Gung Ho Ryu - 0 Defense. Only Walk Up Parry, Jump In Parry/Attack

For those of you who don’t know, Gung Ho in my definition means ALL offense and not putting attention to defence.
You can set your team to Defensive.
More than that is ‘balanced’.
More, Offensive.
Then there is Very Offensive.
Then there is Gung Ho.

Has anyone seen a Gung Ho Ryu that only uses Ryu’s brute strength and attacking damage? Just walk up and try to parry, if you don’t attack? They attack you.
They never stop coming at you, dashes, walk ups, jump ins.
All either attack or parry into attack. Anyone seen videos?

I don’t think there’s anyone uses Ryu that way…
The way I use my Ryu can be offensive, but just Parry and Attack w/o Defense is not gonna make ou win.
Specially against offensive character like Chun-Li for ex…

Ryu is the Man of Power, he’s looking for opportunities to make an insane damaging strike back.
Unlike his half brother Ken, who always rushes in to built super bar…

I don’t even think that (Gung Ho or whatever called) is the way to be a great Ryu…

Just 1 man opinion.


kind of in here



^are you fapko?

I watched the first link… The Ryu did block a lot though… not all offensive style…
Anyway… with any characters… not wise not to defense…


he blocked mainly in the second round of that first vid. what about the 2nd vid?

That Ken was scrubby as hell though…

And I don’t think Ryu even parried once soooo… Not Gung Ho.

Exactly! Gung Ho can only happen if your opponent is very inexperience who always do Shoryuken every time we jump-in.
Beside… I really don’t recommend Gung Ho Style… Just not “Ryu”.


This whole gung ho thing is a fantasy thing. I think its what your mind creates when Ryu is your favorite character and it sucks to think he’s a defensive character

Hmm… Ryu is not a Defensive characters… He can be Offensive and Defensive and is very good at both. but just not Gung Ho.

If anyone against Ryu, they will always underestimate him (mostly), and since Ryu is POWER, he only needs to look for a mistake from his opponent, his combos are punishment (hell of damage). I don’t think anyone (other players who “doesn’t know” Ryu well) realize how deadly he is. Just Standing HP>Joudan EX> HP Shoryu… whenever opportunity comes. That is almost enough to turn the table.

Unlike Ken who needs to be aggressively played since his style (combos) mostly rely on SA3 for damage and knock down, and so he needs to built the super bar a.s.a.p. Ken can be Gung Ho I reckon.

No matter how cool Ryu Gung Ho is, I think it can only be used (rarely) maybe once in a match, can’t be a real style of playing… You’ll lose if you keep play like this with Ryu…


I’m the ryu player in those vids. And i’m actually quite the turtliest one indeed. My playstyle revolves mostly around watching my opponent the entire time and countering everything he tries to do. I do a lot of antiairs, zone, hover around the sweet spot etc. This is because i hate playing with random. I just avoid it altogether. I am very inexperienced though, because lots of ryu’s damage comes from the parry and punish. And i didn’t even get the parrying down yet, which really is the basic mechanic that high play revolves around. Sometimes i attempt it on wakeup, but that’s mostly it. I realize however, that my current playstyle is inferior to how ryu should be played. I think you need to find the balance between attacking and turtling. Bait stuff and punish (one of ryu’s strongest areas). Parry setups are fundamental too. So in my opinion, ryu really should be played more defensively than ken. But only slightly. It also depends on the SA you choose. 3s is pure offense though, which doesn’t mean that turtling is a sucky strategy, but in long term i think one should really be more aggressive than i am now. This is not ST, all of your antiairs will eventually get parried by strong opponents and you will eat a jumpin combo. The reason i turtle is partly because most of the opponents i play are not easily able to overcome it. Take that into consideration. If i were able to get actual playing experience against good offline opponents, who knows what my playstyle would change into.

My 2 cents.

I would stay away from Gun Ho’s they will sleep with you and gun you down if you dont pay them.