Gundam Versus [PS4] (2v2 3D fighter) - Western Release September 28!


Hell, that’s more than I knew; it’s not like I’ve seen the show he’s from.

So, here’s what I wonder about: How effective will 200 pointers be this time around? Most of the match vids I’ve seen of previous games focus on the equivalent of the 400 and 500 pointers, to the near exclusion of everything else.

Will we see teams that make good use of Char’s Zaku, Nemo, Rick Dias, etc. this time around? If not, what’s holding them back in these games?


New trailer showing off its 90+ Mobile suit roster…


There is some single player content, right?

I don’t really like online multiplayer, so I’m just picking this is up if there’s a lot of things to do offline

Right now I’m enjoying Gundam Breaker 3 (english version from Singapore)


Atirador: There should be some kind of ‘arcade mode’ that amounts to a basic single player campaign. Extremely basic. It’s basically the idea of playing the normal online game against AI instead.

There might also be boss battles, unsure how that’s working.

I’m tremendously amused the Rick Dias’ super attack in this game is something it did in just one episode. In Episode 13 of Z Gundam, Roberto rips off the random binder (“fuel tank”) of his Rick Dias and throws it at an enemy Hizack. The enemy inadvertently catches it… Roberto shoots it with a beam pistol. Explosion ensues.

That is REALLY obscure, but I’m pleased they put it in!


So, I’ve been watching some match vids from the online demo and have some thoughts to share:

I’m impressed by the effort they’re putting in to make 200 pointers viable this time around. The Nemo’s weapon list seems purely bland at first, until you realize it can summon a Dodai SFS to fly around the map on. It can’t stay on the Dodai forever, but while the Dodai IS around suddenly your undergunned 200 pointer is… still undergunned, but exhibiting mobility on par with far more expensive units. Example below:

The Marasai has shown itself to have surprisingly good beam rifle attacks for its cost as well, though this seems to come at the cost of not being good at much else. …On the other hand, since ‘good beam rifle attacks’ are such an important part of the game, this seems to leave it in a really good position.

Nu Gundam retains its Fin Funnel I-Field Barrier, which gives it significant resistance to beam rifles for a short time. I have a hunch this will make it a pretty popular unit in play.


Mobile Suit Gundam Barbatos Lupus and pilot Mikazuki Augus confirmed for DLC.
I never had a chance to watch Iron Blood Orphans…still I hope it comes to the West.


Mobile Suit Gundam Virtue and pilot Tieria Erde confirmed for DLC…


For the next 30 hours or so, if you create a Japanese PSN login and tie it to the PS4 you use as your main system, you can get the Gundam Versus trial/beta from the Japanese PSN Store and play it. It’s fun!

September 29th release date…


Thanks I’ll get too it.


Well, at this point it’d be better to just point them to the MS list on the game website. We now have the full list, after all.


Just pre ordered. I’m ready to mash out boost dashes while lobbing out shots with the Gundam Ground Type yet again.


no G in the launch roster makes me sad. also, are the movesets from EXVSMBON? I haven’t played or seen enough footage to detail what the feel is. that boost dive move is makin every Tallgeese main sad haha


I ordered the online digital copy from Japan’s PSN. Pain in the ass, but I wasn’t going to wait 2 more months to play since I can read moonrunes well enough to navigate the menu just fine.

Fun game, I just suck at it at the moment. Working on it, though!


I’ll wait for the Western release…
Video talks about the game modes.


was this not made for use with a 6 button arcade stick layout?

should i stick with pad?


You can play competently on pad. I do. There are a few units that play much better on stick, but pad’s viable for the vast majority of machines in the game.

About the only one I would say is all but stick-required would be Gelgoog Commander (Char Aznable Custom), which is reliant on using a lot of Charge Shot inputs that are shitloads harder to do on PS4 pad. GM Cannon II also significantly benefits, but isn’t outright required to use stick.

Man… I want that dlc.

The Americas will get a shot at the beta!


hot scramble is a disgustingly overpowered piece of shit right now. It is singlehandedly justifying the upcoming balance patch.


As someone with no prior Gundam Versus experience in any of the genre, could anyone explain how Hot Scramble is so OP? I obviously aim to get this game when it’s released in the west and know little to nothing about the balance of the game or how certain suits are “broken”. Thanks!