Guru of Gangstarr loses his fight with cancer

Real shame. I was listening to Moment of Truth just the other day.

Him and Premo were one of the best duos to do it imo

one of the few rappers i found truly timeless, this is sad.

Wow. This is truly sad. I was just listening to Jazzamatazz Vols 1 & 2 the other day. RIP.

Wow my heart just broke right now. I can’t believe this just happened.

i mean RIP and all, but the nigga sounds like a bitter asshole.

I don’t think this is all of the story. I don’t trust Solar one bit, and Premo had been by the hospital and was the first one to release a statement concerning Guru’s health, only to have it counteracted by Solar speaking for Guru. I don’t trust this fucking snake, nor do I buy that letter. You mention Solar four times and your son once? Really? I call bullshit.

Regardless, R.I.P. to one of the greats. Guess we’ll never know.

even before he got sick guru was on some “fuck premo” shit though, refusing to say the nigga’s name and shit.

I hold some skepticism too. Guru would have been heavily medicated and to have come out of a coma to announce he’s severing all ties Premo and praise Solar to the heavens is highly suspect.

I saw the video with Guru’s nephew talking about how he couldn’t see his uncle because Solar was posing as a family member and not allowing anyone else in. What a tragedy.

Man, in times of death people do some really scummy shit. I like their music, my best friend is a huge fans so this is just shitty.

Last week Type-o Negative, this week Gangstarr, next week Bad Religion or the Toasters have a death. April is just angry at music.

r.i.p muthafucka is a legend in the bean and a legend in general.

fuck man one of the few mc’s i respected, his gangstarr shit was on the highest level. rip, and fuck solar with a big ass butcher knife. i hope his son does get the royalties his daddy earned for him. what a way 2 wake up.

RIP Guru
Moment Of Truth is one of my favorite albums ever

OMG…that just ruined my day.
I was listening to some old tracks of Gangstarr.


R.I.P. To Guru,I was bumping Moment Of Truth last night.It’s a sad day today

wow rip.
Last time I saw him (~4 years?) I said he looked like he had cancer. I didnt recognize him.

And I bet there is a tragic story behind that sham letter.

was guru gay?

I don’t even know what to say,this is terrible.I guess we can all pay respects by playing Guru’s and Gang Starr’s music as much as possible.

My favourite Gang starr songs are [media=youtube]3V8gXmORTCQ"]DWCYK,Mass Appeal and [URL=“”[/media].

Also my favourite track from the Jazzmatazz series is [media=youtube]UT4kP7INq4U"[/media] from Jazzmatazz Vol.1


P.S that letter is fishy as hell

Moment of Truth was my favorite track from them.

Guru will be missed.

does it matter? doesnt take away from his talent.

Yes he was. Found out myself today… its a shame.