Gunnm (Battle Angel Alita in the west) (spoilers)

I’ve just read through the entire series up until the most recent Last Order chapter.

Gally is one of the best lady characters I’ve ever seen in a anime/manga.

Any news on the movie?

I’ve only seen the OAV and it was pretty poor (too short). I have the manga but haven’t had a chance to read it.

Sweet, there are other Gunnm/BAA fans :wonder:! I have all of the volumns of the entire manga up to Vol 10 for Last Order. Just noticed that Vol. 11 and 12 are out now. Damn :wow:, I need to get these right away!

I also have the the 2 episode OVA in VHS format; not sure if it is on DVD. It only covers the first 2 volumns. After seeing it, I was disappointed with it overall. It did not do the series justice. This series really needs a good anime treatment than what we got for the OVA.

Has anyone played the PS1 Gunnm game? I’ve been wanting to check it out.

I’ve read of a movie being made. I’ll definitely check it out, hopefully it will be good.

  1. She’s not freakishly manlike/A tomboy to the point of caricature.

  2. She’s not a “I HATE MEN!!!” strawman feminist.

  3. She’s not a “I’M A CHICK WHO CAN KICKASS!!! GIRL POWER!!!” vehicle.

  4. She’s attractive but not a ridiculous bipedal pair of tits.

  5. She’s aggressive but not in a annoying way (Tsundere).

  6. She’s tender and soft in a few ways but she’s not a submissive doormat.

  7. She can actually curbstomp assholes physically. She’s not a support character.

Gally is a truly awesome lady character.

these comic books were dope, I love all the brain matter splattered about.

Another forum I frequent recommended this and I marathoned through both series over the course of two nights. What an amazing manga.

And forget being an awesome female character, Gally/Alita is one of the coolest characters I’ve ever encountered in any medium, period. I love how the story just keeps increasing in scope and how more and more fucked up things keep happening to her, yet she manages to get by them in a realistic way without resorting to the typical “believe in yourself and have courage and everything is fine!” cliche. It also helps that the antagonists are incredibly well developed; in fact I’d go so far as to say that except for Zappan and maybe Trinidad, there are no true “villains” in the entire BAA series. And man, I could probably write a college essay about how awesome Desty Nova is, especially in the latest manga arc.

Oh yeah, the fight scenes are awesome, probably the best drawn fight scenes in any manga or comic I’ve ever seen.

I remember about 10 years ago spending Sunday at a Barnes & Noble reading about 5 of the Alita TPBs. I don’t remember much, but the characters were very well-written and the goings-on in the Scrapyard was depressing stuff (like a mix of the movies A.I. and Children of Men). I’ll probably buy the TPBs again, around the time the Battle Angel movie is finished (sometime after 2010).

Oh yeah, Gally/Alita is an awesome, gorgeous chick.

Hell ya, Desty Nova is a genious. He is a cool villian!

Oh yeah, Desty Nova is pretty cool as well.

I’ve only watched the two episode anime, but I fell in love with it when I did. I’m terribly sad that it never took off, because the anime adaptation was kick ass.

I’m thinking of checking out the manga.

Loved Alita/Gally and her foster-father was just too badass for words, swinging around that giant spiked hammer/mace thing that’s more than twice his size.

I’m a fan too.

I have/read all the original books. Last order is bleh to me.

Same here, love this series
particularly the great depth of detail, both in art and story

Sechs is pretty hilarious.

Yet another BAA fan here. Have the series up to Last Order #2, lack of shelf space and money prevent me from continuing further right now. Question, does Alita ever meet up with that girl that pops up in her flashbacks? I imagine they’re foreshadowing to a reunion of some sort.

love this manga. definitely one of the best seinen mangas I’ve read.

volume 10 is out now jeez it was like 3 years ago when i read LO volume 9, better get to reading, finish it in 20 minutes and than wait for another year or two…

anybody exited for the James Cameron movie. Hope he can get it right.

Vilma is a dream boat.

This is one of my top 5 favorite series. Gally/Alita is an awesome character. Her fighting style is badass!

She’s far above all the other female characters in other mangas/anime.

Definitely my favorite female character of all time.

check it out

They need translators bad, I have followed this series since I met the guys at viz a LONG time ago, and I have always wished for a tv series but it seems we will still have to wait for that even though stuff like ippo, beserk, and Blade of the immortal have all gotten shows. Just keep your fingers crossed, this is still the best ongoing comic in my eyes period.

I do believe that Yukito might have hurt himself by making alita so powerful right now but nowing him he is not the type to be scared to make his protaganist weaker physically so that they can grow spirituallly.

Keep fighting Yoko we are all rooting for you.

Ps: where is EEKs with that badass av he used to have?

Awesome link Angelpalm. I’d rep you if i could.