Guy, Gimicky?

I main Guy and I was talking in a chatroom to Floe, who is obviously one of the best Guy users by far. He said that Guy was gimicky. What are your thoughts on that?

well since he doesn’t have great offense or defense…yea. He has to trick his opponents, bait, punish…a lot of his stuff is high risk for no good reason. I was actually in battle today against a good sagat and after I got knocked down he did a focus attack so I tried to reversal with mk tatsu since I had no meter and the reversal sign came up but I still got hit which shouldn’t surprise me since people can even throw you from that piece of shit move. There was another instance where a ryu player was going into lvl3 FA and since I saw it, I did ex tatsu and to my surprise, only one hit got him which was focused and then I got punished. I wasn’t even that far from him but man Guy can’t catch a break in this game.

It’s also annoying when you whiff an air izuna attempt and the recovery last all the way down where people can throw you and you can’t tech. That sucks. You just gotta work with what you got, nothing else to it.

lol @ best guy by far.

he is not gimmicky.

his ultra maybe gimmicky but everything else isn’t none of his “random” moves lead to knockdown nor are they safe on block. run overhead is not safe on block if you get 2 hit version.
his run slide knocks down but is stupid to do naked without 2 bars.
bushin flip can be easily knocked out of the air.
his jump down elbow is not gimmicky. its a legit bait move and mix up and spacing tool.
he doesn’t rely on 1 hit or body crossovers to win.

he needs to pressure smartly and guess correctly to escape situations.

is guy gimmicky ? no. you know who is gimmicky ? that green electric gorillia son of a bitch Blanka. if using bait tactics to beat your opponent is gimmicky, then every character in the game is gimmicky, and all top players are gimmicky. is Viper gimmicky for having the TK and Seismo feints ? no, as a matter of fact people praise good viper players for using the feints as mindgames. guy doesnt have anything about him that is a gimmick in my opinion. he doesnt have a move like rainbow ball where he can control his movement to nearly ensure a cross up, he doesnt have an ultra that can chip kill you from full screen, that you HAVE to block at some point. the only thing that i can think of that could even be considered gimmicky would be his wakeup U2, and 1) that only works against scrubby players who arent careful when you have ultra meter and 2) its not an instant grab so it doesnt always work. in my opinion, guy is a character that actually has a much higher learning curve than most, not a gimmick character.

To me he’s becoming less fun to use. People are getting wise to his tricks. Alot of the time I rely on luck to connect his Bushin flip and Hozanto. Not very gimmicky…unless luck is a gimmick.

i dont use regular hozanto by itself, at all. even with fireball spammers, i dont use it. id rather EX run to ensure i get the knockdown. the only time i ever use non EX’ed hozanto is lp version after TC. i dont throw out a lot of bushin flips either unless the opponent is jumping around randomly, or the opponent is a character that relies on jumping to start their offense. bushin flip elbow is just plain bad, command elbow is better in every way. and the bushin flip throw is easily beaten by crouching anti-airs / simply crouching. i only use Bushin flip as a small mixup after target combo, i dont use it often because its easily responded to on reaction.

a gimmicky character is one who relies mainly on tricks to get their wins (blanka in many cases, turtle blankas are different). guy strategy revolves around being able to outthink your opponent with baiting and then punishing mistakes. his only gimmicks lie in the difficulty of being able to react to runslide and thus it being able to score a hard knockdown quick and uncrouchable ex bushin flip setups imo. it’s impossible for guy to rely on gimmicks for wins because almost everything he does is punishable as hell

Floe ain’t one of the best guy. If he was then people like him and Combofiend would use guy all the time.
Anywho… I agree with glow. Guy is redi gimmicky. He all about footsie and strings. Also his zoning in some of the cases. He can reset his string like abel but with more various options. Unlike abel who can do toward forward and another string then a random tornado. Guy all gimmicks.

Hahaha that had me dying here lol

I don’t believe that Guy is gimmicky, you CAN USE HIM THAT WAY. But you can also be a straight forward user, and just press on the opponent, like I’m learning to; it’s fun as shit to apply a lot of pressure using guy.

Also, even if he is gimmicky, he’s still a bad man.

A bad man? You mean bad ASS :smiley:

If anyone is having problems with getting in and applying pressure I urge you to watch this fella right here Tsukimiya watch a few of his sessions.

Tsukimiya is God among Guys. (Heh, get it?)

Depends on how you take the word “gimmicky”. Shouldnt be taken offensively to me as I’d definitely describe how I play Guy as gimmicky: I take plenty of risks in order to deal huge damage. And granted that everything Guy has is punishable cubed it’s kinda how you have to play him. Tricking peeps with 50/50 knockdowns is a gimmick. Run stop baits are gimmicks. Nothing wrong with that as there are plenty of characters in this game with similar gimmicks in their arsenals. Maybe not as unsafe as Guys but its part of the game.

Viper for instance is one big gimmick wrapped into a character IMO. Akuma Vortex is a gimmick, Abel marseilles on wakeup shit is straight gimmickery, Ibuki kunai xup gimmicks, etc. It is what is.

I think it’s a legit question to ask myself everyone once in awhile “Am I being gimmicky?”.

I totally believe Guy isn’t a gimmicky character by default, I’ve seen some pretty solid Guys that showed me this fact. But the tools he has can make you play him gimmicky, and I usually don’t realize this until I evaluate after losing 2 or 3 matches straight.

Gimmicky or not, Guy kicks fuckin ass.


Call me gimmicky too then.

Cuz I enjoy playing Guy d–^_^–b

i agree with saqs… it is dependent on how you define gimmicky. i don’t believe he’s gimmicky. i do believe however that he is very risky to play. at least the way i play him he is. everything i do is based on 50/50’s and guessing. you guess wrong… you’re about to take an asston of damage. but i also use my 50/50’s based on whether i know if they’re jab happy or not. i like to do a lot of run stop pressure to either throw or some sort of hurricane… mostly ex. if i know they’re jab happy… i run stop to ex hurricane. if i know they’d rather wait out the run stop pressure. i run stop throw. so in that case i don’t call that gimmickry. that’s knowing your opponent and how they react to things.

in a game where guessing is a large part of it. i don’t really consider anything a gimmick anymore. making your opponent guess i don’t consider a gimmick. but like i said. it’s about how you define the word.

C.viper is gimicky, it isn’t equal to bad so roll with it.

Guys gimmicks cannot easily fool/trick people so thus he is far from being a gimmick.