Guy builds Sf4 stick out of a table

Sorry if this has been posted, but pretty funny. I cant believe it would be that sturdy though.

Cool. I have that same TV tray! 19.99 at Wal Mart I think.

I have this exact tray and it is wobbly as hell. Plus way too tall to comfortably play on sitting down unless he cut the legs.

Now, my idea to build a candy cab out of an old computer desk, that isn’t hair-brained at all…

Beats the heck out of this:

I know everyone already said this but those are definitely not stable.

^^ That looks really bad. Why would they put player one button on bottom?

So they could randomly hit it with their elbows? :rofl:

LOL, did you mean this ghetto build. Its not that bad actually in terms of sturdiness … of course the arcade parts are wayyyyy worth more than the 7$ I paid for it at Walmart (benjiedude wait for it to go on sale).

When SF4 arrives, I hope to be playing it with a wireless VSHG compliments of ShinJN’s AXisDapter and Jayducky’s inspired mod.

LOL, nice. I didnt see it in the “I love my custom stick thread.” Those look nice. I just finished my first hfs3 mod. Came out nice. I just picked up 2 Agetecs. Yours looks really nice.

FS3: Nice … do you have a link to your mod would love to look and get new ideas.

Agetec: thanks. And how in gawd’s name did you bag TWO agetecs :looney:. Have fun with the mod, it is much MUCH easier than the FS3 or the VF4 (PS2). The nonHRAP Hori’s are a b!tch to mod.


I dont sit on the couch when using the “table”. I have the adjustable “Rock Throne”. :rofl:

Nice but he should have picked a table with an decline on it.

I can’t play a joystick on a table that isin’t on an decline, hurts my wrists and feels weird.