Gutta Trash

More pencil on paper. Onlt thing enhanced is the white rim around Dudley in ps. Definitely not my best work. Let me know what you think.

[cough]REVIVE SFMC’S THREAD.[/cough]

looks dead on pete. Whats with all this Dudley talk? What happened to yo boy Necro


SFMC…this Is solid.Dont worry about it not being your best work- this is just a rough sketch, your already got the foundations down…- Keep it Loose and fluid man… I see youve used the eraser to do some cross contours to show his build in shoulders and arms- and the linework showing the weight shifting in his walk- Man, as far as 2d boxers are concerned, Dudley Is a “Class A” fighter man…keep it going Dude.

Nice one shin.
I like the eraser job as well. I’m stealing that.

btw how do you get your scans in like that w/o losing all the shades of gray?

Excellent job, youve obviously got some skill as far as drawing goes. I suck at art unfortunatly, feel lucky that youve got the gift:tup:

…Your pics are always solid SFMC. I really like the glove design, good job again…

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