Gundam Versus [PS4] (2v2 3D fighter) - Western Release September 28!



Gundam Versus is a 3D 2v2 fighting game, similar to Virtua-ON. Teams share a lifebar and characters has differing amounts of life their user’s team loses when they die. Better/more versitile units will cost more life.

Unit List:
For reference, a teams total health bar is 1,000.
Cost 200

Cost 300

Cost 400

Cost 500

Unknown Costs

There are also “Strikers”, summoned mobile suit characters that are like KOF Strikers, now a universal thing unlike the previous game.

Do you plan supporting this scam?

Someone just brought this thread to my attention, so here I am! Hey @“Geese Pants” , want to continue our discussion here? You were saying something about being interested in using Unicorn and Wing Zero?

A general question: It has been a long-ass time since I built a team in a Gundam Vs. game. How does smart team-building work here? That is, what sort of Cost brackets lead to well designed teams that make good use of your available Cost points? Like, do you want a 500 (Unicorn for example) plus a 200 (Nemo for example)? Two 300s? a 500 and a 400?


I really was hoping the there would be Shining Gundam…but apparently there is no G Gundam representation in this game.


Fucking bollocks.


I admit that really surprises me, and it makes me wonder if they’re bizarrely holding onto it as a surprise reveal. G has been reasonably popular in Japan and well loved in the west. It makes no business sense to leave G out entirely. Seems to me like you toss in Shining, anything Master Asia piloted, plus maybe Nobel Gundam if you’re feeling a bit silly, include a few fan favorites as Strikers and boom, you’ve sold some more copies.

Granted, at this point I’m personally happy with the roster as it is but I’m not hard to please. The Nemo alone goes a long way to winning me over, and the only things I’d really like to see at this point are playable ReZEL Commander (it’s a Striker, but unknown if also playable), Rick Dias (also a Striker, unknown playability), Schuzrum Dias (no sign of it), M1 Astray (striker so far), and its successor in the Murasame (no sign of it yet?).

Still, I could have great fun with the Nemo, Hyaku Shiki, Gundam Mk. II, Jagd Doga, and Char’s Zaku II Commander as it is; that’s legitimately a fun roster to me so my realistic hope is they fill in slots that make others happier.


Gundam MK II and the Gundam ground type are confirmed, awesome. No G Gundam units yet makes me worried.


The interesting part is we got a few variants of them.

The Gundam Ground Type also includes Shiro’s Ez8 Gundam, so you have your pick of a 300 point version with a beam rifle or a 200 point version with a machine gun (and presumably other minor differences). Why the fuck Shiro’s Ez8 has the beam rifle is beyond me, since he tended to favor the machine gun from what I recall.

The Gundam Mk. II has the option to attach its Defenser pack and become Super Gundam for a while, according to the website.


It seems like they’re going to be similar to their Full Boost counterparts. Its nice to see the EZ-8 and the Ground Type in different cost brackets. They were really clone-like before.


I added a unit list, tell me if i’m missing anything.

Well there’s still a few units left to be confirmed iirc, so G could be in there. Even if there’s no G, there’s probably Gundam Build Fighters Try, with the MC’s Gunpla being a melee suit based on G.


Eugh, Build Burning and everything else related to Sekai is trash.
Now Tryon 03 on the other hand…


Hey there @mpo9 , thanks for revising the opening post. Wanted to point out a few minor typos if it’s okay since it… actually influences the content a bit.

“Gundam Mk-I” Should be Mk. II. ‘Mk. I’ would be, amusingly enough, the original RX-78-2 Gundam. Unless you were going for a subtle nod to Char’s quote about the Mk. II and its armor early in Z Gundam, heh heh!

…Actually, that might be the only typo in the list. It IS sobering to realize there are only three 200 pointers so far though. I’d love to see them pad out that category with things like the M1 Astray, GM III, Jegan, and so on.

I presume you cross-referenced your list versus the game website?

EDIT: I just did so, and actually there are a few more errors. Cost 200 should include Char’s Zaku II Commander, and Gundam Ground Type.


Yeah I was not keen seeing G Gundam units

I’d be okay if it G Gundam ends up being DLC…just want to play was Shining or Master Gundam.


That’s actually pretty plausible. Bandai has shown they’re willing to do a mix of ‘cult classic’ choices alongside mainstream ones for DLC. Not that I’m saying G Gundam is ‘cult’ or obscure, far from it… what I’m getting at is that even in the last Gundam Vs. game they had a surprising variety of DLC choices. Zaku II High Mobility Type R-1A (Shin Matsunaga Custom) for example.

So maybe you’ll get your G Gundam machines yet.


So, unsure if this is old news or not, but the website updated to list a few new units.

Gelgoog Commander (Char Aznable Custom) at 300 points

Gabthley at 300 points

Zaku II (Cucuruz Doan Custom) - 200 points, noteworthy in that it appears to have few or no ranged attacks, which is true to his appearance in the original Mobile Suit Gundam if I recall.

Gundam Mk. II Unit 3 (Titans Colors), 300 points.

Kapool at 200 points, also confirms the Borjarnon as a Striker.

Strike Gundam at 300 points, and the website mentions use of its Strike Packs as a special ability (this might just be limited to a special attack? Unsure).

Providence Gundam at 400 points.

Gundam Throne Drei at 300 points.

Tieren Taozi at 200.

Some weird-ass thing from G Reconquista that looks like a Zone of the Enders reject, 300 points. Something like “Magknife (Mask Custom)” or so on? Unsure of my translation, sorry.

Gundam GP-01Fb Full Vernian at 300 points.


00 Raiser (GN Sword III) Mobile Suit gameplay…


A few other details…

Gundam Mk II Unit 3 is based on Kamille Bidan being the pilot, so it fights like he did for the first half of Z Gundam. Beam rifle is the main weapon, bazooka secondary, and it lacks the Defenser Pack to become Super Gundam.


I believe it is translated as the “Mac Knife”


…The Mac Knife? They took ‘Mack the Knife’ and dropped ‘the’ from it and–


no, wait, go back to the part where Reconquista is even more stupid than I originally thought it was



Hi-Nu Gundam, Slave Wraith, HMT Gelgoog, Guntank, Dom, Rick Dias, Methuss, Hizack, GM Custom, ReZel, and Vigna Ghina confirmed.