Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost


Any love for this game. its really good and is really deep for a “anime” game


This game is absurdly fun and yes, quite deep, like any Anime game worth a mention. I wouldn’t really say it’s a fighting game per se, at least not in the traditional sense. The game gets plenty of love in Japan where it’s one of the most popular games in arcades and at home (sales are quite impressive for the domestic market) and of course there was a tournament at SCR just last weekend.

The biggest hurdle this game has (other than being an import title) is being prohibitively expensive to set-up. A full-fledged set-up for tourney play requires 4 would-be full FG set-ups, Internet, a Gigabit connector and Ethernet cables to hook up all four PS3s for faux-LAN, and of course four people willing to play it. That’s just one set-up. Starting a local scene for this game is pretty much a pain in the ass.

If you want a place to discuss competitive play for this game in the US, there’s a section on Dustloop dedicated to the title.


I imported this title and it is definitively worth checking out.




Hope they decide to release the updates