Rifle Slap I think?) being really good, and the range of his hidden arms are awesome. No doubt he was very strong in GBA1.

command normals
Hidden Arm: forward + LP
Rifle Slap: forward + HP
Anti-Air Hidden Arm: back + HP
Sweep Hidden Arm (in air): down + LP

Beam Rifle: qcf+punch
SW Sword Rush: qcb + punch
Slap Tackle: qcf + kick
Beam Sword: hcb + punch

MSA is called Beam Sword Dance

Beam Gun: qcf + punch
Double Kick: qcf + kick
Somersault (in air): qcf + kick
Homing Kick: qcb + kick
Beam Saber: hcb + punch
Funnel Shot (whacky name lol…): hcf + punch
Funnel Attack: qcf + punch

MSA is Full Funnel Attack, and my memory might be betraying me, but I am pretty sure she can do it in the air.

command normals
High Punch (in air): up + HP
Spin Kick (in air): HK

Beam Rifle: qcf + punch
Hyper Dash: qcf + kick (effect changes depending on button used)
Rise Down Kick (lame name haha): qcb + kick
Hand Blade: hcb + punch

MSA is Wave Rider Attack

Hamma Hamma wasn’t in GBA1, so I don’t know anything about it. :stuck_out_tongue: Here is what one of the FAQs says about it, though I don’t know if these names are made up or whatever:

"Hand Beam Cannon: down, forward + punch ©
Hide Bombs: down, back + punch
Beam Saber: forward, down, back + punch (U,G)
Jump Attack: down, back + kick

Dual Claw: down + Triangle

*Plasma Ball Cannon"

  • being the MSA

06 is The-O
0D is Zeta
0F is Qubeley
10 is Hamma Hamma