Guts scaling

So can someone explain to me how guts scaling works
I understand that under guts, you are able to take more hits and potentially survive.
Does that mean Ryu’s health is not 1000 but 1000+?


I don’t know the specific numbers to it but to watch it in action go into training mode, turn on attack display, and do two combos. Once when the opponent has full health then beat them up until they have low health and do the same combo again. The numbers won’t match.

Once an opponents health reaches a certain threshold, you’re attacks are automatically scaled so that each attack doesn’t do 100% damage anymore. Same applies for combos so the first his isn’t at 100.

Once I grab the game, I’ll try calculate some numbers

Need to know how many bnbs i need to kill

It’s probably just like SF4 I’d imagine.

When your health drops under 50% you take 95% of the damage you normally would. When health drops below 30% you take 90% of the damage you normally would. When your health drops below 15% you take 75% of the damage you normally would. I haven’t checked but I’d bet that is how it would work in SFV.

Note that it is based on when the attack hit you, not the end result. So if Ryu (1000health max) was at 501 health the next hit would still do full damage, even if it was 200 damage. However it’s based on HITS not moves, like combo scaling, so if you did say one attack that hit 3x then the damage would be lowered on the hits that occur after he drops below 50% health.