Gundam Battle Assault 2


Zeong’s j.dwn + HP is so good. One of his best tools imo. :slight_smile:


Hey guys, first time caller, long time listener. My friends and I have been playing this game quasi-competitively for several years now, it’s nice to know there is group of people out there that appreciate the game as much as we do. BerserkChip and NewtypeAndy, your videos are excellent!

I had a few quick questions though. First off, I was curious if there were any agreed upon rules or considerations for this game, in a tournament setting, such as round count/time/character bans or what not. Secondly, kind of derivative of the first question, but I noticed in some of NewtypeAndy’s videos that the handicap was turned down to two, from the default 4/5 or whatever it is. I was curious if that was something established or personal preference? Anyhow, I’ll be stopping back regularly to keep up with the discussions and share anything I might find.

P.S. if anyone here is also a fan of EXVS, please add me on PSN: TRAINSallTALK.


Hiya! Glad you decided to drop in!

We haven’t really sat down and discussed much other than banning Devil and Psycho. I personally play on handicap 1-3 (mostly 3 anymore) because damage is insane in this game. I like matches to be a bit longer and in this game, time outs don’t come up all that often if the players know how to do damage, even when damage is set to level 1. So yeah, you could say it’s simply preference, but the others I play with seem to agree. Our local group has hosted a couple fairly successful tournaments in the midwest and in the next one, I was going to host GBA2 with a pot bonus if possible. I was planning to do it curleh mustache MvC3 style (best of 5/first to 3), but I didn’t decide on a handicap yet. I do really like 3 though and I think even newer players wouldn’t get many time outs.

I’m curious what characters you and your friends play.


All of my guides are done with the damage set to the default setting, but that’s not to say I’m against lowering the setting to 3. I think setting it down to 1 may bump certain characters up and down the tier list since combos become a bit less effective and single strikes that are naturally powerful become more useful. So Wing Zero may fair better in a 1 setting than 5 against sandrock, deathscythe, and possibly epyon since their combos would do less damage. I haven’t tested this since the last time we played online so I’ll have to go back and experiment a bit. If entering a tournament I really wouldn’t mind the handicap being set 3 or even 1. It just might effect who I pick.


I definitely agree that some characters could benefit or lose from a different handicap setting. Characters with practical infinites like Maxter and Heavyarms would benefit, still being able to take a whole bar if your execution is on point (I did use the Heavyarms infinite in a match recently, from nearly mid-screen even =D ), taking up more time in the process though. Quin Mantha can still take a whole bar with cr.HP xx super, even on GP02A, so it’s a buff for her. It also could sometimes allow squishies like Char’s Zaku II a few more mistakes. You have more chances to get out of that Epyon hyper armor crap (lol). I think it also would affect zoning characters. They have to zone properly for longer, giving rush down more chances to get in. Then again, it’s also not quite as bad when they do get in. A lot of the crazy damage supers aren’t quite as crazy, which is obviously a good thing. Of course, Altron’s super is meager enough, and on a lower setting, Djpizzaboi was saying it becomes more about wasting time [when you have a life lead]. It’s just a whole different game to me when you lower the damage a little.


We’ve been playing it on default settings for pretty much the entire time we’ve been playing the game, which is why I asked. I agree with the points made about damage, but would it have a significant impact on sustainability? If you’re doing less damage, would that mean you end up using more ammo over time? Of course your opponent also deals less damage as well, but I was curious how that might effect suits who tend to fizzle out like FAZZ.

Personally I just tend to play most games on default settings. I always hated going over friends houses as a kid and having to play fighting games with them with whack ass rule sets like time off/items off/what have you. It’s all personal preference, but I always felt like a fish out of water. Just kind of a habit I’ve picked up over the years, but I was curious what you guys thought.

It definitely feels like the better the players are, the more likely the damage might want to be turned down, however.

I like the sounds of your suggested tournament format, though. The damage is pretty ridiculous and a lot of suits only have to potentially open you up 3 times and you’re pretty much done. That gives it that Marvel feel, so a Curleh Mustache format seems very appropriate.

I kind of play all over the board right now. After watching a bunch of those videos, it opened my eyes on a lot of characters, such as Nu Gundam for instance. I originally mained Deathscythe for a long while, but I’m trying to move away from that. Zaku II-S is my current project at the moment, but I’d also like to have a pocket I-Field character for certain matchups that Zaku has trouble with. Was thinking of FAZZ, but haven’t decided yet. I kind of want to pick up Nu Gundam, but I’ve been having a lot of trouble maintaining the funnels safely.


I almost always play games on default settings, but while I think GBA2 is really a truly solid fighter, I thought that perhaps they didn’t fine tune the base damage level very well when they made the game. I’m kind of sticking to that, because in no other fighting game is the damage this crazy. Sure, in MvC3 characters get ToD’d all the time, but it takes more time to do it. GBA2 is like 4 hits, super, hold dat (Burning Gundam comes to mind lol). I’ve always had more fun on 1 and recently bumped it up to 3 (mostly because we started playing more lower damage, lower mid-tier characters like Altron lol). If Altron can usually kill people before time runs out in a winning match, I don’t think the damage is too low.

Nu Gundam is a beast for sure. Sometimes it’s okay to take some damage in the process of deploying funnels you have a pretty good chunk of extra health in Nu. Blood funnels I call them. If you’re being hit by a long string or something, you can always attack with them immediately. Really you just want to make sure you sweep them or are high up when you summon them. Train them to block for a bit with a couple LP rifle shots then get em out. Or you can use the knee lift and then j.HP and call them, that will swat the other guy across the screen. That video with Nu is pretty bad too, I need to get a better one. Fighting Altron is very awkward for Nu, as Altron controls the space you want. I’m just glad I got some of the combos in. :slight_smile:

I-Field characters are rough for me. I found myself trying to dodge a lot in Quin Mantha trying to get used to the idea of having a shield, but it’s fun anyways. Overall I think having a dodge is the better option, but there are pros and cons.


Played again last night with Mizark and a friend from California who used to live here and play with us. He wasn’t around when we started learning the best combos and stuff but he still knows a lot of stuff and plays pretty well fundamentally, so it was fun to fight him and his characters again. He was playing Wing Zero, Sazabi, and Rose mostly. I sometimes almost forget how good WZ is, lol. I was playing Deathscythe for awhile and I think I only took like 2 or 3 games from WZ. My Deathscythe isn’t the best, but it really isn’t too bad either, I think it’s a very tough match-up for him. Bird Tackle shuts down a lot of the Beam Sickle (“Atomic Slash!”) game. The charged spread shot keeps teleports from being super effective unless you start very close to him and cancel behind him, otherwise you just end up in the charge. Any blocked buster rifle shots create so much space, you really have to teleport or dodge them or you lose virtually all your ground. I found sneaking in the drop kick was pretty effective sometimes. Nice and fast and hits high. Scissor Up is amazing for catching thrust recovery from knock downs by the way, not sure if anyone was using that for that purpose. You could also fly up and place a beam sickle I’m sure. I’ll probably be playing more Deathscythe in the future for a number of reasons. Namely I have been thinking for awhile that it might be a bit over rated.

I also played Nu Gundam quite a bit, possibly to the best I ever have. I still don’t think Nu would be top tier, but he’s right on their heels for sure.


Awesome, I hope to see more pvp vids from you!

As for me, it’s tough because none of the people I hang out with play fighting games. I’m trying to teach my one friend how to play. I had him pick a character and then sat him down to watch one of my guides for the one he picked. unfortunately he picked Heavyarms and that one is my worst guide because of all the lag. (it was before I figured out how to record ePSXe with better quality) but he started getting better. The problem is he’s just not accustomed to playing fighting games to the point where he struggles to do quarter circles, so it’s an uphill battle.

Anyway, here’s part 2 of the Zeong guide if you haven’t seen it already. I’m recording footage for Sazabi.



Another excellent guide! I’ve always had problems with Zeong being thirsty for ammo, but perhaps it was just me taking too many pop shots. I could never get over how unorthodox the mega special was. Has some really deceptively strong normals though, for sure.

Somewhat of a side note, it always bothered me that Hyaku Shiki was never in any of these games. I understand GBA2 heavily catered to the American audience, but for it to never appear in any of the earlier Battle Master titles kind of sucks. Especially given the copious amount of Zeta suits. At least Zaku II-S P2 color is gold?

Anyhow, Sazabi was a character I was thinking about maybe trying to take further, so I’m looking forward to what you find in your guide!


Thank you Mr. Jones.

Part one of Sazabi’s basic guide is now up.


I feel like more could be found in terms of bridging normals with the funnels. the combos at the beginning were really just to show that normals could in fact be bridged with that method, and the combo at the end shows off the damage it’s capable of racking.

But yeah Sazabi’s really powerful in the air.


Do people play this with stick or pad? I’ve found it seems kind of finicky with stick inputs.

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I play on both pad and stick, and I’ve even noticed preferences depending on who I’m playing as. Dragon or Maxter I much prefer to play on stick whereas Nu or Heavyarms I prefer to play on pad for some examples. As far as it being finicky on a stick, I’m still sorting it out myself really, but I think really a lot of it is a matter of slowing your inputs down a bit.


I prefer pad for this title, the controls are kind of clunky with the inputs as you mentioned, they remind me a lot of Mortal Kombat.


So I’m working on the hygogg video and I recorded footage but he doesn’t really have combos that exceed half a bar for the most part, so I don’t know if it’s worth recording every single combo variation he has.

Also, I noticed an interesting thing about Hygogg. I always kinda knew about it but I experimented with it to be sure. his forward dash puts him in a semi crouching state to the point where many high attacks will completely miss and he has an opprotunity to punish. But I wonder if this is worth mentioning because most intermediate players will simply know to attack low against Hygogg.


I think it’s worth mentioning because you can use it on reaction to some things. As far as combos, I would just try to stick to those which are most practical, or if something is very flashy, that’s cool too. I never sat down and learned any combos with Hygogg. I remember that from certain ranges, you can use his homing missiles in conjunction with his unblockable though.


Anything new fellas?


I apologize for the hiatus on the Hygogg video. I’ve been working busy with a lot of things. Helping one friend with a very rough break up, helping another friend make content for a collaborative new youtube channel that I’m excited about, studying for a statistics class that nearly ended my college career, but mostly its because I got Skyrim for Christmas… NNNNNNGHFFFF

Most of the Hygogg footage is recorded though. Once I get a free day I’m gonna get back to it.


Sounds like some ups and downs, but that’s cool. We’re organizing another tournament around here and while it isn’t one of the main games, I am running GBA2. I’ll see if we can get some of it streamed. Hell I just hope we have enough entrants haha! I’m trying to see if I can entice with a pot bonus or something. It will be on April 20th (yes, I know 4/20 hah hah).


GBA2 stream, my dick is diamonds.