Gunslinger's Heihachi Guide

… work in progress
Change Log:
April 27 2012 - Added ‘Chrome Dome’ entry

Heihachi Frame-Data:

This is a very large, time-consuming, stressful undertaking.
Please ‘like’ to show support and someone with the ‘know-how’ contact a moderator to sticky the thread.

Hopefully this will help me maintain my sanity and continue updating this one-stop shop for Hei.
Also, please don’t be afraid to contribute. There’s just too much to cover on my own. Especially Match-Up specific stuff.

CH = Counter-Hit
AA = Anti-Air
KD = Knock-Down

Bits and Pieces

Chrome Dome


Chrome Dome (f+LP+MP - hold to charge)
Properties: On-Hit +2f/ground bounce; On-Block -2f/-9f; Armor Head; CH Slip; AA KD

A specialty move for special situations.

This move achieves greatness alone as Heihachi’s only viable Anti-Cross-Up option. Heihachi will reel-back (like a Horse) converting the ‘cross-up’ trajectory ark into a frontal jump. When delayed (charged long enough) he will force the opponent to land infront of him where Heihachi can immediately attack with a possible Counter-Hit which results in Slip (+21f. advantage). If the opponent does nothing upon landing, this move, is safe on block.

It also works well as a general AA. Taking a main advantage in surprise factor.



Great vs Marduk Spinning Backfist (b+MP)
Unreliable vs Hugo Lariat (qcf+K)
Good vs Hugo Body-Splash


Last Updated April 16th 2012

Fundamentals: Breaking Guard

Work in progress…
Change Log:
*April 10 2012 - Replaced “:f:” with *** :u: **to denote a ‘juggle’
*April 10 2012 - Replaced “>” with *** :f: **to help facilitate readability by adding a ‘break’ in coding

It is unconventional, but, to assist in the readability (user friendliness) of reading the code. I needed a means to add a ‘break’. Error coding disallows simply adding multiple ‘spaces’. So I have instead substituted a ‘space’ with :u:

:u: will have two uses. It will denote that the next section of code will signify a juggle as well as add in a ‘break’ to help with readability.

There may be errors in the combos due to the massive overhaul to help with readability (It’s friggin 6am as I did this and I’m tired)

Listed below are, Go-To combos, for varying situations

**:u: = **Juggle
xx = Cancel



[DMG: 382; BAR: 0] cl.HP xxRU+MP :u: cl.HP xxRU+MP :u: cl.HP xxDU+HK, P
Execution Level = Easy

[DMG: 504; BAR: 2] cl.HP xxRU+MP :u: cl.HP xxRU+MP :u: cl.HP xxRaijin’s Wrath
Execution Level = Easy

Try to incorporate this string or a close variation (due to distance variables) whenever possible.



Demon Breath Hit-Confirm
[DMG: 332; BAR: 0] (hit-low) s.LK/cr.LK xxDB+LP, s.LK xxRU+LP :u: cl.HP xxRU+MP :u:cl.HP** xxDU+HK

Execution Level = Easy



Hammer Punch
[DMG: 351; BAR: 0] (midscreen) b+LP, s.MP xxRU+LP :u: cr.MK xxRU+MP :u: cl.HP xxDU+HK, P**
[DMG: 372; BAR: 0] (corner) b+LP, s.MP xxRU+LP :u: cl.HP xxRU+MP :u: cl.HP xxDU+HK, P**

Execution Level = Medium - Easy (2f link into Made easy with Plinking)

[DMG: 358; BAR: 0] b+LP, f+LP, LP xxRU+HP :u: **cl.HP xxRU+MP **** :u: cl.HP xxDU+HK, P
[DMG: 354; BAR: 0] b
, f+LP, MP :u: **cl.HP xxRU+MP ** :u: **cl.HP xxDU+HK, P

Execution Level = Medium - Hard (1f link into F+lp).



Eisho Mon
[DMG: 362; BAR: 0] (Corner) f***+MP*, s.MP xxRU+LP :u: cl.HP xxRU+MP ** :u: cl.HP xxDU+HK, P
[DMG: 341; BAR: 0] (Close) f
, s.MP xxRU+LP :u: cr.MK xxRU+MP :u: cl.HP xxDU+HK, P
[DMG: 332; BAR: 0] (Far) f
*+MP,* s.LK xxRU+LP :u: cl.HP xxRU+MP :u: **cl.HP xxDU+HK, P

[DMG: 366; BAR: 1] (Extreme-Far) f***+MP*, s.LK xxs.HP xxRU+PP :u: cl.HP xxRU+MP ** :u:cl.HP xxDU+HK, P
[DMG: 364; BAR: 1] (Extreme-Far) f
, s.LK xxRU+PP :u: **cl.HP xxRU+MP ** :u: **cl.HP xxDU+HK, P

Use of 1-bar will enable significant damage (1/3 life) and keep Hei on point (resting partner).

[DMG: 175; BAR: 0] (Extreme-Far) f+MP, s.LK xxs.HK-launcher…

[344dmg; BAR: 0] **f+MP, f+LP, MP :u: **cl.HP xxRU+MP ** :u: **cl.HP xxDU+HK, P




Low Attack
[DMG: 322dmg; BAR: 0] **s.LK/cr.LK xxRU+LP :u: **cl.HP xxRU+MP ** :u: **cl.HP xxDU+HK, P
[DMG: 352dmg; BAR: 0] **cr.MK xxRU+LP :u: **cl.HP xxRU+MP ** :u: **cl.HP xxDU+HK, P



Jab Hit-Confirm
[DMG: 342; BAR: 0] **cr.LP, b.MP xxRU+MP :u: **cl.HP xxRU+MP ** :u: **cl.HP xxDU+HK, P
[DMG: 314; BAR: 0 ] **cr.LP, cr.LP, b.MP xxRU+MP :u: **cl.HP xxRU+MP ** :u: **cl.HP xxDU+HK, P
[DMG: 287; BAR: 0 ] **cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.LP, b.MP xxRU+MP :u: **cl.HP xxRU+MP ** :u: **cl.HP xxDU+HK, P
Execution Level = Hard (1f link and difficult movements)

[DMG: 302; BAR: 0 ] **cr.LP, s.LK xxRU+LP :u: **cl.HP xxRU+MP ** :u: **cl.HP xxDU+HK, P
[DMG: 282; BAR: 0 ] **cr.LP, cr.LP, s.LK xxRU+LP :u: **cl.HP xxRU+MP ** :u: **cl.HP xxDU+HK, P
[DMG: 259; BAR: 0 ] **cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.LP, s.LK xxRU+LP :u: **cl.HP xxRU+MP ** :u: **cl.HP xxDU+HK, P
Execution Level = Easy (2f link and easy movements)

[DMG: 314; BAR: 0 ] **cr.LP, f+LP, MP :u: **cl.HP xxRU+MP ** :u: **cl.HP xxDU+HK, P
[DMG: 291; BAR: 0 ] cr.LP, cr.LP, f+LP, MP :u: cl.HP xxRU+MP ** :u: **cl.HP xxDU+HK, P
Execution Level = Easy-Medium (2f link and Easy/Moderate movements)

[DMG: 332dmg; BAR: 0 ]** cr.LP, cr.MK xxRU+lp :u: **cl.HP xxRU+MP ** :u: **cl.HP xxDU+HK, P
Execution Level = Easy (Need to be point-blank)



[DMG: 314; BAR: 0 ] ** cl.HP xxRU+MP ** :u: cl.HP xxDU+HK, P
[DMG: 447; BAR: 2] ** cl.HP xxRU+MP ** :u: cl.HP xxRaijin’s Wrath

Only ‘switch-in’ to Raijin’s Wrath if combo count is just a few hits of hard-hitting normals (hp/hk) or Uppercut. Otherwise Damage Scaling will EASILY waste the meter.



Ground to Air
[DMG: 298; BAR: 0] **b+MP xxRU+LP/MP :u: cl.HP xxRU+MP ** :u: s.HP
[DMG: 348; BAR: 2] **b+MP xxRU+LP/MP :u: cl.HP xxRU+MP ** :u: cl.HP xxRU+PP

[DMG: 294; BAR: 0] b+MP xxRU+LP/MP :u: cl.HP xxDR+HK, P

[DMG: 268; BAR: 0] f+LP, MP :u: cl.HP xxRU+MP :u: cl.HP
[DMG: 264; BAR: 0] *f+LP, MP * :u: cl.HP xxDU+HK, P

Air to Air
[DMG: 203; BAR: 0] (counter-hit) *j.LK/LP * :u: f+LP, MP xxcl.HP
[DMG: 263; BAR: 1] (counter-hit) *j.LK/LP * :u: f+LP, MP xxcl.HP xxRU+PP



Heaven’s Wrath
[DMG: 216; BAR: 0] HW, cr.MK xxDU+HK, P
[DMG: 359; BAR: 2] HW, cr.MK xxRaijin’s Wrath
[Approx DMG: 444; BAR: 3] cr.MK xxTag Super

The above-listed combos, deal, with most situations
You can kind of mix and match. Be careful about Damage Scaling. And don’t tack on a Super/Tag Super if you have incurred a large combo count, especially, with weaker hit-confirm normals.

In the event a canceled normal into RU+lp will whiff (RU+lp needs to be pretty close to opponent to connect) replace with ex version.
Alternatively, try to cancel RU+lp off, does not push-back very far… and … due to it hitting low - it only kinda knocks back the legs whilst keeping the opponents upper body close… enabling RU+lp to connect.

In the event a ‘far’ S.hp comes out. Either try to take one step forward first. Or, replace with

Nice work on this guide. This will save me a lot of time.

Thanks, man.
Going to be a lot of effort. But hopefully I can create a single one-stop-shop for the beginners and intermediate players.

"[358dmg; 0bar] B+lp, F+lp, sp > S.hp xxRU+hp > S.hp xxDU+hk, p"


Sorry, I have no idea what the hell was happening there. It has been rectified to …
[358dmg; 0bar] **B+lp, F+lp, lp xxRU+hp > S.hp xxRU+mp > S.hp xxDU+hk, **p

I have fixed up some other errors. Everything kind of looks the same after awhile when you make it all up. So some things got muddled. So hopefully nothing else pops up or I can spot them as I add more things.

This thread is epic and may have stopped me dropping Hei due to lack of concrete info. I’m too been and time pressed to work these things out myself. Top work mate!

“2f link into Made easy with Plinking”
Imo double-tap is better then plink for 2F links. Plink effectively makes a 2F link into 3F one, while double-tap makes it into a 4F one.**

Personal preference comes into it too. I hate double tapping, but get on with plinking fine.

Either way… it’s an easy combo to do, when utilizing, execution enhancing techniques :slight_smile:

Don’t forget a section on handling projectiles – his QCB+K is energy-based projectile immune (so it gets hit by ibuki knives/etc), and his qcf+LP/MP reflect energy projectiles while FP absorbs them (although I am not sure you actually get any benefit to absorbing – maybe it heals him? I don’t think you get meter)

I’m having trouble with your counter combos, any help?

Sorry. Big error in that string.

There is no xxS.hp

That’s left over coding from copy paste. My bad. Fixed.

You should take that info in the third post and cut/paste it into your first post. Since you have the first three posts, you might as well make the first post Heihachi only tech, second post Heihachi team synergy, and third Heihachi matchups. If this is indeed meant to be a one stop shop. The first two posts are completely useless right now, and you should edit them to make them useful.

IF you start loading this with more info, I’ll be glad to help compile info and take damage numbers. But this forum is messy as fuck and nobody is updating their posts and even basic stuff is missing. I’m wanting to at least make a new Heihachi combo thread that actually has info, but you seem to post in the Hei forum pretty regularly so I don’t see why I can’t help stack info into this thread while it’s here.

… work in progress

If you wouldn’t mind, when you redo your combos, could you stick to calling, say, the LP version of Rising Uppercut “LP RU” instead of RU+LP? IE:

[302dmg; 0bar] C.lp, xxRU+lp > S.hp xxRU+mp > S.hp xxDU+hk, p

Could be:

[302dmg; 0bar] cr.LP > st.LK xx LP RU > st.HP xx MP RU > st.HP xx HK DU+P

I don’t know, it might be a Tekken thing, but it looks a bit odd to me.

Thanks. I understand your concerns. It’s just that us sf guys have come from
qcf+p … Or… f, qcf+p, …Or… DP+mp

I’ve been trying find a hybrid way of notation. I’ll work on a more easily readable way of notation for everyone.

I figure you’ll be fine just saying srk or qcf, that’s what everyone here is probably most comfortable with. Just make a little announcement at the beginning saying that those are the annotations you’ll be using and nobody will have any qualms.

I was wondering if you needed help on any section in specific? I’d like to help out but I don’t wanna waste what time you’ve spent doing the same research. I could try finding some safe(ish) block strings into ambiguous cross up setups.

Thanks. I’ve been rather busy with other obligations.
I’ll personally be focusing on his move-list. From normals to special moves. Their properties and uses.
eg. RU+pp has a juggle ability of 6, where as, DU+k has a juggle ability of about 4.
Would there be a reason to use s.LP over cr.Lp.
Break down of how b+LP works. Also how s.LK affects an opponents hit-box.

And also a general guide on how to approach the use of Hei. What are your options far, medium and close range. What is Hei’s zoning range. etc.

Haven’t even thought about “set-ups”. So you can have fun doing all them. I’ve got the boring stuff.