Gundam/General Model Thread


This is the only one I own, my girl got it for me for my birthday a year or so ago.

The one from Endless Waltz IIRC.

Also wouldn’t mind getting some tank models, or better yet, if they made some motherfucking Metal Slug ones.

Oh my god, they are real. Image won’t work for some reason…


Ill post tommorow the three/two that I own. I had many, but many years a go, my brothers raped them. I’m currently taking forever to “build” one, while the other remains parts.

I do have this neat Robotech, 1 foot tall, it can transform into all three modes. its VF-19. I’ve had it in a box, and decided that I would not open it until I was responsible with my property. Lol and behold, stupid brother opens it and loses a few pieces.


Awesome, awesome.

I don’t really want to invest in any that I have to paint though, unless they are enormous and near impossible to fuck up, I have little hands, but they really aren’t good for painting tiny shit.


spary gun, or do like poor people.

Buy your Gundam Markers, and then use a Q-tip (a real Q-tip, not those cheap Wal-mart knock offs) to smooth the paint. Do it as many times as needed. However, this only works with dark colors, mediocre with yellow, and poorly with white.


Got this beauty today, hopefully I can get it together before work tomorrow.

Hoping to get this one next paycheck or something.

You don’t have to paint master grades, do you?


My only problems when doing the gundam models has been the decals. Mainly how to put them on properly.


Those are a bitch, I’m going to use tweezers or something next time.


Recently I got the Black Gundam Unicorn. So that is gonna be the test run for putting on the decals.


I like this thread.


Post pics of your shiz then mayne.

I’m already tired of fucking with these regular sized ones, tiny ass parts frustrate me.



Yes you have to

And like I said, here is what I have


this is painted using the poor mans method I talked about

Havent even begun working on this.


I’m working on the HGFC Master Gundam and Fuunsaiki right now. I keep having to strip parts down because I’m an idiot.

It depends on the kit. The earlier master grades look really plastic-y, so painting’s pretty much a requirement if you want something to display. The newer ones are molded from better plastic and have better color separation, so you can get by with panel lining.



your god damn AV perfectly sums Gundam Fighter G. Robots with fucking human heads in the most gloriously stereotypical show of all time.


What about the Crossbone I linked in my earlier post?

Also can some one break down the grades for me?

High grade I assume is just the reg one with no paint between 13-16 bucks, Master grade is usually painted and much larger but not always and is around 50 bucks.

Good so far?


A horse pilots a mobile suit. Japan should have given up on robot shows at that instant, because nothing is going to top that.


I have models of Shenlong, Altron and Altron Custom from EW.

Also have one of the Gundam 00 comic versions of Cherudim Gundam in all black that I picked up from a toy store in Shinjuku. I love the Stratos brothers

Also slightly related, I commissioned a fellow SRK’r and 3s head aku to make me a little illustration of myself sittin atop Gundam Epyon. I was inspired by Andrew WK’s Gundam Rock concept album artwork

Gundam brings out the supernerd in me :slight_smile:


Giant fucking robots are probably the least nerdiest nerdy thing there is IMO


True that, everything past G Gundam, barring the glourios 08th Mobile Suit Team, is trash. Except for the designs, they still very cool.


Awesome I found this thread, I used to build models with my cousin years ago, looking to get back into it a bit.

Are there things like tutorials and/or list of things I will need if I want to have a go at a MG gundam?


ooo. i like this thread too.

Perfect grade Strike Gundam that i finally finished last week (had the kit since 2006). Damn sword is 13 inches long so I had to position it like that .___. Excuse the Hello Kitty & Ivy… they like to bully Guile.

EDIT: I also have the VHS tape of Endless Waltz. Found it while cleaning out some old dressers, lol. Hope it brings back alot of memories for you guys in this thread