Guts vs. Smarts

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I don’t think the poll helps in giving you many intelligent responses. Many are just going to hide behind the tracking of statistics.

Anyhoo, I think it’d be silly to take one over the other, you gotta have both (I-M-O). Both come from experience. I’m often accused of being too “flashy” or “greedy” to which I tend associate with “gutsy”. I always respond to those people with the same philosophy:

“The people who actually go for the sick shit, are the ones that get the sick shit”.

That’s really all I have to say on that.


In 3S, he who guesses correctly the most, wins. If neither guesses or if neither guesses correctly, he with the best strategy wins.

Guts based on smarts is the best answer. But if I had to pick one, I’d go with guts because w/o them this game gets faggoty boring.

I say smarts. Guts leads to a huge bunch of mistakes. Smarts leads to educated guesses.

You can play the game completely techincally, while still going for the “sick shit”. Like unnecessary red parries. :tup:

UltraDavid : I cant agree with u, the better player will win, not the better guesser.

Depends how you play. Fun = guts Win = smarts. Arguably every match takes both, but it depends on your driving factor I’m the guy who wins with a super or wins nothing, and plays Akuma for those tight combos and uses Ken’s back throw in corner for the 1 hit off shippu.

^ Didnt u create a thread about how 3s sucks?

^ heh heh

Yep, but then after the 5 or so intelligent posts in the thread I was persuaded to try it out again. 40 hours of playing later, I’ve developped a taste for it. Besides, it’s the only 2D fighter my friends play with me, nobody wants to play kof 2k2 :sad: .

your friends have good taste, kof is kof

Bunch of gutless nerds, this SRK. :expressionless:

Neither, you just need priority

get your mod powers out of here.

hey btw fmj are you still in atl? im out of school now, so we can play if you like.