Gutted :(

Thought I was going to be the first to have a purely glass stick. Had the design and everything…

Sent off an e-mail to a local glassworks and got this reply:-

**Hi Chris,

Certainly an interesting product.

Regarding the glass you enquired about, there are no major problems with production but there are certain rules regarding closeness of holes when toughening which would have to be checked against a final drawing.

The only other problem could be that the engraving would have to be carried out before the glass is toughened. So the glass would be finished by us, sent for engraving and returned to us for toughening.

Glass does however occaisionally blow up during the toughening process so in theory all the engraving work could be lost.

We could either sandblast a pattern or paint the back of the glass after toughening but i doubt if the result would have the desired wow-factor that you are hoping to achieve with your designs.

So I got a button template and sent it off, hoping to order my bits today, but instead I got this:-

Hi Chris,
We’ve studied your drawing and unfortunately due to the closeness of the holes it would be highly unlikely that all the holes would be drilled before a breakage occured between them as the spacing is as small as 6mm. The finished product certainly would not lend itself to toughening again due to the spacing between holes being too small.
We considered offering Laminated glass which would not require toughening but it has been decided after consultation that it would be extremely unlikely that the glass would survive intact being drilled.
It is therefore our conclusion after seeing your drawings that we would be unable to produce your keyboard.
Sorry on this occaision and Good Luck with your product.

I’m propperly dissapointed :frowning:

Please stop making threads

We all appreciate your and relate to your enthusiasm of sticks, but we really didn’t need to hear about this.