Gundam Extreme VS


My brother just sent me this game recently and i was wondering if anyone has videos of strong God Gundam players. :smiley:



I can only find it for like $90 shipped and considering a nice present for my upcoming birthday, is it worth it in the long run?

I’m afraid that in one sitting the game is done and chucked into the abyss. Is there any DLC for it at least? I cqn’t find much english info on it.


I’m pretty sure you can download dlc for if you have a japanese psn account, but besides the DLC i think the game is great even though you will mostly be playing through the arcades. The online seems really solid even though im playing people against japan from washington it shows up as red ping but i felt no lag.



It does help a lot actually. I’m familiar with the Budokai Tenkaichi games, more than I’ve ever liked to admit. But two things to ask:

  1. If I’m able to find the Asian/Korean version, would it be any more hard to find information on? I found a FAQ on gamefaqs that helped explain the details for Arcade mode, I think but in Korean, I’m not sure if it’d stack up the same way.

  2. How’s the learning curve on it? I’m mostly afraid because I don’t recognize any of the Japanese language, or any other language that is; that it’ll be really hard to get in-depth into.



Sweet! I’ll definitely add ya.

One more thing, I don’t know why I didn’t ask before haha. Are you using pad or stick? I recently got a nice modded SE with a 6 button layout and I’d love to use it for this.



I forgot to mention this as well. These Tutorial vids are very nice, especially if you’ve never played before. This will answer alot of your questions and explain the game to you. I also highly recommend watching these while you wait for your copy to arrive :slight_smile:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Many thanks to UnlimitedBrettWorks for these vids!


There are US players that play this everyday online and in the chat. So to anyone who plays this online in the US. Send me a friend request on the PSN so I can invite you to that chat room.


Those were good tutorial video, currently playing Gundam Next here in Hong Kong still trying to learn the game while waiting to get back to the US to play Extreme on the PS3. Are there any Hyaku Shiki players or 1000 cost suits players? If so would you mind sharing some tips?



I just recently imported this, and I’m maining God and Red Frame. My PSN is AlexSanteria and I am always looking for people to paly and practice with.


Do you guys play online with US accounts or Japanese accounts.
I recently bought this game (Thanks YESMASTER) and all I’ve been playing is arcade mode so I ,was wondering how online is.


I play using US… however it shouldn’t matter, they all connect you to the same server(s). Online is actually pretty smooth, in my experience.


My account is US. My PSN is AlexSanteria for anyone interested.



I’ve been playing this game since launch, my PSN is MFS3Kiryu. I’m a little caught up in Persona 4: Arena lately but I am always looking for more people to play Gundam with. I have a few IRL friends who play and know a buncha people on facebook who play also.

A word of advisement to anyone looking to pick it up NOW though; wait til after TGS. The sequel Gundam Extreme Versus: Full Boost has been in arcades awhile now and the rumor is they’ll announce it for fall 2013 on counsels.


If you want to see GvsG matches, nico nico is your place, game is a religion in Japan.

I love this game since i’m a huge mecha fan, Ez8 is my main, even if I suck :c


Can anybody here recommend me a good Gundam series to watch so I can expand my knowledge base and interest in the game.
I’ve seen G Gundam and Gundam Wing from Toonami and I want to use Gundams outside of those two shows.