Gundam Battle Assault 2


I would of probably figured it out if I had a copy of Battle Assault 1. Also, looking in the debug file looks like frame advance is still in but that isn’t much (especially since psxjin has it). Probably need to check the Japanese version to see if there is anymore tools left over usually localization teams remove debug tools.


The thing that sucks about that approach is the Japanese version was divided into 2 different games. :frowning: Might not be that bad really but I’m not sure.



Having some computer troubles for some reason so the video took longer than it should have.



Here’s the latest guide for GBA2, this time Full Armor Double Zeta. I’m really actually liking this gundam, more than I thought i was going to.


Diggin’ those combos, I’ve never sat down with ZZ much so I didn’t know any. It’s worth mentioning that his Knee special and his MSA are both invincible start-up, though the Knee is definitely unsafe on block. I always felt like you had to really make your ammo count with this guy.




Here’s a Tutorial that I made. You guys should be interested as I did half the work already.


GBA2 Basic Guide for GP02a Physallis is now on youtube!


One of the tougher guides to get motivated for because I had trouble comboing with this character. Most of his combos are very short but damaging, if impractical and hard to apply with the exception of the ones that start either low or on an overhead, or I guess an unblockable too.


Good stuff, yeah it’s not a very combo-oriented suit, but it has what it needs, and does scary damage. Be sure to note that Shield Buster is invincible start-up, but will not hit [most?] crouching opponents, and cr.HP is a very good anti-air also. :slight_smile: We feel like his super is mostly for zoning, or smothering a knocked down and cornered opponent, though you can anti-air with it in some situations. He can use ammo fairly liberally, and afford to make more mistakes or trade some health to get bazooka rain out since he has so much.



took what you said into account when I made part 2. I kind of wish there actually were legitimate zoning characters in this game besides Dark Gundam, or that Dark Gundam wasn’t so overpowered. There’s a couple characters with zoning moves, like Maxter’s cyclone punch, dragon’s flags, and some of heavyarms’ projectile normals. Closest I can think is Wing Zero and he’s more advaced keep away than he is zoning. Although Hamma Hamma, if I recall, has some zoning moves.

As for Physallis, I find myself back peddling a bit from what I said before. (that he was maybe mid high) I also think I said I didn’t see the appeal in Double Zeta and now I like Double Zeta. Interesting how my first impressions seem to be wrong.


Credit for combo reference goes to Newtype Andy and his nu gundam guide in this thread.



ePSXe 1.8 is out, and I can confirm GBA2 working what would seem flawlessly.
You no longer need to downgrade to 1.6 and toy around with settings for sound to work properly.


Thanks and I’m loving that you use the music from the series the suits are coming from. I love me some CCA tracks. :slight_smile:

That’s good news. I believe a couple people using Windows 7 couldn’t get the game to work right on 1.6.


Part one of the basic guide for Ball is now up


I’ll go into more detail in part 2, but yeah no real surprises here. Ball is essentially a joke character, after all.

I was hoping I could find some undiscovered string that would rack up damage without the use of ammo. No luck, sadly. He doesn’t even have a trip move, his only knockdown being his j.HP.

His cannon is good, but you only get five shots, so even as a pressuring tool it’s useless since you can only do it 5 times, so it’s really only good for surprise whole bar combo.

Beyond his gun he’s got the jack hammer which does ok damage but it’s range is so can really only combo into it.

His other special isn’t really useful either.

No unblockable either. That really limits Ball’s ability to get in.



Also here’s part one for the RX-78-2 guide.



After a year of saying I wouldn’t do it, I finally done it. Part one of the guide for Hydra gundam is up.



You must really hate Hydra!


Not so much anymore. I still think being able to block unblockables without any real downside is a bit much. At least with I fields you don’t have access to the dodge function and it’s only a limited time and it uses up a boost gauge.

That and he’s got some of the best normals.



**This is my best basic guide yet. Two characters for 1 guide! Zaku II and Zaku IIS. **


Part 2 is here!!!



**Zeong’s basic guide is up on youtube!!! This one is a very interesting guide and you get to see even more footage of why I fields can be awesome
** [media=youtube]83o0FKiMoLA[/media]