Gundam Versus [PS4] (2v2 3D fighter) - Western Release September 28!


So the West gets a shot at the open beta in September…

See some gameplay and stuff…


Wait. You’re supposed to get both DLC suits on top of Hot Scramble? I only got Virtue. Did something change?


The open beta starts tomorrow…


It’s live now.


I’m trying to get G-Gundam added to the game.


I played the beta and its the most amazing mech fighting game ever!! Even legendary mech fighting games as ancient as Virtua On games would be proud!!

It has great depth and fair learning curve, and I got so good at it the first day of playing it, especially the 2nd day, I improved on my strategic target switching!! I’m the #1 top scored teammate in most of my 3 vs 3 teams!! my highest score for one match was over 10,000 (on average, player scores commonly range around 4000 to 7000 pts.) in two days of playing, I’ve only seen one other player get that high a score. :slight_smile:

and I’m 100% self taught, I didn’t look up guides, I simply practice and experimented.

yea the other other Gundam game I played was the 2nd Koei musou game of it, though Gundam Versus is amazing in so many ways!! (it’s only underrated in Japan cause they are too lazy to learn a deeper system, and whining about the lack of G Gundams. )

so I dont post a wall of text, here’s some of the highlights I found impressive

*the most jaw dropping mech graphics!!
*the most amazing and perfect mech effects! lasers, HUGE explosions, etc!!!

  • perfect sound effects and voices!!
    *the greatest mech combat systems!! (though I feel targeting would be better if it was like Xenoverse’s, still a minor rant)
    *the most jaw dropping GORGEOUS pilot portaits! HUGE and positive impact!! They add passionate soul to the experience!!
    *3 vs 3 fighting multiplies the EPICNESS!! 6 players bursting one after another elevates untold levels of intensity like never before!!!
  • fair learning curve. even a noob like me started dominating the first full day of playing, and got even more skilled the following day!! the practice session while 3vs3 matchmaking is greater and people can learn things.
    *LIGHTSPEED load times. the only wait times is waiting for players. this game has the FASTEST load times I ever seen this generation, it’s so fast, there’s not even much time to savor the versus screen!

*fair netcode!! of course it’s not perfect, there are matches that can lag, and matches that disconnect, but the instant loadtimes, and the matches that are smooth and virtually lag free, make up for it. plus server is international, so that helps find more players faster + larger communities.

  • Destructible enviornments!! it is overwhelmingly AWESOME seeing buildings explode and crumble,
  • Dramatic finishers!! the match goes slow motion, highlighting the decisive attack, and climactic EXPLOSION (now that’s how you peak a climactic battle!), then panning to the one that landed the winning hit.
  • awesome ultimates! you burst mode with R3, then R3 again to use ultimate!! bursting triggers pilot intense portrait to appear, and its so awesome when all players do that in successio! there is blaze and lightning versions of burst mode.
    *assists add depth and strategy! there are a lot to choose from!!
    *Massive selection of mobilesuits/pilots!! its the greatest selection I’ve ever seen!!! even pilots that other games don’t bother to add, Gundam Versus has!! Overall more variety and greater diversity than other mech games!!
    and they play and feel different, and can vary in weapons/attack options, and can have some surprise mechanics/arsenal advantages.

even for a casual mech fan like myself, it really is outstanding how much positive impressions I got from playingthe Gundam Versus beta!! I’ve already decided to preorder it. ^.^ haha to think an unexpected beta would surprise me with something so masterful!! I came across someone talking about the beta, and its free and available in NA PSN store, so I decided to try it out, how fascinating and spectacular that it exceeded expectations to this degree!!

now if you want a bit of criticism, I feel they should increase the team scores for 3 vs 3. the match length feels on the fine line between too short and ok. I think team HP should be 2000+ instead of 1500, but even as is, it’s adequate and acceptable. though yea, with such insatiable thirst for longer action per match, it would improve the experience if they made at least the 3vs3 matches longer. but yea, even so, the hyper fast loading, and being able to get another match started as soon as enough players join, it’s at least at the minimum standard for match length, and the matches do contain tons of intensity to them, and can sometimes be longer depending on circumstances.

though yea, sometimes it can be shorter than normal if people get eliminated too often in a short amount of time. it depends how both sides avoid/minimize damage and endure. though yea, I’ve had tons of exciting matches in the beta, and the full version can be even greater!!

though Namco should seriously UNBLOCK PS4 video share recordings, cause keeping that blocked would kill the community exposure of matches, all the popular fighting games allow PS4 recordings and uploads, Gundam Versus can’t afford to be an underground game that’s only experienced when played, PS4 players should be able to record, archive and upload their Gundam Versus experiences to youtube.

I mean come on, even Koei at least allows uploads of video without audio (and that is still SOMETHING, which is better than nothing) in their games.

fans interested should contact namco, there is a sense of dread that Namco isnt going to remove the blocking, due to music licensing or some other stupid reason. they should replace the tracks that are licensed then! even as epic as the music is, it’s not worth blocking recordings for the sake of music. I would even be ok with no music, more atmospheric that way anyways.

though yea, blocked PS4 video recordings could break it for a lot of people that like to record and share their gaming experiences, and that’s not even counting the ps4 streamers.

and yea Red Lotus, I’ll send message to Namco twitter to add G Gundam to Gundam Versus :slight_smile:

that’s more likely than Namco getting smart and actually unblocking video recordings on PS4. They really underestimate the value of share video recordings and how that actually would promote Gundam Versus, practically free advertising and awareness for the game, than just limiting the game youtube exposure to just the few that use PC/capture card to record and upload vids (and they only play the game a certain way).

though I still think if enough people shower their twitter with requests for PS4 share video recordings allowed in the english version, they could do something about it. just screenshot saving isn’t enough. Communities on PS4 love recording and uploading their gameplay videos for all to see. blocking that is basically blocking any chance this game could have reaching a wider audience and potential customers.

Fans can make PS4 Share video unblocking and G Gundam requests here:


played the beta of this
after work on Saturday and into the early morning and all day sunday
love it
zz full armor is so good with keepaway and qubeley is great as well but if my friend was gonna use a 500 i picked setsunas 00 gundam lighting mode with him is fucking busted i love how they use the trans am effects.

played with my friends and randoms all those years of playing virtua on in the arcades and other fighters helped alot
i must have won like 130+ games or so was playing the fuck outta it


Awesome dunk


The ultimate of the ultimate informative OT! the ultimate mech fighting game ever!!

this should be on the first page. xD


1.05 (new stages added!! squeeee)

1on1 added for player match

  • player match now saves your search parameters

  • region restriction settings for matchmaking now apply to casual match

  • Playable Boss Challenge for Ultimate Battle’s extra wave. Allows you to play as MA and 1v5 other people

  • Destroyer for Ultimate Battle’s extra wave. Everyone will use select DLC suits. The next DLC suit released on sept 29 will be available in Destroyer mode. (forgot which one is next… Phantom??)

  • DLC suits will appear in certain missions in Trial Missions

  • 3 new stages: Minsry, Forest (night), New Hong Kong (dusk)

  • If you disconnect during battle, you’ll earn 0 GP

  • while waiting for matchmaking, damage dealt to cpu will be displayed.

  • various bug fixes

  • patch 1.06 will have balance changes. Estimate Early Oct release date.


So how’s the ultimate of all ultimates going guys?


well Namco fucked it up blocking PS4 share recordings, so there’s really no sense of community without youtube shares and live streaming from PS4.

and all because of the dumb prioritization of the licensed soundtrack. any music would have been fine and better than sacrificing its social media and youtube sharing potential.

so Gundam Versus is just an underground game now.


I may have to wait until this game is one sale. Seems like it has a lukewarm reception so far.


yea, and that’s significantly because of the lack of welcoming PS4 Share community + youtube sharing activity, which there is none, cause namco literally blocked the free exposure, free advertising, and media enthusiasm from lots of players that would contribute to the video uploads and video streaming that would take place, if the game match videos were shareable outside of the game itself.

so it’s really an underground game because of Namco. all games that allow video uploads from PS4, get a whole lot more attention and interest than if it didn’t have those things.

so much epic matches no one else is gonna see. Namco really isn’t with the times. it’s absurd they would prioritize soundtrack over PS4 youtube uploads and direct PS4 streaming, which would do a whole lot more for the game. just leaving it to the few that bother to use a PC and capture cards isn’t enough to fill the youtube and streaming scene with lots of playstyles and players and experiences that are exclusive to players people may not have heard about otherwise.

so yea, Namco basically tossed it into the obscurity warehouse.


This game is legit as fuck. I HATE Gundam. I love this game.

If this DLC comes stateside…day one bought.



great combo attack



epic clashes