Gundam Extreme VS tournament in Vancouver!

we ar hosting a EXVS tournament in Vancouver around January 2012
the location would be atEspot Billiard & Arcade on Alderbridge and No.3 Road
Please leave ur name here if u wanna join it
the exact date will be announced soon
i hope we will hv a fun tournament with all vancouver players

here is the facebook event
if it reach over 30ppl join
i will make a fanpage for it
so plz join!!!

Can’t make it, but this better be recorded or streamed.

we will record the matches and do streamingduring the tournament

here is the group for the tournament
the event hs been closed down because there ar ppl think the tournament will be on Jan1st
so we decide to make the group first and then re post the event again when the exact date announce
plz join the group here if interested or hving any question abt it