Gundam vs. Gundam next +

Ok, now I am for sure getting a PS3.

I want this game so bad. Even if I have to import it, I shall get it.


Has there been a good videogame featuring gundams yet? Dynasty Warriors Gundam doesn’t even count.

I’ve built several of the bandai model kits, even a perfect grade. Been trying to keep up with all the various shows, but torrents can only get you so far.

This game looks like VO-OT on crack. Ill definitely buy it if I get a ps3. I dont know anything about the story but mechas are [media=youtube]eM6nUX57gCg&feature=channel_page"[/media]

i like gundam games. I usually play the new ones when they come out. Also i’m in love with Sayla Mass

I am so buying this.

oh FUCK YES! if its anything like gundam seed destiny rengou vs. zaft ii plus i’m getting this. is this getting a north american release? (prolly not)

Another Century’s Episode series(3 games). It also has mecha from series like Eureka Seven.


I don’t think it has a versus mode though.:bluu: No American release.

Where is the link to this announcement anyhow?

there was a scan from gamewave magazine

Oh god yes, G Gundam is the shit, good to see Shining Gundam is top tier at handing out some whoop ass. Yeah I need a PS3 now.

It does have a VS. Mode…or at least A.C.E. 2 did where you pick a team of three for your characters like KOF does.

Wing Gundams were broken as fuck because it went of mech stats. The only time we played it all three of my mechs (D-1 from Dragonar, Nu Gundam and Hikaru Ichijo’s Valkyrie from Macross) all got one shotted from Sand Rock’s sword throw move.

Gouf Custom is pretty good in GvG, dunno how he is in NEXT though. GvG is a broken pile of crap though, so whatever. Good to see NEXT has fixed a lot of those problems every time I watch a vid :lovin:

RvG2 still seems more polished gameplay wise from everything I’ve seen/heard about NEXT but I like the faster pace. Melee damage still seems a bit high for my taste, it’s pretty stupid when the game rewards scrubs for mashing B.

The whole NEXT Dash thing is kinda cool except it just sounds like everybody is in speed mode the whole time.


How closely does this game resemble VOOT? Never even touched anything Gundam related, but if it’s like VOOT I’m so there.

No Trinity Thrones? I wanted to kill and smash with my chaotic evil Nena.


Although in all seriousness, Maxter needs to be playable, dammit.

if there’s an american release for this after i import i’m going to cry. especially because i can never get enough gundam dub

Hopefully this one will be 4 player, and if not that at least have online play for when it comes to console.

Im gonna be so hardcore over this whe it comes over here. Good Ol days will come right back. I want to use Gundam Exia, Gouf Custom, and maybe a low attrition suit like a Zaku because I was good with the Char Custom back in FvZ on Ps2 against my friends. Machine Gun tick tactics and Speed ftw.

But The O…omg…the O was fucking retarded+Gundam with Gundam Hammer. Just insane. Can’t wait for this though. If it dont make it over here I’ll import it.

edit @ epyonkaru: I did that for TvC, and now thats it getting a stateside release I’m highly pissed off. And yet satisfied that it gets a chance in US.

Oh Muthafuckin Yeah It’s the Nobel Gundam Bitch!!!

Allenby be all up in this muhfucka!!!

Bamco better release this over here cause I’m not gun shy on importing NEXT!!!


PS3 Slim is looking tastier than ever now.