Gundam Battle Assault 2


His knee drop is fancy, and he is rather quick. If he had knock down on his uppercut, or on anything that recovers quicker than his sweep, he might even have a minor use for his super. Very low damage output and very low health combined with the lack of knock down or a worthwhile super really hold him back. It’s certainly not impossible to win some fights with him, but nearly any other character is an improvement. :confused: Unless the Acguy player gets really consistent with the jabfinite, that player is gonna have a relatively hard life in GBA2.


Wow, I’m glad that this game isn’t dead and has an active community. I’m very conflicted when it comes to mains because it’s either Heavyarms (sorry about that ¯_(ツ)_/¯), and Wing Zero. And Gundam Wing was by far my favorite of the anime, but this game is one game that really hasn’t worn off and still holds a strong place to me when it comes to gaming. Now if only we could get an awesome mech in Smash Bros.


Hi, yeah, we’re definitely less active these days, for now. We still lurk around now and then though. No need to apologize for playing Heavyarms, though Wing Zero is overall a stronger character choice. :wink:


I really want to see more discussion here, now I got into this game mostly from just the internet, browsing through it–all that glorious exploration, but this game is really one hidden gem and too bad it came too late in the dark age of fighting games so as a result was long forgotten. This is a great fighting game that could have a strong changing meta and if it’s even possible to start organizing some tournaments and gathering footage or starting twitch streams then this game would absolutely get more recognition and this is the type of fighting game that really could use some increasing popularity. Unfortunately this game was released back in 2000 and 2! On the Playstation 1! I really want to take a stronger interest into this game, but it doesn’t feel like there’s a whole lot of resources to look at and really just no scene for it in existence, heck even just one scene with a pretty size-able dedicated community would make for an ever-developing meta and preserve the game in a tournament fashion. I really want to know how this community has been in your [in reference to possibly multiple] peoples’ experience(s).

Also I wonder, what characters are the most technical?


I’m with this guy. It’s one of the few fighting games I didn’t mind beating. And I beat the BREAKS off of this game. All suits, all modes, and all unlisted moves unlocked. I can play any suit, but for tournament/comepetitive it’s RX78, Heavy Arms C. (oh excuse me; Endless Waltz), V/U, Wing Zero, Zeong, Hydra, and Burning.


Just submitted a bundle of combos to a guy making a big combo video via Facebook. I’ll post the link once it’s up. Hopefully it’ll give the game more exposure.


This game is legendary if not having a remake is great!


My kids are playing this these days. I was tasked with unlocking everything for them.


For anyone interested, I’ve created a moveset and cancel route guide for all of the characters in the original Battle Assault. I’m also in the process of making a damage comparison table. I’d love to help spread interest in this old, but solid fighter in anyway I can.


Anyone want to play some games?
I’ve started doing netplay with some guys on this again, and it has been a lot of fun.
I’ve got a Kaillera server set up (NYC based) and it seems to be lag free.
Hit me up on discord if you want to play Kaoculus#5277


I honestly would love to play. I’m not really sure how to set up the emulation however. Also didn’t know if gba2 had it’s own discord.