Guy Anti-Airs, Bushin Flips and Air Throws



After analyzing Guy’s hit boxes, It seems that all of his normals require a very strict and specific spacing to connect. Also, there is no hitbox posted for the second hit of his Ninja Sickle, but I find myself landing this a lot more in in-game situations. Because of this, it seems that Ninja Sickle is his best anti-air option because it creates space if whiffed outside of the corner and if it hits, because there is a delay in the hit detection on the other character, you can get meaty follow ups. Has anyone else found out about this?

Also, concerning his Air Throw. According to the hitboxes shown in his data, they vary according to the button that is pushed (LP=Lower Hitbox, MP=Mid-Range Hitbox, HP=Higher Hitbox). Is this important in reference to using it correctly?

And concerning the Bushin Flips, are there any setups that give a free bushin flip or anything character-specific?


regarding ninja sickle, its a decent anti air, but its not really that practical in a match. tk izuna / hk tatsu / are all much more viable (and safe) anti airs.

regarding his Izuna (air throw): if youre going to be TK Izuna’ing people, its suggested to use HP Izuna. if youre jumping in on someone and suspect an attack that would make them airborne, or a backdash (many characters are considered airborne during a backdash), LP Izuna is recommended. this is strictly regarding non EX Izuna’s, of course. EX Izuna > all

for bushin flip setups you can do: Run x Slide > EX Bushin flip. if they try to do anything they will either be grabbed, or their reversal will wiff. the only thing they can do is crouch to avoid it.


^you can do many ex bushin flip setups that are completely uncrouchable , catches them in their standing frames. can be done off a forward throw, a backward throw, a run slide, an ex spin kick, etc. the only thing they can do to avoid is invincible reversal or backdash, and if they backdash you are left at frame advantage to continue pressure. it may be possible to option select sweep or something if they backdash, but i haven’t tested or anything so i wouldn’t know off hand


Oddly enough, many characters can just hold up to get out of the uncrouchable bushin flip setups. Hakan is one of them. Test it out, you’ll realize there are alot of holes in this tactic.

I’d say it probably doesn’t work all that well against most grapplers since they have extra unthrowable prejump frames.


Some characters can just reversal to get out of the EX-bushin flip like ibukis neck breaker… also i tried delaying the bushin flip just a little and you can grab the backdash however you cannot grab them if they are crouching(am guessing this might also work against the hakan jump too) … guess its good if they are only backdashing all the time to escape…


Uncrouchable Bushin Flip?

Wait a minute Cammy has a similar Bushin flip type move her hooligan throw and on wakeup if you only try to crouch you can grab them on their standing animation before they crouch but on wakeup if they try to crouch and mash jab it cancels their standing animation so they dont get grabbed by the hooligan. Has anyone tested it against crouching and jab mashing on wakeup.


my uncrouchable bushin flip setup hehe



I set ryu to Turbo mash and tried … it still worked …but if you miss time the ex bushin flip the jab beats it…


Beware when testing with turbo. The theoretical limit to how fast it can go is once every 2 frames. But I’ve heard that it may be as slow as just every 3 frames or worse.

It might be better to try to plink some crouching normal on wake-up. It doesn’t sound like the normal has to be blazing fast to startup. That is if it actually does have the potential to override the wake-up standing frame.