Gundam Wing Endless Duel- Zbattle Tournament Sign Ups

If you wanna join just leave your Msn or Aim and I’ll get in touch with you regarding dates and rules.
(If you don’t wanna post your IM just PM me)

Cash Prizes are now being offered

is this game compatible with mame?

I Want To Play!!

It’s using ZSNES (snes emulator) with the client for online gaming. I don’t see why they use snes9k and just go on kaillera. One admin of the tourny can create a chat for the participants to get into and they can give their results there. Anyways…

snes9k is a god awful piece of crap.

Might be decent with p2p though

I’ve had tons of snes games online with it. I don’t have problems with it. But anywho.