Gundam Battle Assault 2


started looking up any footage of GBA2 uploaded to youtube recently for some inspiration but I couldn’t find all that much, certainly nothing as good as NewtypeAndy’s PVP vids in terms of skill. So I was tinkering around tonight and found some small things. Nothing worth making videos over but maybe worth putting out there.

-I made a video a while back about dodge jumping. As you know, if you hold up while doing a dodge, you’ll hover upwards slightly. (I think this dodge is a bit longer too) I realize now that this makes it much easier to counter with an aerial normal/special after a dodge, especially with characters like Hydra, Talgeese and (ESPECIALLY) Rose with their foot dives.

-Rose can link j.HK to st.HK if you time it just so, but it’s easier to funnel jump and let the funnels connect it for you, allowing you to do something like jqcf.LK>LC>j.HK>st>HK>hcf>HP>MEGA. (LC stands for land cancel to cancel the animation of the kick)

-I think it is possible to tiger knee, I just can’t do it consistently. I was trying to tiger knee air shotel toss with Sandrock, since that would add more to his mid/long ranged game, but I had a lot of trouble.

-as Zaku IIS, you can do a very short jump and cancel the momentum with a dodge, and from there do qcb.HP for close to the ground grenades. In the corner you can combo off of them if they hit.

-in other news, if Hamma Hamma was allowed to be in the game, he would have been pretty broken. His long ranged projectile can be combo’d to and from standing and crounching heavy punch for a bar pretty consistently and he has some pretty tricky special moves. The trick with his mega is that it shoots 4 balls that stun your opponent but two of them fly overhead, so you have to use st.HP or cr.HP to knock your opponent upwards into the 3rd and 4th ball to continue the combo.


I looooooove the aerial dodging thing!

That Hamma Hamma stuff sounds neato. I was never able to get any of the gameshark suits to work. :frowning:

I’ve picked up Hygogg. He’s certainly not that great, but he is actually better than I had thought previously. I also finally picked up Deathscythe, but it’s nothing to write home about. I don’t have any match vids with them yet, but I do have my friend Johnny playing Rose captured finally. I’ve had that for awhile actually, but I’ve been too distracted with other things to upload. Maybe I’ll try to do it tonight. He is a very stout UMvC3 player (he even got 3rd at Frosty Faustings) and he really enjoys Rose.


Oh yeah so here’s something DJPizzaboi came up with for a new Char Zaku corner combo against the larger characters. Not too bad…

And I’ve uploaded their stream session from several months ago. DJPizzaboi played Char’s Zaku IIS and Altron, JohnnyBananaz played Rose and Heavyarms. You can hear their funny commentary. :slight_smile:


Cheats leave it on the same life bar.
Don’t expect me to do hitboxes.


That’s impressive. I sometimes wish I had learned how to do such things. What’s blowing my mind about that is that, to the best of my knowledge, Burning has more health than Maxter. So perhaps character “health” is more about damage reduction or something like that…


Actually it’s the same. it’s Current Life / Max life.
Maxter is at 26 out of 96 while Burning is at 96 out of 96.

I already added infinite time, super, and ammo.


This is the same Burning combo (jab x2, fierce xx super) done to Maxter and Burning. If they have the same health, then that means they take different amounts of damage. I’m curious if, say, GP02A or FAZZ have 96 life as well. Those 2 absolutely take less damage than the benchmark. Maybe “life” is some weird percentage sort of thing rather than a flat value of health. Why it would be 96 and not 100 though is beyond me…


Could be a different defense rating like in Guilty Gear, Jojo’s, Blazblue, Vsav and so on.
Same combo as listed above Lp, Lp, Hp xx Super with burning)
Starting Cast(I need to unlock more characters)
Burning: 81 damage
Maxtar: 86 damage
ZakuII: 96 damage
Wing: 99 damage(including overheat damage)
Dragon: 86 damage
Deathscythe: 86
Altron: 86
Rose: 86
Sazabi: 76
Nu Gundam: 76
RX-78: 96

GP-02A: 65

96 in decimal = 0x60 in Hex it’s a nice even number looking in the memory.


Ah, that sounds like it fits, then.

This is the health tiering I arrived at a long time ago:

Boss +
Big Zam
Psycho mkIII

Devil (Dark)
Neue Ziel


Quin Mantha

God (Burning)

A (Benchmark)
Deathscythe Hell
Tallgeese III

Zaku II

Wing Zero
Char’s Zaku II-S



It fits with your numbers, so far.


Figured it would top at 99 hits.

Any way here is the script.

For Psxjin available at
Activate it mid-battle.


Neat, I’ll have to check that out.

How did you do so many hits with WZC?

99 hits would be a very low combo counter cap. A few supers do like 40 hits or so as it is.


Infinite Super it’s part of the script.

Remembered you could damage parts in the game.

Those if statements mean it doesn’t have it or it’s already broken.


the armor breaking is purely cosmetic, right? I never actually put much thought into how the armor damage worked on a technical level, but I always thought it was a nice touch.


I dunno either, but it was just something extra I thought of as well. Past couple of days I’ve been playing Yatagarsu. Thought I would be productive for a bit before I played in some more Yata today.


I have some GP02A vs. Hygogg and GP02A vs. Tallgeese III matches to upload. Stay tuned! :slight_smile:


My music has been glitching a lot lately for some reason. I wonder if it’s the emulator, the rom itself, or the sound plug-in…

I’m really thrilled about Hygogg, actually. He’s a much better character than I thought, and a lot more fun too. His damage sucks, but he’s still very rewarding. Great pokes, one of the best quick-rise denies, decent projectiles, invincible start-up DP that you can chain from and seems mostly safe on block, small size…

Tallgeese is very good too. I looove his beam saber! One of the fastest start-ups, and the reach is so good, you can even use it for quick-rise deny. Very good air-to-air. He also coincidentally has a safe dragon punch, good for getting out of corners, but I didn’t use it well. Strong super, of course. His buttons, man, his buttons are all good! He pretty much has all the tools, very versatile. I neglected to ever end combos with the heat rod when I was out of supers though. Forgot!

EDIT: Oh, and I made this for fun. It’s more or less a first draft for a visual tier list. We’re still looking at it and might move a couple things around a bit. Let me know if something screams out to you. Maybe Epyon isn’t high enough!


I pretty much agree with that pic. I’ve never seen a tier list broken down in that sort of grid.

Loving these PVP vids btw! Keep 'em coming whenever you can.

As for myself, I’m thinking of doing another combo video featuring more of the cast. I got a bit more motivated since Game Grumps did a GBA2 video and the game is getting a ton of exposure because of it.

I threw this together early this morning. It’s just a regular run of DeathScythe’s street mode on hard difficulty, but I threw in some text commentary and tips, mostly review notes from the two part guide. My timing was off due to being out of practice and the CPU being ‘that guy’ in a couple instances.


I stole the grid from mmcafe, which is where people have been making tier lists for MvC and a few other games lately. Screen capped the character select screen a couple times and chopped it together. It’s an interesting way of doing tier lists.

I will certainly try to do more videos whenever possible. I want to capture a lot of different characters. I’ve also realized I have nothing with RX-78 yet.

I saw that game grumps video. So much Big Zam.


Could of cropped the pictures by the pilot’s names it would of taken longer but it would look better.
Anyway, got bored of working on the alpha 3 script.


That’s not a bad idea. I hadn’t thought of that. If I sit down and make any changes, I might give that a try. I wish the character icons were a consistent size.