Guy breaks into house and beats lady in front of daughter


Man, us blacks taking another L :frowning:

who the fuck randomly has a camera recording them in the living room though? lol


Something had to come along to balance out the whole Paula Dean hullabaloo.


Wonder what she did to make this guy so mad?


Holy shit that bitch has a strong chin…he was popping off on her with a full X factor level 5 and she still stood up!

White girls be on that next level shit.


He was robbing her I here and it was caught on camera by a nanny cam. Time for people to take the neccassary precuations and buy a damn gun.


Dat European descent breastmilk is fortifying.


New Jersey news…that kinda all i needed to hear.


i hope he gets prosecuted to the full extent of the law and goes to jail for a long time


I’m afraid to read the comments on that vid…


Throw this dude off a bridge


I could do with a laugh

yeh… I’m just gonna stop right there


JESUS :rofl:


[quote=“The_Furious_One, post:11, topic:162116”]

Well, they aren’t wrong…


i posted this as a joke then i found out dude *is *a Black Tesla :rofl:

the more you know…


I made the mistake of reading the comments…

Well I had enough internet for the next few decades…bye everyone it was nice knowing you all.


so many people masochistic enough to read the youtube comments… damn.

all i can say is holy fuck, i think she was down already bro you can stop hitting her.

Also, am i the only one who watched the dude throw her down the stairs at the end and had a seconds thought of “… OMG IT’S ROCKB!!!”?


I’m convinced there are people on the internet who wait for stuff like this to happen so they can fuel their anti-ethnic agenda.

Funny how he said whites built the country, as if all the literal backbreaking work of black slaves had nothing to do with it.


There is a thousand percent chance that the people making those comments aren’t exactly Tesla themselves.


Yeah but white people had the vision.


This is the kind of shit that makes me scared for my girl when she is at her night job. Of course the difference is she is crazy and will go off on someone doing that shit as opposed to folding like a lawn chair.