GunMen not Impressed with Chicken Wings go back for more


Gunmen from left to right.

Cornell Dwayne Facebook Jr - Manije Daneek Johnson - Marvin Lee White - Rasheed Ramone Thompson - Nathaniel Thomas Lawrence

The China King: Zhen Bo Liu

Seemed like the perfect plan for a meal and then you realize that you left something after you finish your meal. Must have not been enough of them to carry the food and other valuables.


Fucking, idiots.


Ah, must be picture day for Tyrone and friends

Nah, but these dudes are real stupid.
Fucked up brains they have.


What a bunch of worthless shits. It boggles me that humanity can give birth to incredible minds like Isaac Newton, Michelangelo, Mozart, Stephen Hawking… and then squirts out these guys like a mixture of bloody afterbirth and lumps of childbirth defecation.*

(*Some women poop while they give birth. It’s all the same pushing mechanism. Sorry, guys.)


One of the culprits’ name is Mustafaa Friend.
Yeah…I know.


The sperm right next to one of them could have been the next Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Or the next Maxx. Luck of the draw, homie. :tdown:


took 6 ppl to plan this heist and all for $48 bucks. would hate to work delivery in those neighbourhoods


Yet I bet “keeping it real” trash like this is real popular with the ladies :bluu:


“Don’t play with your food”


My thought sequence:

  • Sees “shocking news thread title.”
  • Re-reads title
  • Uh oh*
  • *Reads *highlighted excerpt
  • Scrolls down to pictures
  • FUCK
    • Please don’t let them be black


Seriously. These guys couldn’t get gunned down by that white guy who killed the black child in the drive way? I like how they pose in the pictures too. Like they’re real men. Pathetic.


Exactly how i felt about this scenario right here.


c’mon son, did you even have to read this shit to know they were gonna be black? this thread title is too funny for such a sad story, though. i wasn’t expecting some light-hearted criminal hijinks and instead i got this =/


Racism. You put chicken wings in the title because they’re BLACK.
You didn’t mention the shrimp fried rice at all.
Which explains why they went back, Chinese food leaves you hungry in an hour.

Also, did you get a horror boner from this?
Important research and all of that.


As much as I get the mentality behind violent crimes like these it just doesn’t make sense.

… It’s like… you want to rob a guy? It’s fucked up, but whatever. It takes 6? eh, ok you want to be sure you’re successful. Just run up on him wrap him up and take his shit. Even if the cops catch you that’s like a minor felony maybe. It damned sure isn’t murder.

Then again black folks do watch a bunch of Kung Fu flicks. These fuckers probably thought he was gonna bust out some ancient art or some shit and decided to just kill him and get it done with. This is why places don’t deliver to the hood.


Ok, I haven’t read one post or word in this article, I’m willing to be it’s black people, I will post and check

Edit: Yup.

We came to the same conclusions, but I don’t have any shame for my race at this moment.

They were probably related to the people that shot each other over who made the better Kool-Aid.


Inb4 RockB “black people are allowed to kill whomever they want and get away with it gifs”.

Inb4 troll attempt to derail serious thread into race discus…oh wait.

As sad as it is the silver lining is the scumbags were caught, it’s always nice to hear people getting their just desserts…oh wait.


I always get mad when I hear people getting violent over food. I almost got into a fight (yeah, I know ironic) with some douchbag in H.S. when he was bragging about him and his homeboys jacking some dude for Jack in The Box. I told him: “you want some cheese burgers, PATNA? I got some for you, PATNA!”

The story is actually true, but I didn’t say that. Wish I had now though, they were white dudes who probably would have pissed them selves with a wide-eyed black guy quoting a 90’s gansta movie* in the 90’s. :tup:

*parody :rofl:


Black people.


I thought shooting the guy in the foot was enough, but apparently it wasn’t. Then return to the scene of the crime after you fired two shots that someone had to hear? If you’re going to kill someone for a meal and a couple of bucks, you better get everything in one go.

These guys must have been really hungry to come up with this plan. They left only with the food in the first go and stopped to eat it before returning to loot even more.