Gundam Wing Endless Duel

Gundam Wing Endless Duel Tactics

What’s up guys? Hi, I’m game_tip. I play GW:ED and DBZ HD but lets make this an informative GW:ED topic. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there looking to become better in this game but cannot find the right material or opponents to play. <- combo video

First of all, I would like to list a tier list

Top Tier:
Shenlong, Epyon

Mid Tier:
everyone else.

Other than Shen and Epyon, everyone else has a fair chance at beating each other. Though I’m not particularly a Tallgeese fan myself, Tallgeese has whupped my ass in the past.

Short Guide on the terms I will use:
s. - standing
c. - crouching/low
j. - jump
sj - super jump
ad - air dash
bd - block dash
xx - cancel
Y - weak punch
X - strong punch
B - weak weapon
A - strong weapon
wake up - getting up after being knocked down
qcf - quarter circle forward / down, downforward, forward
qcb - quarter circle backwards / down, downback, back

Great, now that I got that down. I hope everyone else will use the same terms to lessen the confusion later on.

ANYONE can contribute to this thread. THERE ARE NO STUPID QUESTIONS! (meaning any question you ask, even if it’s been asked before, it’s not stupid)

Anyway lets get along shall we?

First off, I like to start off with some basics.

Tip #1

There has been a trend ALWAYS in the GW:ED community and that’s SUPER JUMPING on a wake up. ALWAYS, I always see this happen.

My friends, if you play against me. You know I will always mess people up if you super jump. The best thing to do IMO is to patiently crouch block until you feel like you can read your opponent well enough to know that you can super jump away.

Tip #2

Another thing, block dashing backwards is a good thing if you missed an attack or if your attack is blocked. It’s a good thing, it’s not great. If your opponent reads it, you’re screwed because near the end of a back block dash you are vulernable to crouching attacks

Tip #3

All supers are qcf, qcf + any button. With the exception of Wing/Wing Zero. They both have an extra super that you can do qcb, qcb + any button.

Also with people that you can’t do air supers with (Tallgeese, Sandrock, Wing0, HeavyArms, Mercurius)

You actually can do air supers with them. You just can’t do it off a Super Jump or an Air Dash. ONLY ONLY ONLY JUMP.

qcf, qcf + TWO buttons

Anyways that’s it for general basics.
My own advice on how to get better, just practice execution. I know there are a lot of keyboard players that play GW:ED. I don’t use keyboard but meh practice! It sucks when your stuff doesn’t come out because you didn’t execute it right.

edit post

Don’t ask that again.

really guys I can show you guys some basics

the GW:ED forum on gamefaqs is pretty big back then I used to post tactics on it all the time

Tiers as listed
Top: Shenlong / Epyon

There are no real low or middle tier. Everyone else is just the same.

I’m sure everyone knows the Deathscythe infinite

c. B, s. A xx qcf strong, repeat

Coming up tiers are Vayeate and Mercurius.

Vayeate used by DoS420 but he’s in the army now Survivor knows a lot about Vayeate

Mercurius by Glacius if you guys ever see him

Hue is good with Epyon/Shen/Wing
Feesh if you guys ever see him is a Wing/Sandrock user

seriously any questions you guys have, I can answer. Very positive about this.

This game needs more attention, I can give vids to anyone also. There’s a combo vid over at combovideos too

Man, I wanted to play some GWED at evo. But fuck, this is Tippy^, nig is like too good. Well, maybe its just his EPYON, haha.

you’ve seen me play? lol

I used to be on the GFs board a while ago. I used to play everyday on the hot hours, 2pm-6pm pacific. I played against you once and didn’t do too well.

ah the good ol’ days
ah I see we should play again :slight_smile:

I’m always down for some GWED. Just gotta get used to the lag again. :lame:

no lag if you got cable internet and put it to 01 lat :slight_smile:

Damn for real^?

Never knew about that latency counter on zsnes online.

Also, I think Heavy Arms is near top, due to his HCB X command grab. Its like Makoto/ST Gief, good range, almost inescapable when tick grabbing, and when you do the heavy version of the grab you regain the meter lost while executing it.

What are some good super jump wake up stuffers? Only one I know, is super jump with shenlong, QCF X and you grab the opponent when the super jump on wake up.

HA’s is okay due to the tech throw system in GW:ED. But HeavyArms does have a glitch where he jumps (sj/jump/air dash) and uses B

j. B -> it will break thru their high guard since it’s a counted as a “low attack”

W3s: that Shenlong tactic is good IF they super jump. It’s good to use the strong version of the move just in case they don’t super jump and try to catch you with a jump move.

the strong version of Shenlong’s qcf will allow him an extra super jump as if he were standing on the ground :slight_smile:

HeavyArms: c. A is good for wakeup
Wing: c. A is also good for wake up but usually I do this combo on the ground

c. Y, c. B, s. A xx qcf strong. It’ll keep 'em lock down

Deathscythe: c. B, s. A xx qcf weak or strong
Sandrock: c. X or s. A
yeah some more later :-p

So all of those ^ will stuff a wake up super jump?

man who tries to do wake up supers anymore lol :smiley:

pretty much yeah
if they try to do a wake up super just super jump :slight_smile:

come on guys anyone? any takers? I’ll start forcing people :frowning:

I’ll throw down in this!

WTF am I seeing this correctly, another heavyarm user?
I have to disagree on c.LW being a good wakeup though. QCB+HW/super/c.LAxx b+2button is a better option imo.
AIM me: seaechiowai
It’d be great to get a few games in. Not too long though I get tired easily

imo the best wake up for HA is jump in X or jump in B
jump in B has this glitch where it hits low instead of high but most people try to block high on a jump in all the time :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s nice to knock them back down

otherwise, HA is too slow and all the other guys are too fast and you can’t really use HA’s moves unless you’re really far away (missle or machine gun)

alright… we use wake up differently in that case. I meant getting up move. HA IS slow, but I’m kinda used to it so I know how to deal shenlong and epyons. I fucking love his reversal games, it’s the best.

I’ve used Sandrock and Deathscythe. However, I am so bad at the game that I have yet to get beyond level 4 in the trial mode (and that’s just on a fluke).

Edit: I actually got to level 5 this morning!!

what’s up guys? it’s cool any input is good :slight_smile:

IMO, corner isn’t the best place to be unless you have high priority attacks like Shenlong (s. A)/Epyon (j. X). Though the Block dash backwards is good, I would use it more so to get the “upper hand.”

Yes, whenever you get hit, you do get pushed back. But you can cancel out the “push back” part by Block Dashing Backwards (or Super Jumping up [thus why people began to super jump so much x_x]) to cancel out the “moving back” part of your opponent’s attack on your block.

Whenever you Block Dash backwards, you will most likely land in a position where you’ll want to SJ upwards (due to the fact I believe there is some delay after Block Dash backwards on all Gundams.)

Tip #4

Mercurius’ Shield Attack: Shield must be activated (qcb + any button), then HCF + any button

weak version just shoots it straight forward, up, back, down
strong version gives the projectiles homing ability

good to use after you knockdown or from far away to close in on your opponents

Shenlong is stronger than Wing. Wing does give Shenlong trouble due to his projectiles but his projectiles are slow.

A dashing Shenlong doing s. A vs. a Wing doing qcf weak will trade off most likely causing Wing to fall to the ground giving Shenlong the advantage of doing his mix up attacks.

I believe Wing vs. Shenlong matchup is underrated as well but I still believe Shenlong to be the victor.
Wing has quite the arsenal to own up Shenlong with projectiles, s. X, c. A, j. X or B.
But unlike Shenlong, all his normal moves are very important.

Why Shenlong is top tier is because all his normals are VERY important and can all be very very good.

Plus Shenlong has his dragon claw glitch :slight_smile:

Tip #5

Shenlong Dragon Claw Glitch
qcf + strong in the air allows you an extra SJ from wherever you are doing the strong version of the Dragon Claw

Up to 300 energy, you can run away from your opponent for 8 seconds.
Even Epyon’s super photons could not hit you off the screen.

Avelon: you make good points that Shenlong lacks a good projectile to fight these guys but… Block Dash owns it all. After any gundam does his/her special projectile (other than DS not entirely sure) and if the opponent block dashs through the projectiles, s/he will not be able to sweep them fast enough. The opponent will escape by super jumping or blocking downward most likely

Tip #6

Put Vulcans to good use. Yes they give your opponent lots of energy if blocked, but Vulcans will pressure your opponent and give you the upper hand if you use them correctly.

any punch button = vulcan (with the right distance you’ll see that aim thing)
down + any punch button = raised vulcan height a bit higher

Deathscythe is scrubby. Just because he has a one hit kill doesn’t mean he excels in his normals.

It’s hard to get the infinite on a good player unless you use the Low/Throw tactic

** Tip #7**

Low/Throw Tactic
Used with any Gundam that can Jab
Dash in with a Jab, you can follow up with the following…

  1. Low Attack
  2. Throw
  3. Jump Anti Air (basically your jump attack that hits upward)

Usually after you jab, your opponent will most likely do one of the following

  1. Try to counter throw you (which will have them holding back + any button)
  2. block your attack (in which you throw)
    (3. Super Jump)

This is basically a different version of “tick throw.” It’s also a big part of any Gundam strategies and a big part of my own.

I can use this with basically any Gundam. I can show setups later. If you like to try to prove me wrong on this, play me.

Zero is really good Avelon. He’s the first gundam I ever used seriously. down A is beastly.

Anyway if there is anything wrong about what I said, please correct me :slight_smile: I like the community to get the correct info.

New terms:
HCF - Half Circle Forward. Back, downback, down, downforward, Forward
HCB - Half Circle Backwards. Forward, downforward, down, downback, Back

posted from another thread :slight_smile: