Gundam Battle Assault 2


Lost my old disc.

Infinite sadface.


I just realized I have a Burning Gundam guide mostly done I just never really finalized it and such. I need to get on that soon, lol!


Happy early easter!

I’ll likely explore more of the dash duck in part 2, because I think some projectiles may be able to aim down. I know Buster Rifle an Knee millies will present an obvious issue for those specific match-ups.

I’m going to have a lot on my plate next week since I’m in a stage play and it’s opening very soon, but I want to finish the roster by the end of april.

I feel like the GBA2 flames have died down a bit. I’mma have to do something about that. I’m gonna try and get some actual matches uploaded to my channel.


After hours of research, I’ve discovered that Dark Gundam is a mid tier character. Possibly lower than Zeong.


You totally got me haha! I was like “Yoooo you can’t be serious!” Though I do sometimes wonder if there are any hard match-ups for Dark. Maybe characters like Hygogg and Hydra who make him have to do more work than unblockable spam.

Anyway, I haven’t been producing much of anything for this game lately, but we are still holding a side tourney for it on April 20th, and I gather there may even be a decent turn-out for it, so I’m looking forward to that. I just played with a couple people last weekend, even. I’m planning to add prizes for top3 (gunpla, maybe?), and the entry is only $2 so I think many might enter.


Someone’s been practicing…

Djpizzaboi seems to like CZ over Altron now.


Great video! So good to see people posting good GBA2 vids! I love that hit confirm after the grenades!!

I’m working on the Acguy guides for a bit tonight before bed. He has a lot of links but I find that his damage is pretty low, his hits push back and specials don’t really link from normals all that well so it’s tough to make long combos. I’m going to go into detail about certain moves in part 2 though.


Kinda feel bad uploading this since it feels so lame compared to DJpizzaboi’s CZ vid. I’ll try to make up for it when I get to Quin Mantha.


Had some test matches with my friend at college. I didn’t record them because I want to get a bigger crowd first, I had trouble with the usb chords, and we were playing at full screen which my computer can’t handle with recording.

Anyway, I’ve gotten a lot better at this game since the last time I fought him, since he used to beat me pretty even handedly at this game. He mains Hydra btw. I got to show off some combos to him which was nice, but I also learned an important lesson.

the official matchup for DeathScythe vs Hydra is 0-10. Like… it just is. All of DS’s best normals are beam based. I got decimated by his Hydra, all the while screaming “MY GIMMICK!!! MY GIMMMIIIIIICK!!!”

Also, a fairly decent counter to Dark Gundam, oddly enough, Talgeese III. his qcf.LK/HK projectiles do more damage to him because of his bigger hitbox, and his fast unblockable is really helpful. As long as you don’t let yourself get hit by the unblockabeam, you might actually be able to win. I got really close to beating my friend’s Dark, but I mistimed one too many dodges.

Gonna try to record next week. I’m thinking of doing some before/after vids of my friends playing a character of their own choosing before and then after watching one of my guides, to see if they’re actually helpful to people.


Part 2 of the acguy guide was uploaded, and also I just finished this one tonight.

part 2 will be up on my channel probably by tomorrow.

I’m pretty excited about the funnel jump thing. Sucks that I didn’t think of it sooner. I already knew you could fit the activation of funnels between normals (and sometimes specials) and during the activation of flight mode and with Quin, the activation of the I field. But activating them right before you land gives you SO much more freedom to move around. Not only does it open up some new combo potential, but it also adds an even greater level of rush down potential with funnels.

I didn’t add it in the video because I couldn’t record it, but I’m almost positive I was able to link st.HP into Quin’s Mega during a funnel attack. It may require strict timing or require your opponent to be in the corner, I’m not sure, but I know I did it at least once. I threw in the bonus combo at the end because it was the only version I could record, but if you could link st.H to his mega with funnels, racking up safe damage with Quin would be at least a little easier.

After I finish part 2 I think I’m going to do single parts for Zam and Ziel, just to get them out of the way, since I don’t think they have much combo potential so I don’t think a part 1 would be very long, so I think I’ll just have the movelist and then commentary over gameplay.


The first of the two boss guides is now on youtube!

The video contains your standard movelist, strategy for how to play as Big Zam and a few examples of characters who can absolutely devastate Big Zam in a match, pretty much proving that it’s not really necessary to ban him, as he’s fairly easy to handle.


Very nice! I don’t have anything to add to Acguy. I wish he had some sort of knockdown special so you could use his super in more situations. =/

With Quin Mantha, I found her regular jumping HK to be immensely useful! It covers an amazingly large area, and doesn’t repel you, so you can sometimes combo into cr.LK, cr.HK if you landed close enough. Also, you can actually link her super after her s.HP, even without funnels, so I’m sure that it is possible. The super won’t link if you started with a s.LP though. It does slightly less damage than the oh-so-simple cr.HP xx super, which is the highest damage combo I was able to find, but it’s still pretty good. Her forward+HK is her fastest normal, interestingly! I’ve been finding that to be very useful. Her j.HP is fun for anti-knock down recovery.

You pretty much nailed everything for Zam. Just have to keep level with him or higher when you know he is going to try to use j.HK to get you out of the corner. It’s worth noting that even if you block it, it still pushes you out from behind him, so you really just want to not be there when he tries it, or dodge, I suppose. At least Neue Ziel can turn around.

DJPizzaboi still in the lab here and there. He’s trying to take out God Gundam in one combo now lol…


Well at least there he’s got a combo that should be able to take out Wing Zero in one go.

Anyway, the last character guide is up on youtube.

I may be taking a break to decide where to go from here, whether I decide to do match up videos or examine specific mechanics/tricks in the game and how they effect multiple characters.


how can i make ringtones from this game

“Wealth and glory to the winner” is all i want for email alerts


Damn this game brings back so many memories, ahhhh the good old care free days.


The crash at the end of the NZ video was a nice touch, haha!

Oh, and I wanted to mention that DJPizzaboi’s CZ videos are with the damage set to level 1! D:


Decided to make a quick combo video to hopefully draw more attention to the game and the guides for it.

I think Rose was the only one I used the funnel jump for in that video, for the other two I activated the funnels with air normals and then landed while the funnels were shooting and then continued attacking on the ground to sustain the combo. It resulted in near bar to bar combos so I figured I’d use those instead.

Actually my plan was always to do some kind of combo video with Ai Senshi when I did all the guides. Though I was going to have myself and my friend sing both the english and japanese versions simultaneously in a music video spliced with combos, but I figured nah.

Still going to do videos for GBA2 from time to time. Just not sure where to start yet.

Btw, does anyone here know AcidGlow? He posted a few videos for GBA2 recently and I tried to comment on one but it said I was blocked. I went to my sub channel, figuring it was some sort of error or mistake but he blocked that one the next day. I think there’s some kind of misunderstanding. I know he’s posted here and on the gamefaqs GBA2 section before so I wondered if anyone knew what was up? If I did do or say anything to upset him, I apologize, but I don’t remember.


These combo vids are awesome, looking forward to more!


I recently just started playing Gundam Battle Assault 2 again. Now that I am older, I can actually play this game and not spam like a child lol. I want to get into competitive play for this game, it is always a blast for me.

A quick question, how are you guys playing this game (other than emulators)? I can’t seem to get my original copy of the game working on my slim ps2. After the intro animation, it gives me a black screen. It works perfectly fine on my PSX/PS1. I got my disk cleaned at a local game shop last week so its not the disc.

If you are playing on a ps2, please tell me how.


I usually prefer to play on a PS3 or emulator.

When I do play on my slim PS2, I never have any trouble, so I couldn’t really begin to say what your trouble may be. I do turn on the smooth graphics, but I don’t change the disc speed, as that has caused problems for me from time to time in the past, and the game loads super fast anyways. I’m not sure if that’s what you’re doing perhaps? Maybe your PS2’s laser needs to be cleaned/adjusted?