Gunmetal and Terry Bogard 18


I really don’t get why Gunmetal insists on keeping Terry as a mod. No matter what Terry does.

I wont be supporting his stream any longer and honestly, I hope you guys do the same. He doesn’t care about the people that try to enjoy his stream/chat.

SS of chat



Terry is a douche, every encounter I have ever had with that kid has been painfully unpleasant. I have never been to the Gunmetal stream but have fought him multiple times online. He is always ridiculously salty if he loses and takes online MvC WAY too seriously. Kinda pathetic imo


Boo Hoo


Gunmetal stream is, has, and always will be doo doo He’s always claimed to be a part of the greater chicago scene and no one up there knows him. He always has horrible people in there making bold claims about the skill level of players in his stream. What can you expect from people who take marvel online seriously.


and this is why you go to the better stream with the better community, aka

Where the stream chat is chill 24/7, Mods are cool beans, PJS is a cool dude, and you can catch me, FruitPunch and others there at times.

Btw, you think Terry is bad? Wait till you meet I MAKE DEM QUIT or God Given fate :rofl:


Oh shit you’re fruit punch? You beat my ass a couple times. Thats pretty cool


ME COMMA Fruitpunch and others. Im Jsoledout.


How does this streaming stuff work? Some guy creates a lobby and streams it?


I think it’s hilarious that Terry Bogard has gone this long and still thinks he is the best. Despite multiple beatings.


Oh, sorry, my bad. I read it as “…you can catch me, FruitPunch, and others…”


This isn’t discussion of UMvC3: moving to the video gallery for lack of anyplace else excellent to put it.


lol Terry aka the saltiest man alive