Gundam vs. Gundam: a game we'll never see here

Freedom Gundam:
God Gundam:
Master Gundam:
Wing Gundam Zero:

reminds me a lot of Virtual On…and I really loved that series.

…just tossing it out here, guys.


Not bad at all. Nothing really outstanding about it either. If it gets a PS2 port(which it should) I’ll get it.

Oh Shit, Never Saw That One Coming But Hell Yeah That Game Looks Awesome!
PS2 Port, please!

Looking forward for this game.

G Gundam FTW.

If that got an inport I’d be on that!
Also yeah true about the Virtual On part, does remind me alot like it.
Looks like 2v2 as well. Hell if thats on cabs like V-ON is than hell hope that comes to American arcades give me another reason to go to them besides fighting games.:looney:

-EX :cool:


I played Rengou vs. ZAFT 2 a whole lot. This version apparently has shittier balance but a much better cast. It plays a lot like AEUG vs. Titans but with huge AoE type stuff.

Also Gundam 00 characters got unlocked in Japan recently, apparently.

What’s the name of the music playing on the vid, fucking loving it!!

lol I’ve been playing this game since March, oh wait I live near arcades that have it. =)

^^^I hate you.:bluu:




Any game with G Gundam automatically gets the HolyOrderChipp seal of approval. :tup:

In all seriousness, this game looks hella fun. If it ever got a PS2/3 port, I’d get it for sure.

The G Gundam song? I actually have it.

Or you can just get all three albums instead.

Yeah…I get to see it and play it :wonder:

cool thing is when hit the arcades it was only 50yen here, unlike Tekken which owned my paycheck for like 2 months. :rofl:

You guys should play this free game called Windom XP. It’s a knockoff of the Gundam SEED: Zaft whatevertheheck arcade game, really similar to what is in the videos.

I’ve actually been on the video tip of this game for a month now. Im glad you made a thread on it it deserves it.

How old is this game… ? I’ve played something very similair to it. I’ve also played most of the japanese Gundam games… trust me, their not as fun as you think they are lol.

This man is right. They are more fun than you think they are.

They are too good. I’m playing the ones for DC for a minute now.

Renpou vs Zeon DX is awesome. Especially 2v2s seeing as it was the only one that allowed for 4 players without a computer. They need to bring it stateside. America loves Gundam. Especially Seed fans. Which I ain’t (didnt like seed)

I remember playing this one when the ps2 first came out… I think it was gundam zero vs. some other gundam, but there was this gundam that had a morning star and holy shit it only took 2 attacks to kill ANY gundam in the game. It was funny as hell cause I would piss my friends off with him.
I would use him and as my support I would use this white mech, it’s wasn’t a gundam but some underwater type mech that shot lasers like a shotgun. Oh the good ol’ days!

Ok I know what ya mean now.

Zeta Gundam vs Gundam for ps2. And the Gundam your thinking of is probably that fat yellowish one called “The O”.

Yes, thats it !

No it’s not the O. I know the O. It’s this white one that is fat and it looks like the underwater mechs.