Gutter Trash!: A Dudley Combo Thread

Post the combos that have been confirmed so far, im working on a list based on the J.Wong video.

Couple of BnBs

cr.Short ~ st.Forward xx Jab Jet Upper > Fierce Jet Upper/Ultra 2/Super

cr.Jab > cr.Jab > st.Roundhouse xx Fierce Jet Upper or Jab Jet Upper > Jab Machine Gun Blow

cr.Strong xx EX Machine Gun Blow > Jab Machine Gun Blow

f+Forward > cr.Jab > st.Roundhouse xx Jab Jet Upper > Jab Machine Gun Blow

f+Roundhouse > st.Roundhouse xx Jab Jet Upper > Fierce Jet Upper/Super/Ultra 2

cr.Jab > cr.Jab > st.Roundhouse xx Short Ducking Uppercut > FADC > cr.Jab > st.Roundhouse xx Jab Jet Upper > Fierce Jet Upper

Being able to juggle certain moves is range and character specific. These work on most characters.

the first couple months of experimenting character specific combos are always the most arduous. I was thinking about Sagat and how he can f.rh from his TU fadc. Since dudley has so many juggling specials and possibly command normals, he should have a ton of followups to really boost his damage in between srk to ultra.

Also, i’m surprised that s.rh is fast enough to hit from the frame advantage of cr.lp. i’m guessing it’s a 1 frame link?

And as always, thanx for the the infos!


Cant wait to try these.

You can get FJU after JJU? That’s some 3s shit right there.

I can’t wait to see what else develops with duds as this game is out for a few months

Jump in Fierce/EX MGB option select is very useful as well. Jumping Fierce has so much hit stun that you can feasibly use it to hit confirm into standing Roundhouse as well. And if it is blocked you can go into Dart Shot/Low Target combo/Throw/Short Swing Blow mix up.

Wow just looking at the BnBs. It seems ridiculous(in a good way). Dudley = god.

I cant wait to start experimenting!

And if you’re not feeling your execution that day, or just want to play it safe for tourney sake, you can go with f+Roundhouse > c. Jab > S. Roundhouse. Which is stupid good for how easy it essentially is.

Yo, wtf… Are you serious about f+roundhouse (the overhead) being able to link to standing roundhouse? Doesn’t that mean you can cancel into EX Machine Gun Blow?
Edit: Wow, the overhead indeed can link into cr. lp or st. hk. I can’t wait…

Also, how hard do the crouching jab/f+roundhouse into standing roundhouse links feel like? If these are like at least 2 frame links, Dudley is god tier.

Also, does standing roundhouse force stand against crouching opponents? And does EX Machine Gun Blow only hit standing opponents (or at least most)?

I also heard that the sweep launcher can also be linked from the overhead? How the hell is this true… Dudley for life. :bgrin:

Its gonna be weird adapting from 3s Dudley to SSF4 Dudley after all this time.

Hopefully he is not toooo different. Still wish you could LP MGB juggle. XP

Dart Shot > st.Roundhouse is a delayed 1 frame link and is pretty hard to nail 100%. Dart Shot > cr.Jab > st.Roundhouse is piss easy but scales the combo into oblivion.

He is very well balanced in terms of damage output.

As far as I am aware none of his launchers are affected by crouching opponents as they all hit ‘mid’.

C.LP’s link into S.HK which is cool.

And people are saying you can C.LK S.MK link into overhead? True?

I would think it would push you back too far, and even then isn’t s. mk a force stand?

i can imagine could link into overhead? it’s supposed to have a lot of +frames on hit. that’s just a guess though.
is the OP gonna update? the makoto forum is crazy! we can’t let them win!

Confirmed. He can EX MGB or C.HK into LP MGB.

I still wanna know if J.HK S.HK xx EX MGB C.HK x2 LK BSB would work.

I’ve seen people trying it in videos, but you can link the cr.Short st.Forward in a combo. They were trying to use 2 x cr.Short. In fact you need to link it after a cr.Jab. Obviously this means the combo does not start off hitting low, but it is good for range specific juggles as the pushback is less than cr.Jab x 2 > st.Roundhouse. You can hit confirm into Ultra using no meter at all if you use cr.Jab > cr.Short~st.Forward xx Jab Jet Upper but it scales down to like 320 dmg. Useful to know it is guaranteed damage off a jab if you have Ultra and have used your Super already.

a ducking upper is also possible right? probably easier to hit confirm and easier to hit if the person is out of range when footsieing.
is ducking upper safe on block?

S.MK has like no pushback.In the gamenight video i pushes back lie one little square of the training stage.That little little square that is part of the larger ones.It’s pretty ridiculous actually.