Guy Goes On A Shooting Rampage Because He Couldn't Get Laid


Saw this in my news feed this morning:

Here is his rant:

I wish this guy lived, maybe this way he would have gotten the “loving” he needed in prison…

The Social Justice Warrior Thread

That spelling error right in the fucking title Christ



His YouTube channel tells a lot:


take it easy man its not worth it, put the gun down…

Hold up, a 22 year old guy has a BMW and still cant get none? He shoulda just topped himself, damn murica


Can’t say I’ll miss Amazing Funbags much as a poster.


:rofl: AF only wishes he owned a BMW^

currently got some Aston Martins in my garage’s pantry. :coffee:


Holy shit this guy was a Pokemon fan?

Well then :bluu:


He must have never heard of fleshlights


Watch the video. That dude is creepy as fuck.

Legalize prostitution Euro-style and this might not have happened? :rofl:


Something something gun control


Haha, this guy.


Rich kid bmw still no pussy

What a failure

His promo was ass.


Apparently he was jelly of Asian guys hooking up with white women.


oh and look who has a facebook page too

(*edit-- interesting—it appears they may have already disabled the “Add friend” from his page…? It would be funny if he was suddenly getting FB friend requests now.)

This story is fascinating for all kinds of reasons to me… just how is it that you look like your average daytime soap opera or CW star, drive a nice looking BMW and still manage to fail repeatedly at the game of getting in those panties? I went over this in the lounge thread but I’m fairly sure he must’ve had a crippling shyness and lack of confidence, resulting in a pitifully weak first-impression each time he met someone. On top of that, he was also handicapped by apparently being “the gentleman”, and seeing himself as Mr. Nice-Guy and all that jazz.


I heard him say his name and I already knew he was a fuckbag.

edit; hmmm news is reporting his dad is the asst. director of the Hunger Games movies.


These thin-skinned easily-outraged Pokemon-fed beta bitches are learning how to use a gun. Shit. It was all fun and games and comedy when they were just behind a keyboard.


jesus this guy is delusional as fuck.
i fucking hate that little laugh he does throughout his video.


He went to red carpet premieres with his parents.

He couldn’t I dunno maybe invite one of those stuck up college girls to the red carpet. People would be complaining about the smell of aroused pussy. Dude was clearly disturbed and deluded.


This nigga looks better than me, drives a BMW(which is a far better ride than my car is), has better credit than me(most likely), and still can’t get any college girl ass(which is easy), so his solution is killing 7 people instead of just paying for some booty :rofl:


Why? Dude is obviously the human reincarnation of this guy: