Guy (Alpha Tier Ranking)


If we were to rank Guy according to which version of him is the Best to Worst from Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Alpha 2 Gold & Alpha 3 what would the order be.

I’m thinking Alpha 1 Guy would be the best, Redizzy’s plus damage outtake.

Then it comes down to the other 3, I’ve heard Alpha 2 Gold Guy is better than Alpha 2 Guy simply because he now has a Lv.3 super and some moves are a hair faster.

Then comes Alpha 3. I’m not sure if A3 Guy is better than A2 or A2G Guy so what’s say you guys?


well guy was the best n a1 besides ken akuma he was like 3 or 4th worst n a2 and upper middle n a3


Alpha 1 > Alpha 3 > Alpha 2 Gold > Alpha 2