Gundam Vs. Gundam Next (plus) matchmaking thread

GvsG Next(or GVGN) is a action game based on 2on2 tournament. It was one of the most popular arcade game in Japan until the new Gundam Extreme Vs.(EXVS) is operational.

Considered that EXVS is only operational in Japan this years, GVGN is still the latest game of Gundam Vs. series out of Japan. As a game based on 2on2, it is more difficult to find enough people than a 1on1 FTG. So I open this thread, looking for players.

As I know, we only have arcade version in UFO Arcade, Austin, Texas. We can play the Next plus on PSP. PS3 Adhoc party and xlink Kai is two platforms we could use.

For me, I can play it on xlink Kai. Currently, I am living in downtown Denver. If any player living near downtown, we can play it directly through wifi.

My game data:
Top 5 used: Freedom, God Gundam, Gundam, V2, Zeta
Currently using: Master Gundam, Shining Gundam, Gundam DX

Some Useful Links
Arcade version official site
PSP version official site

Arcade version game wiki
PSP version game wiki

All in Japanese (sad…), if you need translation, try
choose ???(Japanese to English)
Am I posting in the right forum?

yooo ive been starting to play up at aracade ufo a bit, i might grab the psp version. does the game stil feel the same 2v2 on a psp??