GUNTERS vids etc

I just read Gunters closing down thread…

HAs anyone got the videos (GAMES) from his site saved and would be kind enuff to post up a link or sumthin.

is there ne way i can close this stupid thread! no-one helps here selfish people.

and gunter can fuck off…he sounds like a twat neway who wants his videos

i have most em burned on a cd-r along with some old combo vids. if you want em just pm with your address and stuff.

oh really…hey thx dude…at least sum in here is NICE! :smiley:

nice one mate…hey e-mail me ur add and then ill giv u my add etc…thx a lot

there not his, there bas’s

and who is this Bas?

will he be kind enuff to giv me the vids?


He’s dying to give you his videos!

Especially after he’s seen how polite you are to Gunter

Because after all, what kind of a CvS2 god would he be if he didn’t go out of his way to help stupid, ungrateful scrubs with no respect for the people who help out the community with no returns.


hey u listen up jus a minute ok, i am not a scrub jus cos im a junior member on this website it doesnt mean i am an amateur u shud realize that, and secondly i dont need bas or Gunter to giv me their vids i alreayd got most of em, and ther are still nice ppl around to share stuff like Trick who is the only guy that seems to be helping me here…so watch wat u say next time and he is no GOD hes jus a normal human whos been playing and researcing the game a lot more than we have, cos he dont ave nethin better to do. :evil:

do u have to be in srk to be ‘in the community’?? srk is just a meeting place, i bet the japanese have that same shit there… BAS owns it, hands down

To be in the “community” doesn’t mean that you have to post frequently in the SRK boards. The “community” as far as I am concerned is the SF community. Meaning if you play SF seriously and attend tourneys and the like you’re in.

BAS = God

  • Anyone who is not a scrub should know this by now.

Gunter = One of the most valuable assets to the SF community ever, respected by many, MANY people

  • Anyone who is not a scrub should know this by now.

JinTheAvenger = Ungrateful scrub

  • Anyone who has read this thread should know this by now.

@ Jin -
If you don’t want to sound like an ungrateful scrub try respecting peoples opinions and don’t blatantly say stupid stuff like “and gunter can fuck off…he sounds like a twat neway who wants his videos …moron”

If Bas was god he’s win more tourneys. Get off of his nuts already. IF Bas was God he could do Sakura on both sides. The community is to help others get better. Yea gunter was a big help. Now hes gone…deal with it. Oh btw Bas is not god. People like you always calling others scrubs is what makes the community suck balls. same with those who are all over the japanese nuts. the community is supposed to make you better and help you get better while finding good comp and friends. ever hear of top players talking about how godly bas or ino are? i heard them say their crazy good and that their the best comp. gods? far from it…get a life other than sucking on top players nuts and go learn the games for once.

Firstly, we don’t actually mean he IS God, 'cause the way you’re talking it sounds like you believe people actually think that. We just mean he is easily one of the greatest players ever. Secondly, people like myself and MANY MANY MANY MANY others who shoot down noobs are not what makes ‘the community suck balls’. What sucks are noobs who drive away the intelligent people who are trying to help because of their ignorance and arrogance. May I direct you here for just one example;

When I was a noob at this game I asked questions with respect like “Can anyone help this noob out with some Ken BnB’s… and what does BnB stand for?” NOT “This character SUX” or state completely incorrect information like “Guile is pathetic”.

I personally haven’t had any beef with you before but you obviously have to learn the difference between ‘sucking on peoples balls’ and ‘due respect’.

ranevski i’m not beefing with you cuz the drama in games is stupid. yea he made a dumb comment. but like you said he’s a noob. get over it. you make it sound like he hit a soft spot when he said fuck gunter. nothing you or anybody else says is gonna bring him back unless he wants to.

I’m not trying to make a big deal out of it. I guess I’ve just been a little on the pissed off side ever since Gunter left becuase of all the shit I see around today. Taking his useful advice and frame data help with him. I don’t have to get ‘over’ anything, other people have frame data to share and great advice too, it just dissapoints me when I see people like this who talk about stuff they know nothin about. It’s cool, there’s always gonna be people who do shit like this, but that ain’t gonna stop me and others telling those people to STFU.

On a final note I origanlly came into this thread because I formatted my com and also wanted to see if anyone has ye’ old Gunter vids for me to d/l.

P.S. Is it just me or has there been three posts ‘in the future!?’

You posted on May 18, 2004? My god!

*Originally posted by Ranevski *

JinTheAvenger = Ungrateful scrub

  • Anyone who has read this thread should know this by now.


they are normal human beings…

Jin, if you bothered to READ the other posts… bah there must be no helping you. Trick and I already discussed that.

Well, I’m a capcom community novice and now nothing about Gunter. But does anyone have any of these vids or Frame Data? If so PLZ contact me so we can transfer via AIM or MSN. Thanx. I was always wondering about Frame Data for this game. Like how many frames per sec does the game run. (Tekken and SC are 60 per sec) and about moves and crap. This would help me ALOT. Vids (matches and tutorials, not so much combo vids . . . unless they involve Chun-Li. :slight_smile: ) and insightful FAQs for the up and coming CvS2 player would also be helpful. But mostly Gunter Vids and Frame Data.

btw, b4 I heard a bunch of stereotypical crap about the 2D community and most of them being JP wanna bees and sunlight deprived Otaku’s and pricks. This doesn’t seem to be the case (Or at least any more so than in the 3D community as well). So I’m glad I finally stepped into SRK.

Dude, i wasn’t calling you a scrub because of your junior member status. I called you a scrub on the “Fuck Gunter, who is bas?”

And bas IS god. Never forget that. He knows what you’re thinking.

dang…is it May already?