Gunslinger Stratos- A versus light gun game from SquareEnix supported by Daigo

Yeah, really.

You had me at giant beam guns.

It’s just an unusual tidbit. Don’t be an ass about it. There’s already a thread about Gundam and DFO, both are not fighting games so why not go your shitty rant there too? If it really bothers a mod he can move this thread to GD with 2 clicks.

And BTW did you join SRK just to say that? How about you go and talk about fighting games for a bit yourself before complaining about unrelated threads?

This is fighting game discussion.

Looks like it’d be fun, kinda interesting how this is pioneering cash prizes for arcade tournaments in japan(assuming we’re talking about a nice chunk of money)

But Daigo supports it! I mean what other qualification could anything need than The Beast himself?!

Okay, I commented before watching the trailer. I would totally play this.

this pretty much looks like No More Heroes online edition. Minus the beam katana’s. :frowning:
Still, looks ok. 3PS are the bomb, so maybe I’ll like it.

Only thing I’m sad about is how it takes someone like Squeenix to actually put in prize money for Japanese tournaments.

Looks like a lame version of Border Break. :tdown:

U.S. will be all over this, given the chance, because 1.) Daigo supports it 2.) Daigo supports it 3.) it’s fruitty anime bs.

I hope you are just talking about looks because No More Heroes was horrible when it comes to mechanics, and arcade games put solid mechanics as the top priority.
Light gun game<>Wiggle you wiimote like a moron game.

But it is a fighting game?

I’m more curious with how a console version is going to work, if the controls allow it at all.

Game actually looks cool. The concept of actually combining the guns to create a super gun also seems rather unique (you see it in anime, but it hasn’t been executed with actual light guns before to my knowledge). I just wonder how mobility will play out, I see they have some floating/flying mechanic. It doesn’t look as faced pace or crazy as gunz though, so I doubt it will have some k-style like stuff.

I am curious why there is a thread about a light gun game in Fighting Game Discussion.

This game is actually made by ByKing, who are the same ex-Capcom developer bunch who bought us the recent Gundam Extreme Vs. That’s all I needed to hear in order to get me interested.

Also, per duckroll over at NeoGAF, sinobi blog confirmed that while this game is made with arcades in mind, they did consider the console market too. Which is a good thing, considering the arcade version will be on NESICA, and thus, can’t be be imported by Western arcade owners, even if they wanted to.

Aaaaaand my day is made. See you tomorrow guys!

I don’t remember much wiimote wagglan in NMH besides beam katana recharging. And that usually doesn’t interfere with combat if you stay 50ft away from an enemy/boss before you do it. If you haven’t tried it already, NMH2 is a much improved sequel and allows you to use the classic controller.

If they brought this to consoles, it MUST include a gun peripheral that is at least similar to the arcade version. Xbawx especially could use more light-gun games.

this is more important than when Justin Wong was commercially promoting DFO, because anyone on here could try DFO if they wanted to, but only the teeniest, tiniest fraction of SRK’s members will actually get to play this Gunslinger Stratos game.

here on SRK, we like to idealize things we will never ever have: perfectly-balanced fighting games, perfectly-balanced lives, perfectly-balanced women, etc.

Smash isn’t a fighting game post beat em ups and 3rd person shooters in fgd

Game seems like 2 Spicy on crack. Oh, here’s footage of Sega’s 2 Spicy to give an idea. Game came out years ago. Gameworks near me used to have it.


And yet when such things do exist, SRK will still moan and complain because it’s not the way THEY want it.