Guy Chokes Kid Due to Black Ops Taunting

A hero to everyone Black Op’s salt at it’s finest

[SIZE=12px]Bradford tracked 13-year-old down to do so. [/SIZE]

Reminded me of

livin’ the dream

Like… He found out where he lived? Orrr this was at some LAN place?

Someone nominate him for Badass of the Year.

He should choke the creators. Only fucking game that actualy lags when you play a local game.

My hero:clapdos:

this man wins at life. To busy to be bothered with the mute button, but is nice enough to track down a POS who clearly needed a beat down, and did he deliver.

From this day on, let all the asshole 12 years know fear.

baiting me all day! hahahah

He striked fear into the hearts of anons everywhere.

That’s what you get for camping without stealth perks.

He’s 46. O___o What’s he doing playing COD? Sheez.

I approve.

We of the Call of Duty thread support this.

I was just in the mood for some old Simpsons episodes.

idk… enjoying his free time doing what he likes, maybe?

Mindblowing concept. Give it some time to sink in.

shaddap Alzarath


EDIT: one time some kid was talking shit in CS 1.6 but he wasn’t any good. he was like “y’all ain’t shit call me if you want me to shut up” he posted up the number. yeah, i called it. yeah i told him to shut up. dude disconnected quick :rofl:

From the article that I originally read it said that the guy was unemployeed.

Unemployment plus being pissed off at being baited is a recipe for disaster. Man had nothing but idle time on his hands. Bluff called bitches.

LOL i bet he was like “WHOS TEABAGGING WHO NOW BITCH!?!?!?!?”

Now that’s some REAL black ops. Kid talking shit online, next thing he knows, BOOM! windows blow in, and somebody is getting choked wayne brady style. No terrorist left alive. :tup: