Gutter Trash Vol 1 (United Kingdom 3rd Strike Tournament)


Hey 3rd Strike fiends last weekend we held the first volume of Gutter Trash at Heart of Gaming arcade in London, the tournaments were capped at 32 but we had well over 40 people turn up for casuals from all around the UK, France and Switzerland (Including Otana, Nikola, Victor, Massi, Makaveli, Harmonaz, NGUboy* Ryan Hart and Zak Bennett) 5 CPS3 boards were setup on Versus Cities and we streamed it on Twitch. Needless to say there was endless amounts of hype and the feedback we’ve had is amazing

Scaipgote made a short highlight reel which blew up on Reddit thanks to Gucci Suits commentary

Here’s the extended version

TheShend uploaded the top 8’s to his channel

And 2v2

MisoGangsta took some sick photos

And i supplied the artwork

So yeah! next one will be in May or June so hope to see some of you there!

*GGPO Superstar


The uk 3s scene is alive and well. Anyone in the area should definitely come to the next one and find out what the old school fgc was like.


wish i visited uk while i was in ireland. good job guys looks like it was a lot of fun :tup:


this game is too much fun.
that is an awesome tournament.


I will pray for a free plane ticket to the uk.


Gucci’s commentary was absolutely godlike. And unbiased. Definitely unbiased.


This. And the blowups. The blowups were so amazing.

Doubleposting and I don’t even care.


Why can’t we have such nice things?


we can! just have to build it up.

current day European scenes show that there’s still plenty of opportunity to build local scenes if we’re willing to put in the work. especially around major population centers, there’s no reason we can’t do what they’re doing.


Updated with the video for the 2v2 tournament!

This tournament is part of a 3s revival in the UK, the game died quite a bit when SF4 came out but SF4 also brought new players to fighting games around the UK and eventually to 3s. Keep faith and work hard!


Sweet poster. :smile:


Thanks! i made high quality prints of the poster and sold them at the event


Also, if you didn’t watch the whole thing, head to Heart of Gaming’s twitch archives and watch everything in one piece. I guarantee you it will be worth it!


awesome commentary. love the use of profanity! hope to see more tournaments from you guys in the future!


@yuuki…word is we’ll be doing these every 5 months. Not to mention there are quite a few tourneys going down in Europe and Scotland will be hosting 3s 3v3 at the end of March.

Thanks for all the kind words on the commentary guys, I’m very much looking forward to the next one.


Try saving up money instead.


I prefer free. I can barely eat these days!


Pretty sick Deemo and everyone involved!

Deemo specifically though, I want to you ask this: Why did you do that to Dudley?! That Daipan Dude is no longer buff!


Dudley wanted to fight in the middleweight division as he bodied everyone in Heavyweight

Honestly tho, my characters have extremely thin arms and legs so i drew Dudley 3 times the size that i normally do lol


Is there much of a SF4 scene here in the UK? I’m just getting into all this properly and I live out in Colchester with nobody to play with =(