Gundam Wing Endless Duel

Well I use wing here and there.

LOL my friend, I don’t think that will happen. The only thing that will attract people are probably the videos.

Speaking of which, there are three matchs out @ combovideos.

And the point of this post is…?

Any of you guys have tried Gundam Seed Destiny for the GBA (japan only I believe). The game is pretty close to GWED I would say though I think the GBA version is a bit more fun for me at least. I’m making a short combo video for it since I found some interesting things as far as extending combos. Take care.

Heh i’m the only one making match videos. The ones at combovideos were done by me and were bad quality. There is a teaser trailer posted on there too that i also did that’s a bit better. you’ll just have to look for it. Seriously guys you should join me, Tippy, and the rest of the gwed crew on zbattle sometime. I guarantee you will have fun.

Yes tippy i will haunt you here as well :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m up to playing this with some peeps sometime. Just hit me up on one of the messengers.

No, because I really didn’t care much for Gundam Seed series, but I’ll check that out soon. If it’s close to GWED I’m down.

Hmm… I’ll revive this with a few of my text stuffs i’ve typed up.

*Some of the stuff here is restated from earlier posts but meh.

Wing Basics, combos and strategy

Well here’s my little rant on good ol’ Wing. I love playing this guy. He’s one of the most fun to play in the game i think.
He’s got good speed, Good specials, Good combos, not really anything bad about him i say. He does take a bit more damage because his armor isn’t as good as a few others but that’s not really a big deal honestly. He does take a bit of skill to play well, but new players will like him all the same.

Oh yeah whenever you see xx it means “cancel into” like Stand A xx Qcf + strong is A and then Qcf + strong doing a 4 hit combo.

Basic moves


Y: A basic jab. good for starting combos. not much else
X: A little uppercut with his shield. Sets up some easy Juggle opprotunities. One of the best "launchers’ in the game
Y: A Forward Slash with his Beam Sabre. Not much use on it’s own but good in combos.
A: Downward slash with his Beam Sabre. Good in combos and as a rush in. Will also OTG opponent.
Forward + X: Strait forward stab with his shield. Good in Combos and easily cancells into his specials and super

Note: All of Wing’s standing normals are cancelable into any special or his Beam rifle super. good luck canceling the jab into super though.


Y: A Low kick. Hits grounded opponent as well. Good in standing or ground chains.
X: Low Swipe with his shield. Knocks down opponent. Will also OTG opponent. Easy to chain into and works as a ground chain finisher.
B: Low slash with beam sabre. Good in either stand or ground chains. useful for mixups as well.
A: Crouching Slash that hits HIGH. Sometimes you can catch the opponent off guard with this. Good in chain combos.

Note: His Crouching Y, B, and A are cancelable moves.


Y: Looks like his stand Y only in the air. Not much use really but can be cancelled if you’re fast enough
X: Looks like his Down + X. Good jump in attack and air to air.
B: A wierd looking slash in the air with his Sabre. Good at stuffing wake up super jump attempts.
A: Downward slash in the air. Best air to air he has imo. Also good as a jump in attack.

Note: all of Wing’s Jumping attacks are cancelable. Jump A xx Dp + strong is TOO good XD


note: There are no official names for these moves that i know of so don’t ask <__>

Qcf + Weak/Strong

Wing shoots either 1 (weak version) or 3 (strong version) fireballs at the opponent. Can be done in the air. Good in combos and as a wake up trap. Weak version is not very good but the strong version can create problems and allows a super cancel of sorts. does not knock opponent down. (unless of course it KO’s them :P) Can be TKed or tiger knee’d as well (Qcf,uf + weak/strong for jump buffered special :P)

Qcb + weak/strong

Wing jumps at the opponent shield extended and does a 2 (weak) or 3 (strong) hit auto combo. Will always knock opponent down if it connects. Good in some combos and can be used to stuff wake ups and as a corner trap, though the later is a little risky.

Dp + weak/strong

Wing’s Shoryuken :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway he jumps up at an angle with his shield and then does a downward slash with his sabre. Will always knock down if it connects. Weak does 3 hits, strong does 5. VERY good in combos and very nasty as air to air combo after a jump A of X. I wouldn’t rely on this as anti air though…unless you want to commit suicide that is. Or your opponent doesn’t air block at ALL. Dp’s in GW:ED just don’t do Street Fighter justice sighs


Qcf X2 + any attack button

Wing pulls out his Beam Rifle and shoots 3 large beams in quick sucession for good damage. Does more if done up close. Works well as a guard cancel/super counter due to it’s speed. Has some invincibility in the start up frames to anything but Throws (why God, WHY?!?!) Works in the air very well. Best if used in combos (air or ground) and as a super counter. Does anything from 6- 10 hits i believe. Also you can buffer a jump into this move by doing QCf, Qcf, UF + any attack button to effectively Tk or tiger knee the move. doing this catches people off guard sometime as well. Does not knock down.

Qcb X2 + any attack button

Wing’s secondary super. He transforms into a plane and the flies across the screen 3 times. you can control his flight by holding up or down. This super isnt very good imo. i have yet to find a way to combo it. But you ARE completely invincible during the move. Even Epyon’s super will do nothing to you. The downside is that it is easily avoided and you are completely vulnerable upon recovery and will be in a world of hurt if your opponent plays his cards right. Use it as a super counter if you want (vs. blocked Sandrock and Epyon’s super) or don’t use it at all. 9 hits total IF it hits on all 3 fly bys :stuck_out_tongue:

Basic Combos

These are Wing’s Basic chain combos
Note: Anywhere there is a Y you can do a Down + Y for the same effect

Y(x2,3 OR 4)
Y,Down B
Y, Forward X
Y,Down A
Y,Down X
Y,Y,Forward X
Y,Y,Down X
Y,B,Forward X
Y,B,A,Down A
Y,Y,B,Down A
Y,Y,B,Down X
Y,Y,B,Forward X
Y,Y,Y,Down X
Y,Y,Y,Forward X
Y,Y,Y,Down A
Y,Y,B,Down A
Y,Y,B,Down X
Y,Y,B,Down B
Y,B,Down B,A
Y,B,Down B,Down X
Y,B,Down B,Down A
Y,B,Down B,Forward X
Y,Y,Y,Y,Forward X
Y,Y,Y,Y,Down A
Y,Y,Y,B,Forward X
Y,Y,Y,A,Down A
Y,Y,Y,B,Down X
Y,Y,B,Down B,A
Y,B,Down B,A,Down A
Y,Y,B,Down B,Down X
Y,Y,B,Down B, Forward X
Down Y,Down Y,B,Down B,A,Down A

Chains can be started from any normal at any point in the combo. You don’t have to start them with Y if you don’t want to :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok those are all the chains i know off of the top of my head. There may be more and if i remember them or find out something, i’ll update later.

Ground chains aka OTG combos (after you knock opponent down)
Down Y,Down X
Down Y,Down B
Down Y,A
Down Y,Down Y,Down X
Down Y,Down Y,Down B
Down Y,Down Y,A
Down Y,Down B, A
Down Y,Down Y,Down B,Down X
Down Y,Down Y,Down B,A
Down Y,Down Y,Down Y,Down B,Down X
Down Y,Down Y,Down Y,Down Y,Down B,Down X

The last ground chain will only work in the corner and you have to be quick btw

Whew that was alot. Ok here are some decent Combos that use his special moves. I’m not gonna type out every chain into the special/super cause that would take too long. instead i’ll just say which normal to cancel…yeah

whatever into stand X xx Dp + weak/strong or Qcb + Weak/Strong

any normal (except down X) into Dp + weak/strong

whatever into A/Down A xx Qcf + Strong

Any of his standing normals will cancel into his specials/beam rifle super btw. Though the QCB will only combo reliably after certain moves

Whatever into Forward X xx Qcb + Weak/strong

Yeah the best way to combo the Qcb move is after a Forward X

Also his Qcf + weak/strong can be comboed after a Stand X but you need to delay the special a bit.

Also any combo that knocks the opponent down always follow with whatever ground chain you want, depending on how fast your opponent gets up.

Some good example combos are:

Y,Y,X xx Dp weak/strong
Y,B,A xx Qcf + strong
weak vulcan,strong vulcan xx Qcf + Strong
Down Y,Down Y,B,Down B,A,Down A xx Qcf + Strong

The Qcf + strong can also be super cancelled (sort of) to the beam rifle super if the QCf + Strong connects and you have the power for the super.

Ex.stand A xx Qcf + strong xx Super is possible

Well like i said i’m not gonna put every chain to special/super combo i know. Maybe i’ll add them at a later time. Just experiment and see what you can come up with.

Advanced combos

These combos use Block Dash cancelling and super jump cancelling to work. They take a bit more practice and are pretty damaging.

stand X xx superjump A xx Dp + strong

Works if you use Stand X and anti air and opponent lands on the tip of Wing’s shield. A staple Wing combo in the GW:ED community XD

Stand X xx Qcf + strong (delayed a bit) Blockdash in B,X xx Superjump A xx Dp + strong

Stand A xx Qcf + strong Blockdash froward, A xx Qcf + strong Blockdash forward,repeat

This is Wing’s Looping combo. Works best if the opponent is in the corner. Note this is not an infinite, you can loop this three times before you should do something else. At least i’ve only been able to loop it 3 times.

Y,X, blockdash forward, Y,X, blockdash forward, Y,X xx Dp + strong

you have to blockdash as soon as the stand X connects. It’s hard to time but can be done. This one is 11 hits or up to 16 with a ground chain.

X,blockdash Froward X, blockdash forward X, blockdash forward X, repeat

His near infinite combo XD. Again you have to Blockdash as soon as the stand X connects to keep the combo going. The most you can possibly get out of this is 14 hits. I’ve gotten 12 a few times but you can get 14. Usually though if you can get 4 or 5 then do his Dp, you’re probably better off as it is safer than to try to keep the combo going. But if you get the max amount of hits the opponent will be either dead or nearly dead. Good luck with this one btw =P

ok here’s one of his 100% combos i know.

about 1/3 screen away opponent in corner.

Weak vulcan, strong vulcan xx Qcf + strong, blockdash forward A xx Qcf + strong , blockdash forward X, Blockdash forward Y,X blockdash forward Y,X, Blockdash forward Y,X, Blockdash forward X,X xx Super Jump Air super.

all together 33 hits. I test out combos on Sandrock btw because he has the strongest armor. If a combo will kill him, it will kill anyone. Again you have to blockdash the stand X’s as soon as they hit. the last Two X’s just link together, no dashing necessary. superjumping at the end and then doing the super is hella strict on the timing though. A very flashy combo for sure XD

Wing’s Wake up/corner trap

ok this is a good way to keep pressure on your opponent.
after you knocy your opponent down do a 2-3 hit ground chain ending in stand A. then cancel the stand A into Qcf + strong. Even if the manage to block the fireballs you can still Blockdash in and throw them and keep the pressure on. or if the fireballs hit you can the cancel to super or blockdash in and start his loop or juggling combos or whatever you like. This tactic owns many an inexperienced player XD. Also you can Do Qcb + Strong after the stand A but it’s a bit more risky.

or if they try to superjump on wakeup just do Jump B xx Dp + weak strong to ground them again.

Cross up
For Wing if you want to cross you opponent up knock them down and then do Down B, jump forward A. Most of the time you will cross them up on wake up and then you can combo whatever after that XD. Most people don’t even know there are crossups in this game so use this knowledge to your advantage.

Also as a general rule use the trap if you have them cornered and the cross up midscreen. Though you’ll want mix it up with regular OTG chains to keep them guessing.

Wing is a lot of fun to play. He does take some skill to play really well though. You gotta be careful though. His speed is balanced out by the fact that he take a bit more damage than some other characters. Learn his Traps and Pressure tactics and you will do fine with Wing.

Minor update to Wing. His Qcb +weak/strong is actually more reliably comboed from a down A than a forward X. Can’t believe i messed that up lol.

Also if you manage to throw them in the air use down A as a followup attack while they are bouncing from the throw. Hard to time but very useful.

Hey, just wanted to say thanks to a4relzwutazn and Dracula_X for posting strategies and combos, they’re really helpful.

I’d like to see some Tallgeese strategies if you guys have the time.

I just started playing this, and someone told me I found deathscythes infinite. Catch me on zbattle I’m nikka1. Just keep in mind i’m new. Thanks for all the cool strategies. Hopefully we could get something set up at evo this year.

Bandai’s development houses really got their shit together towards the end.
This and Hyper Dimension are awesome.

Some more of the stuff I’ve typed up. Again some of it is reiteration but meh

Deathscythe basics, combos, and general strategy

Rant on Deathscythe.

A lot of people start off with this guy because let’s face it, he looks damn cool. First time i saw his super i was like woah…sweet! Deathscythe is pretty good when you know how to use him. Of course he has his infinite (easiest one in the game), But there are a lot of other things to use to mess with your opponent as well. Just remember that he does take more damage than other characters so you wanna try to play somewhat defensive. Hopefully this will help anyone who wants to learn this guy.


Y: Jab. good combo starter.
X: Strait kick. always knocks down if it connects.
B: Slash with his drill blade (don’t ask, I couldnt think of a better name for it) Launches opponent for juggling opprotunities.
A: Downward slash with his scythe. Does 2 hits for decent damage. Easily canceled in whatever. Will also OTG opponent.


Y: Low Jab. Less pushback then stand Y. Good combo starter and is actually really good in a rushdown/tick throw situation.
X: Low sweep. Knocks down if it connects and will OTG opponent.
B: Low “poke” with his scythe. Has more range than Down + X. Will OTG opponent and is easily cancelable into whatever.
A: Upward slash with his scythe. Sets up juggles and very easy to cancel into whatever you want. Will also OTG opponent though it’s relatively useless to do so.


Y: same as stand Y. it’s ok as air to air but i wouldn’t use it to much.
X: A kick at a downward angle. Good air to air and good for a jump in.
Y: Same as stand B. Okay air to air i suppose but i really don’t use it. will hit standing opponent as an overhead though but it hard to position that.
A: A 2 hit downward slash with his scythe. Good air to air though it is a tad slow to come out. Works good as a jump in.

Note: all of Deathscythe’s air normals, and standing/crouching Y, B, A are cancelable moves. Stand B cancels are more like links though and take good timing.

special moves.

Qcf + weak/strong.

Deathscythe throws his drill at the opponent it does a hit hit combo. Hits are the same for both versions but the strong version will teleport you right next to the opponent if it connects. Obviously this move is the basis for a lot of his combos. Does not work in the air. Also DO NOT use this outside of a combo because it is really easy to see coming and you could be in for some pain.

Dp + weak/strong

Deathscythe spins at a 45 degree angle upwards toward his opponent. Passable as anti air but i wouldn’t do that to much. Weak does 3 hits strong does 5. Works in the air as well. Good in combos and the strong version in the air has amazing invincibility. Epyon’s super will even go right through you harmlessly if you time it right. Glitch? I don’t know but it works. Always knocks down if it connects. Bad recovery on a wiff.

yep he only has 2 specials. oh well.


Qcf(x2) + any attack button

A suped up version of his DP special. Does 8 hits for real good damage up close. Hits vary with range but usually you get 6-8. Easily comboed into from most of his normals. Can be done in air normally. Jump A xx Super is good.
This super has bad range though. Not very reliable as a counter super unless you are right next to your opponent. Best used in combos or as anti-air and if blocked in the air does decent chip damage. If you miss you’re screwed though.

Basic chains

A lot of his chains start with Y because it his best starter (as it is with most gundams) And also Deathscythe’s best rushdown is with Y, Down Y mixups.

Y (x2,3,or 4 up close)
Y, B, X
Y, Down B, X or Down X
Y, Down A
Y, B, Down A
Y, B, A
Down Y, Down B, Down X or Down A
Y(x2), X or down X
Y(x2) B, X
Down Y(x2), Down B, Down X
Down Y(x2), Down B, A
Down Y(x2), Down B, Down A
A, Down A
Down Y, A, Down A
Y(x3), X
Y(x3), B, A
Y(x3), Down B, Down X
Y(x3), B, Down A works best in corner
Y(x4), X
Y(x4), B
Down Y(x3), Down B, Down A

Those are the one I use. He doesn’t have as many chains as Wing and some other characters, but they still work and do damage.

Goround Chains aka Otg hits

Down B, Down X
Down B, A
Down B, Down A

The Down B, Down X is the one you will see used the most and is the standard for damage. Down B, A is good for wakeup traps/mixups and Down B, Down A works if you opponent gets up incredibly fast and it can hit them and lauch them for a combo. Stick with down B, X and Down B, A for best results.

A note on Deathscythe’s throws.
Deathscythe’s throws are good for spacing purposes. He throws them a good distance across the screen and allows for easy otg followups. Use a strong throw in the corner and only in the corner, and hit them with stand X, stand B, or down A for an extra hit while they are bouncing. His air throw is good but you cant follow up on it minus a quick dash in otg combo which is good too.


His standind Y, B, A and Crouching Y, B, A are cancelable moves. all of his Air normals are cancelable as well.

His Qcf + weak/strong will only connect in a combo after a stand B, Stand A, Down B, or Down A. Don’t try to combo it after a stand or crouching Y. it won’t work.

so here’s some example combos.

Y/B xx dp + weak/strong

any chain into down A xx dp + weak/strong,
qcf +weak/strong(depends on distance), or super

Y,Y,down B xx qcf + strong, down A xx dp = weak/strong or super.

Weak vulcan/strong vulcan xx qcf + strong, dp +weak/strong

His combos aren’t really to hard to figure out for the most part. Here’s some advanced combos for ya.

A, Down A xx Dp + weak/strong, dash in Down B, Down X *
the first hit of the dp is supposed to wiff

Down Y (x2), Down B xx qcf + X/A, Down Y(x2), Down B xx Qcf + strong, Down A xx Super

Y(x2), B xx Qcf + X/A, Jump X xx Dp + weak/strong *
the B xx Qcf + X/A is more of a link than a cancel and takes good timing

Down Y(x2) Down B xx qcf + strong, A xx Qcf + strong, Down +A xx Super

Y(x4), B xx Qcf + strong, Jump A xx Super
again the B xx qcf is more of a link than a cancel and is strict on timing. One of my favorites.

opponent jumping. Down A xx superjump X xx Dp + weak strong or super.
This one is hard to pull off. You have time the down A so the 2nd hit of it barely hits the opponent and you have to super jump immediately to hit them with the X in the air. i couldn’t record it for my video but it does work. Better if they are cornered though


Ok his basic infinite is:

Down B, A xx qcf + strong, Down B, A xx qcf + strong. repeat until opponent dies ro until you run out of power.

doing it this way make you lose 10 power units every cycle. Usually if you have at least 160 power you can kill someone with it.

Other variations.

Stand A xx qcf +strong, wait a second, stand A xx qcf + strong, repeat.

Down B xx Qcf + strong, Down B xx qcf + strong
This one’s just for show. To much power loss to keep it going for any amount of time.

Down Y(x3), down B xx qcf + strong, Down Y(x3), down B xx qcf + strong, repeat.
this one will keep you from losing power during the combo.

Stand Y(x4), Down B xx Qcf + strong, Stand Y(x4), Down B xx Qcf + strong
Same deal, you wont lose power with this one but it’s hard to keep up consistently.

Ways to connect the infinite.

Hit a Jump in A, land, Qcf + strong, infinite

Weak or strong vulcan from a distance xx Qcf + strong, infinite

Hit a stand A xx Qcf + strong, infinite

Y,down Y chain into Down B xx qcf + strong, infinite.

Knock opponent down, otg with Down B, A xx qcf + strong, infinite

The last one only workws if the opponent tries to do anything but block on wakeup. This one also depends on how fast the opponent gets up. More often than not it will work since a lot of people try to superjump on wakeup and the qcf will stuff them as soon as they are standing.

Note that for every setup your opponent has to be standing or crouching on the ground. To qoute someone i played online recently:

“if a jab hits i’m dead”

Because i was chaining Y/down Y to Down B xx qcf + strong, then he ate infinite. A bit Scrubby but he was pissing me off XD.

Some special notes on Deathscythe.

His regular Dash causes him to completely disappear off the screen except for his shadow. during the time he is dashing, there is a small window of invincibility. you can go through most fireballs and some attacks like Vayeate’s B and A. You can attack during the dash but you are vulnerable to a few things. Throws and supers. All supers last to long for you to be able to dash through. Though you can Completely avoid Epyon’s super this way with perfect timing and some luck.

Like I said earlier his Dp + strong in the air has amazing invincibility to it to anything but throws. Time it right and you can blow through Air supers, fireballs, normals, whatever. I think this is a glitch but it works so it’s good XD.

His trap game involve using an A os otg the canceling into his Qcf + strong. Or Using Down A when they get up and then launch them into a combo. If they try to jump then just do Jump A or B xx Dp + Weak/strong or super. The hard part is setting up the trap because you have to knock the opponent down. Which is where the next section comes into play.

Throwing/mixup game

This works with all gundams but i thought i’d put it here. For tick throwing in this game you want to do Y or Down Y and whether it’s blocked or not you can walk forward slightly and throw them. It’s agood way to mix things up now and then. Remember your opponent can tech your throws pushing you back a little bit but they will still take a small amount of damage. If they tech you can dash in and try to throw them again, Jump in with A, Or do a low hitting attack and try to combo from there.

It all depends on what your opponent does. Normally a lot of people try to superjump away after a tech throw and a jump A or B will stuff them. If they try to block high then you can try to throw them again or go for a low attack (Down B to infinite if you can get it) and if they try to Block low you can throw them. Also if they try to counter attack you can either try to throw them out of it (works more often than you would think) or just block the attack and wait for an opening to attack your self.

This is known as the low/throw mixup in the GW:ED community XD

Well I hope that helped you with Deathscythe. Again if I find anything else or think of something, I’ll update later.

yeah sorry I haven’t updated in a while again
lol you know shit happens haha

anyway I’m back for a bit, I see DraculaX has put down some info on the game
I’ll take a look at it pretty soon

But on the community part, I’ve known the same guys for about 5 years who started to play and got to grow up with them.

Unlike Kaillera, we’re not on each others throats all the time and we keep in touch. We’re all pretty cool once you get to know us though some of us may have weird personalities it’s all good

The game’s fighting engine is WOW for a SNES game. I got addicted after I saw you could super jump LOL

So he finally returns:P

I’ll post up my Merc stuff later today.

Merc guide of sorts. Most of this should be new to whoever reads this :stuck_out_tongue:


Merc! what can I say about this guy. Well first off when I started playing this game I never used him. And I got raped by the cpu version of him which didn’t help lol.
After playing this game for a while i’ve learned to use him more and i find him to be a lot of fun to play. Some of his combos are hard to time, his infinite is a pain, but if you get hit with any random attack, you’re going to be hurting. Next to Epyon maybe, Merc may have the most combo possibilites in the game. Anyway, on to the guide.

Merc does a jab. Basic combo tool, nothing special

Merc does a 3 hit attack with his orbs? (still don’t know the correct name for those) Good in chains and does chip damage.

A roundhouse type kick. Launches and sets up very nice combos.Very important to his loop. Very good move.

Downward slash with his shield sabre? Anyway this move covers a lot of space in front and somewhat above him. Also a very good normal.

Pretty much the same as his stand Y. Same uses and works for tick throws.

3 hit attack with his orbs at a bit of an angle. Good in combos and does decent chip damage. Otg’s opponent from the right distance.

Low kick that trips you opponent. good in chains and will Otg opponent as well

Shield sabre attack at about a 45 degree angle. Always knocks down if it connects. This is mrec’s anti air in most situations. Can be used in some chains if you want.

Jumping jab. Not much use really

multi hit attack with his orbs at a downward angle. Very nice attack, Does chip and will otg the opponent (i’ll explain that later)

Looks like his Stand X. On hit it will launch you opponent up for some ver nice combos. Very good normal.

Again looks exactly like his stand A. Has the same range and has decent priority. Good in air combos

Note: All of Merc’sNormals are cancelable moves. His super will only connect after certain normals though (will explain later)
Special note on his throws:
Merc’s throws are special because they’re the only throws in the game that build meter. Weak throw does 1 extra hit and strong version does 3. You can always OTG
after a sucessful throw. Merc does not have an air throw.


Dp + weak/strong
Merc does a dash with his shield in front of him. Can be done in the air and will knock down if connected cleanly. Does good chip as well. Generally use the strong version for best results.

Qcb + weak/strong
Merc creates a shield around him. Doesn’t matter which button tou use to activate it, the shield will be the same. What this does is grants merc invincibilty to anything but throws once the shield is up. He can be hit out of the startup though so be careful when you use it. The shield also drains power over time and if your power runs out, the shield will disappear.

Qcf + weak/strong after shield is up.
Merc sends out the orbs of the shield to attack the opponent. weak version sends them out in a + pattern. Strong version sends them towards you opponent. Strong version seems to have a random path but will home in on your opponent to an extent. They do a ton of damage if the connect and do good chip if blocked. Also if they are blocked you can break their guard (situational, but it does work) The strong version can also be comboed after certain moves but only in the corner. Also they can OTG sometimes. Overall the strong version is an excellent move.

Merc jumps in the air, his orbs extend a bit and he proceeds to shock the crap out of your opponent. This super will otg an opponent perfectly. It can also be done in the air but you have to use the air super glitch (explained in an earlier post). I can also be comboed normally after a stand X but it does not knock down. Does decent Chip damage as well. Not to useful as a supercounter because of it’s range so I wouldn’t advise using it as such. It also has a long recovery time so be careful with it outside of combos or you will be sorry (shouldn’t be using it outside of combos anyway:P)


Instead of tyinging out a whole list of chain combos i’ll just say what normals chain to which.

Y chains to itself, B, down B, X, and down X

B chains to Down B, X, down X, A, and down A (doesn’t always connect though)

X chains down A, and links to stand A , stand B, and jump X

A Chains to Down A, and links to jump A if used after a stand X

So you can see what you can do with this. Examples:

Yx2, B, down X

Y, B, X, A/down A

Y, down B, X, Down A

and in the corner you can do stuff like:

Y x3, B, down B, X, A, jump A/down A That’s 12 hits right there

Otg chains

Down B, X

X x2

jump B x2

With the jump B it has to be instant. Like just hit Up + B at the same time.


Here’s where it gets fun XD

Yx2, B/down B xx dp + weak/strong, otg down B, down X

B, down B xx dp strong, otg down B, down X or otg super

Y,Y, B, X xx super

Corner Yx3, B, down B, X, A down A, otg combo or otg super

Yx3, B, down B, X, A, jump A xx dp + weak/strong, otg combo or otg super

Yx3, B, down B, X, jump X xx dp + weak

somewhat advanced combos


Yx3, B, down B, X, A xx super jump B xx Dp + weak, otg hits

Stand X xx blockdash forward, down B, A, jump A xx dp, otg hits

jump in X, stand X, super jump X xx dp + weak

Orb combos

These work after you activate the shiled and use qcf + A/X to have the orbs home in on them. Mostly these are corner combos.

at vulcan range with shield up:

qcf + X/A, weak vulcan, Dash in Yx3, B, down B, X, A, jump A xx dp + weak/strong, otg combo or otg super

qcf + X/A. weak vulcan, super jump in X, jump X, stand X, Super jump X xx dp + weak

With shield up:

Down Y x2, B, X xx delayed qcf + X/A, jump A xx dp + any, otg hits

Yx2, B xx qcf + A/X, B, wait a split second, Yx3, B, down B, X, A, jump A xx dp + weak/strong, otg combo or otg super. Lots of hits, lots of damage.


[dash down B, A dash down B, A] repeat in brackets

Only works in the corner. you have 24 frames fromn the stand A to connect the dash down B to keep it going. It’s not easy by any means but not impossible either.

“X loop”

This is a staple combo that any decent Merc player will use and abuse. I only call it “X loop” because it reminds me of Sol’s Dustloop form Guilty Gear XX.

Basically it starts with a jump in X. From there you have a few options like:

Jump in X, stand X, Down A. Basic combo that will ground opponent.

Jump in X, Stand X, super jump X xx dp + weak/strong. Again this will knock down.

Jump in X, stand X, super jump X, Jump X/A xx dp.

Those are the easy variations. Also always end with an otg combo for more damage.

Other more damaging and more difficult ways to do it.

Jump in X, land, Jump X, stand X, superjump X xx dp + weak/strong

Jump in X, land, jump X, stand X, superjump X, land, jump X xx dp + weak

Jump in X, land, jump forward X, stand X, super jump X jump A xx dp + weak/strong

Jump in X, land, jump X, stand X xx super. Doesn’t knock down but does good damage.

To link the send jump X in the combo, you have to do the 2nd jump X as late in the jump as possible. Timing is tough at first but not so bad once you get the hang of it.

The is a way to get 6 and 7 hits out of this but i’ll add that later.

Edit 6 hit loop

Jump in X, jump X, Stand X x3, jump X

These are all links and are kinda tight on timing btw.

Also if you catch them in mid air with jump X you can almost always link another jump X and a super jump X into dp for knockdown.

Like I said it’s a staple combo that does good damage. It can be very hard to time correctly at first but you kind of build muscle for it I guess. Credit goes to Glacius for inventing this combo in the first place btw.

Merc tips and strategy

Generally anytime you knock down your opponent you want to do one of 2 things. One is to use you super as otg. Damage from the super is scaled a lot but doing this will wear your opponent down pretty quickly. Weak or strong throw -> super, down X -> super, Down A -> super, Dp + weak/strong -> super (if you have the power of course)

The other thing to do is to activate your shield. Doing so will give an advantage due to the invinciblilty you gain during the duration of the shield. A lot of people don’t know that and will try to attack you or use a super or whatever and having it completely go through you harmlessly. This of course net’s you a free combo. Just be aware that if you are thrown or you break out of a throw attempt you will lose you shield.

Of course you can always go for otg combos as well.

If you have your shield up and you knock your opponent down, use the qcf + X/A to launch the orbs at them if you are somewhat close. Sometimes it will otg them but what you want to happen is for them to wake up in a blocking state. From there you can super jump to the other side of them and break thier guard with a low/high (depending on how they are blocking) attack while they are still in block stun.This allows a free combo or at least another knockdown. this isn’t 100% guaranteed but it takes some damn fast reaction to block in time so most of the time it will work.

A good tactic is to lockdown with jump B after knockdown. Against most opponents you can hit itg with instant jump B and then you can do it again as they wake up and if they don’t block correctly you can cancel into dp + weak/strong, grounding them again.

Other wake up tricks.

After knockdown in the corner I sometimes do Down B for otg and the I’ll do Stand B when they wake up. since a lot of people like to superjump on wake up the stand B will connect and you can go for big corner combos from there. This doesn’t always work but it’s still a viable mixup option you can use.

Use super as otg and then super again if you have enough power to. The first will hit as otg. The second one sometimes catches people off guard because doing 2 supers in a row isn’t something that’s usually expected. Unless you’re playing a spam happy Epyon nooB of course =)

Merc’s B, down B, and Jump B attacks count as projectiles. So you can use them to negate some projectiles like Wing/wing Zero’s qcf specials, Vulcans, and possibly Heavy Arms missles and bullets. I actually never got a chance to try that but I will later. I hate playing theory fighter though.

Also since they are counted as projectiles you can Block Dash the recovery to keep pressure on your opponent.

ALWAYS end any air attack with dp + weak/strong

Ways to connect the X loop.

Well this depends entirely on your opponent realistically. Some people you can just jump in on them and remove a good chunk of thier life. Other people you have to bait into it or catch every mistake you can.

Like sometimes you can dash at your opponent normally and you can bait a qcf attack from them at which point you super jump over it and drop in with X and go from there. That won’t work all the time though as some characters can just super and catle you out of the super jump (tallgeese for instance). Sometimes using jump x when they wake up works as well.

There’s really no guaranteed way to connect it unles you are playing someone who doesn’t know how to block or anti air you. For some reason though you almost always see this combo from any decent merc player at some point in a match.

Link combos:

In GW:ED most all combos are chains. Well like a lot of other fighting games there are links as well which are pretty tight on timing. For instance Merc’s stand X -> stand B is a link because the stand B does not cancel the recovery of the previous move. It works because you hit the opponent before they get out of hitstun from the previous move. Every character has a few in one way or another. You can’t mash these out. Most are frame dependent (merc especially) you just build muscle for them over time.

When you see this -> it represents a link. Chains are with commas.


stand X, stand A -> stand A (anywhere)

stand X, stand A -> stand A -> jump A (corner)

Stand X -> jump X (anywhere)

Stand A -> dash stand/down B

3 hit chain to Stand X -> stand B (1 hit), stand X -> stand B (1 hit), stand X -> A -> jump A OR jump X xx dp + any
(only works in corner so far, still messing with it)


Qcf + strong -> Y, Y, B xx qcf + strong -> jump B xx qcf + strong -> jump B

Epyon : Too many to list here (guide coming soon)

Y, B, Down A -> qcb + weak, B -> down B , X for starters though


Qcf + strong -> Block dash A

stand X -> blockdash Y or X

stand X -> super jump A

Wing Zero

Weak throw -> down A

3 or 4 hit chain to Down A -> qcf + strong -> blockdash down A xx whatever


Stand B -> stand A

stand B xx qcf + strong

Down A (anti air) -> superjump X


Down A -> stand A

air throw -> air qcf + strong

qcf + strong -> down B

Jump A -> jump A -> jump X (only got this one to work in the corner 3 or 4 times, still messing with it)


Dp + weak -> air Y -> stand Y x2 dp +weak relaunch

Actually Vayeate has a lot of variation to this. I’ll add them when i make that guide


Down X -> super -> down X (OTG)

Down Y, Down B -> Stand B, down B -> Jump B

Down A -> down X (OTG)


Jump A -> jump A -> jump A (will explain when I make the guide)

Down Y, stand B -> stand X

Vulcan -> Super (near corner)

dp + strong -> vulcan OR stand X (near corner for the stand X)

There is more of course but i’ll go over those when I make the guides for the rest of the characters. If anyone has anything to add to this thread at all please don’t hesitate to do so. I need input from you guys I"m sorry this is taking so long but when it’s finally done, it will be the most comprehensive GW:ED guide on the net.

Heavyarms and Vayeate guides coming soon.

Bump till i get the guides done…

Interesting. I’ve had this game for a while, but never had the opportunity to play it against another human. I’d love to try this out on Kaillera some day.

This game made me want to get an SNES and arcade stick for it, thats how strong this shit is to me. Deathscythe ftw.

Play it with zsnes 1.36 along with zbattle. It’s a p2p connection that is waay better than kaillera.