Guy gets caught steeling bike in outside of Walmart. (Video of Confrontation)


I used to do Loss Prevention at that Walmart and also the Ross in the same center. This doesn’t surprise me one bit. There were times were we needed some very basic assistance (visual deterrence etc…) and they wouldn’t even do that.
Honestly, I’m not sure that those security guards really don’t do anything. They just patrol the area. Then, when theirs finally something to actually do, they stand their like idiots and do nothing useful.

I know there are a lot of things that security guards aren’t allowed to do, but
how much effort does it take to dial 3 numbers and tell em there was an attempted bike theft and it looks like it’s about to get violent.
Fuckin lazy ass, useless motherfuckers…

cue Nigga stole my bike

EDIT: It’s funny because I actually expected a black person doing the attempt before I clicked on this topic. Kinda sad.

Useless people.

man i worked security for awhile waaaaaay back in the day (one of my first jobs), and its a fucking complete and total joke. No way of defending yourself, and no way actually dealing with shit. You’re pretty much a 911 caller.

i can understand why they diddnt call police, they even say it was because they diddnt see it happen themselves.

If the guy with the bike saw it happen he should be the one to call since he can give them more information. Plus if he was lying (which humans do sometimes), and the guard calls police, then suddenly thats bad on him.

But yeah security guards dont do much. They are just there to make people feel safer then they actually are. They have no special power that regular people dont have. All they do is call police and rarely make a citizens arrest.

That’s some fucked up shit.

I don’t blame the guy for being obviously frustrated with the lack of assistance.

I mean, hell.

Loss Prevention or not, are you not a human being while on duty?

Shouldn’t matter, on or off duty.

Dude was being hella confrontational, the least they could have done is tried to defuse the situation a little better than how it was handled.

The attitude those LP’s were showing towards the guy at the end of the video …


No words.

Good thing shit like that doesnt happen in Canada (often, at least where I am)

Its one thing to steal a bike, its another to do it in plain sight with people around and no one fucking helps

thats terms for real country down south ass whuppin’ I would of beat that niggas ass…then called the amberlamps.

Those guys were regular/bike patrol security gaurds, not loss prevention. Loss Prevention would be the guy who works inside the store, in uniform or plain clothes, who tries to catch you steal so the store can press charges and prosecute you.

Your point still stands. A decent human being on or off duty does what they can to help. There appeared to be nothing risky or dangerous about calling the police in this situation. I mean honestly, anybody could have called the cops. I would think that the security guards would have AT LEAST been helpful enough to do that.

Fingers too tired scratching their asses all day…