Guy breakdances into house, beats lady in battle


Make a post, edit it within a short period of time (1-5 minutes) and there won’t be any red text showing that your post was edited.



Why does it matter and this would be better in the srk feedback section.


Indeed. 8 Years you should know better



New post regarding ninja edits has been added in the feedback section.

Thanks for everything.


May I request a name change of this topic with an edit because its already obsolete and served its purpose?

“Guy breakdances into house, beats lady in battle”


Human error.

Sometimes people forget to include content (Details, hyperlinks, etc.) when they write posts and when this happens, a post might need revising.

Other instances that call for revisions are misspelled words, improper sentence structure, etc.

Writing errors are common. When people forget the difference between “your” and “you’re” it can actually end up being pretty funny but can also display a message that is misunderstood or unintended.

So please allow me to iterate further that grammatical errors are no joke. I’ve seen a facebook wall post that read “Fuckin a man!” when it was actually meant to be written as “Fuckin’ A, man!” (Screencaps of shit like this also goes viral within a short amount time because it’s too fucking funny.)

Should SRK make things easier for people like these? Maybe not. But when something happens like me writing up some GGs and shoutouts to people on GGPO but I end up forgetting to add a link to a old Ask Dr. Sub Zero podcast I was in, you can safely bet I’ll attempt editing it within a matter of seconds.

With the way things are now, my posts will always display the red text saying my post was edited no matter how fast I correct myself. Red text makes me feel ashamed of myself.

Another thing I hated about the new SRK is how it shows that you deleted posts. I had to delete one after getting into it with a troll here.

In closing, let me say this. Over the years all I really cared about was playing my fighting games and making new friends. I’ve yet to make any that are local.

Thanks in advance for understanding.

And use a fucking question mark.


Good shit


How did it go with her daughter?


this is now a Peanut Butter assist tier list thread

strawberry Jam

everything else


What about honey, you monster?
And chocolate.
Tier list is garbage.


I was thinking sandwiches. forgot about candy

we should clarify


PB assists and no chocolate or apple yet? smh…


Ok, so I’m not gonna disagree with anything else you’ve said, but I’ve got to speak on this. If you forget the difference between these two then smack yourself upside the head HARD with the hardest object you can find. This shit is stupid right here. I see people make this mistake all the time, but it isn’t because they can’t remember it’s because they don’t know any better which is, of course, awful, but to forget the difference between two so easily distinguishable words? Yeah you need to be smacked. Who vs. whom, or affect vs effect I can understand, but these two? HELL no.

v scarlet red[/details]


[quote=“NickRocks, post:8, topic:162138”]

this is now a Peanut Butter assist tier list thread

strawberry Jam

A tier

B tier
Honey? (i dont even know who does this lol)


I do.

Strawberry Jam
Peanuts (crushed only)
Honey & Cinnamon
Raspberry Jam
Blackberry Jam
All other jam
Jelly in every way shape and form.
Dog shit.



Could I please add pancake syrup to the tier list?


And butter too please.



v scarlet red[/details]


id put jelly lower, that shit is so ass


YOOOOOOOOOOO totally forgot about pancake syrup!



Also Cashew/almond > Peanut butter.


That’s true, but we’re talking about peanut butter. Nigga’s too broke to afford a $8 bottle of nut butter around these parts.

Also, Marmalade? Yeah… Niggas to broke to afford that shit too…

But Kudos for bringing that fancy shit in here…

That said, best PB sammich ever?

PB and Banana french toast.


Honey B-tier? Stop it.

Marshmellow Fluff is A-tier