Gundam Battle Assault II vs The Fighting World

This came up in the AllisFighter thread and I was wondering what the story was behind it. I’m not a tournament player or anything like that so I was wondering what about the Gundam Battle Assault II community that sets traditional fighter’s into a rage.

Is it the game? Is it a problem with Gundam Battle Assault II, Gundam Battle Assault III featuring Gundam Seed, or both?
Is it the people? Are they annoying? Are they immature?
Is it because the game wasn’t designed to be competitive, but just became that way as players broke the fighting mechanics?

I want to be clear that I am not defending Gundam Battle Assault II or traditional fighters. I have no problems saying that SF4 is a more competitive game than Gundam Battle Assault III featuring Gundam Seed in every way (as Bandai wanted) and I am having a great time playing and learning. I was just curious about the gap between Gundam Battle Assault II and other fighting game communities. Let us hope this doesn’t turn into a flame war.

Fuck Battle Assault III. The people that play that have no idea what they are doing. Just a bunch of Bandai nut-huggers. Battle Assault II is the only one that is tournament viable, if you have any sense of anything you know this.

Damn scrubs and their Battle Assault III.

Gundam Battle Assault II is the best game ever made. Shit explodes all over the place. Shit is way more crazy then SF4. Fuck SF4. I’m with you there, homie. Fuck the haters.

In before rock!!

I don’t know. Heavy arms is pretty broke.

But yea. Fuck Seed.

I’ll take Endless Duel over Battle Assault any day. The controls in Battle Assault II are so unresponsive! If Battle Assault II was my wife, I would beat it.

But yeah, Endless Duel > *

Nah man this was actually a fun game I remember unlocking all the mobile suits and then forgetting about the game

I’m glad to see SRK agrees that the older Gundam Battle Assault II is superior to Gundam Battle Assault III featuring Gundam Seed. I know that the new players over at the Gundamboards forums only play Gundam Battle Assault III featuring Gundam Seed, and then we have the truly old school players whipping out their SNES and playing Shin Kidou Senshi Gundam W: Endless Duel but I think everyone can agree that Gundam Battle Assault II is the most competitive game due to all the advanced techniques and depth the game has, whether the developers intended it or not.

Ok seed sucks, GvG vs RvZ2Plus = GvG winning

Fuck SF. Gundam Battle Assault is a REAL fighting game.

Oh, and fuck Endless Duel too. Get with the times son! Play the new hotness!

Gundam Battle Assault II for EVO.

BA2 had that funky ass win music.:rock:

And who can forget:


Fits in perfectly with the tournament mentality.

Gundam Battle Assault III featuring Gundam Seed is a terrible game. I’m not a huge fan of their community either. It sucks that automatically, they are thrown in the same category as Gundam Battle Assault II players. It’s unfair.

If you want to get into Gundam, get into Battle Assault II. Do not play Battle Assault III. I’m not telling anyone to play Battle Assault III. I just don’t agree with all of the opinions people have about Gundam. I don’t want it to be labeled as a party game forever. It is simply not just a party game.

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m not amazing at traditional fighters. I also haven’t put near as much time into them as I have Battle Assault II. I play Battle Assault II competitively and have won local to mid sized out of state tournaments and placed well at big national tournaments.

But being a competitive player, I understand and appreciate the skill that goes into fighting games. Whether or not I’m good at them. The knowledge, technical skill and mindgames that go into any fighting game, I have an appreciation for.

Hope you guys can see where I’m coming from.

i haven’t had this much fun since madlibs in grade school :rofl:

The only one I ever played was the first, and I pretty much ghetto-spammed Heero’s Shinsho.

How balanced is II?

GBAII was fun, I didn’t think there was a scene for it though.


GBA2 is a really fun game, even with Deathscythe’s unblockable shenanigans. “You can’t defend!”

One thing i loved about the game was the atention to detail. Especially when parts of armor chip off and whatnot. Wish my copy wasn’t so scratched up.

OMG Gundam games are not real fighting games and you’re all stupid for playing them.

I thought i was the only person who played this lol

gundam zz is pretty unbeatable in the right hands lol

zero custom is top as well


I love this too.