Guy dates girl for 2 years. Sends her $200k, she's fake


A guy has a online girlfriend for two and a half years. Sends her $200,000 as a gift, and then she dissapears on him. He calls the cops thinking she’s missing or kidnapped, and they investigate. She’s fake and scammed him.

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I would have been suspicious at the amount, plus sending it over seas to Nigeria…


Online girlfriend, that he never once met in person for 2.5 years? How is that even a GF again?

$200,000 gift?

Gotta be a fake story. Otherwise words cannot express how much of a moron that guy is.


A fool and his money…
I don’t think there is a woman on this earth I would drop 200K to help out. A new girlfriend who is real is a much better alternative. Seriously, that can buy you house in some places.


It’s also in the Chicago Sun Times and on CNET and a few other places on the net…apparently this story is for real?! Lover loses $200,000 to fake online girlfriend | Technically Incorrect - CNET News

This must be one of the most gullible fools in the entire history of mankind.

As the great Stone Cold would say-- Don’t trust anybody. See, those are wise words to live by in life, along with the even more obvious saying; “don’t be stupid”. Also, no particular woman should ever cost a total 200 grand in the first place. They will always ultimately cost you money, but it shouldn’t be that much.


Now ya see this shit really makes me feel better about myself. When i was young, foolish and terribly inexperienced, i did some awfully STUPID things in this area. In my defense i was largely surrounded by fools who didn’t take me aside to teach me better.

However, i didn’t do anything remotely this dumb lol.


Nigeria, Malaysia, England, AND the US?

No sympathy. None whatsoever. I’m like… son. You sent money, to at least FOUR separate bank accounts, and didn’t think about the fact that if she needs this much money, she wouldn’t be able to travel to at least four separate countries?

Get this sadlifer the entire fuck out of here.


Sadly this happen to me before…Guy sent me money, offer plane ticket, & dick pics to me in our 1 week affair online haha…This was back 96 when i was graduating from high school…


What I really wonder is how a retarded person could amass $200,000 to blow like this?


People with that kinda pocket change usually are pretty dumb/sheltered/naive/prone to be suckers for scams/what have you. I have no idea how they get that money in the first place.


Idiots with rich parents.


How sheltered can a motherfucker get?

I mean, you can buy a whole harem of Thai girls for less than a dollar a day…


As I see it.




You mean my Nigerian bride is a fake?! :sad:


Did you send A.C. Slater pics to the guy?


turns out you are the asian wife :rolleyes:




women fall for this romance shit more often than men tho

esp middle class british women who cant cope with their fading looks and are lonely because they ruined their relationships while they still had the ability to get more men


i was pretending to be an asian chick…Some Saudi dude sent met me $100 check never cashed it, he was like im in love im like a prince & treat you like a princess, i will spoil you, please come to my country & i pay plane ticket…

All my buddies were cracking up until he sent pics of himself, 1st one was clothe & then came the dick pics…


i’m not suprised. The amount is kind of suprising but these rich guys are total dummies. My ex has a bunch of stories of clowns just buying her shit to hang out with them. I’m sure they were trying to hit it, but ended up just blowing a few gs on shit she didn’t even want or need.


I’m with weeks on this one

while this guy is pretty pathetic, women do this shit to just as embarrassing results